RAD 140 Results: Testolone SARM RAD-140 Before and After


Since so long professional bodybuilders and athletes are opting for steroids usage for better muscle growth and enhanced energy in the body to maximize their performance levels. However, the negative consequences of steroids are not an unsung story now. Keeping in view the health concerns and risks due to the use of steroids, many people are now shifting their attention towards SARMs. SARMs are currently considered as the solution for bodybuilders and athletes who want to achieve the next level power up performances during workout sessions. One of the powerful SARM is RAD 140 Testolone which is manufactured by a pharmaceutical company called Radius Health Inc. There are many people who are still confused about using SARMs over Steroids; however they should understand that unlike steroids, SARMs are very careful in selecting the androgenic receptors existing in bones and muscle tissues and they work specifically for each androgenic receptors. SARMs mimics the functions of androgens and associate their working with their receptor directly. On the other hand, steroids can be dangerous and can create multiple health issues in both men and women.

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What is RAD 140 SARM?

RAD 140, also known as Testolone, is a type of investigational Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulator (SARMs) that mimics the positive effects of an anabolic steroid, without carrying along the harmful effects linked with it. Androgens are natural hormones present in both male and female bodies in different ranges that are responsible for developing male characteristics and controlling the growth of secondary sex organs. RAD 140 work by selectively binding to the androgen receptors and boosting performance. RAD 140 Testolone is said to be highly effective in enhancing lean muscle growth, boosting strength and accelerating recovery. Though RAD 140 is a popular SARM, but it is important to know that Testolone is an investigational SARM and we are not recommending you for using it. In this review we will be sharing information and experiences related to RAD 140 SARM with you. However, we will definitely recommend that you should use legal SARMs alternative of RAD 140 that can help you in making gains without any risks and concerns.

How RAD 140 Works?

RAD 140 is a powerful SARM and its characteristics are much similar to those of steroids. RAD 140 has very unique working mechanism as they don’t have androgenic properties, but they carry very similar anabolic properties to testosterone and other steroids. As a result, your body will get an enhanced capacity to increase the amount of protein synthesis, which is a necessary part of building muscle mass. With boosted protein synthesis, your body will work towards building more muscle with reduced recovery time. It means that you can work super hard in the gym with better and faster recovery time after workout. As RAD 140 is not an androgen, it doesn’t come with the negative effects like steroids. Androgens can affect your body’s natural production of testosterone in the long run and can have devastating impacts on your internal organs and fertility levels.

RAD 140 has surely has an upper hand to all other SARMs as it is pretty faster in giving better results when it comes to bulking or muscle growth. It is still under the developing stage, as researchers believe that besides preventing muscle loss, it can also be used in different treatments for health issues in the future. However, you should not really risk your health in using the bodybuilding products that haven’t been approved by FDA, as RAD 140 Testolone is still under investigations and testing. Instead, you can eat clean and do workout or use legal SARMs alternatives to ensure safe bodybuilding experience.

RAD 140 – Before and After Results

RAD 140 is considered as a unique SARM as per the user reviews that brings on excellent results. It is so distinctive because it can be used in both cutting and bulking cycles. Though, there are many SARMs that offer big gains in short span of time, but most of these gains turned out as bloating as per the users’ experiences. This bloating or fake gains fade down quickly as the user stop using those SARMs. On the other hand, RAD 140 has been noted to give normal or smaller gains as compared to other SARMs, but users have reviewed that the gains are more solid and consistent. It means RAD 140 Testolone are helping users in building up more lean muscles that are permanent. Besides the increase in lean muscle mass, users will also generally experience fat loss along after using RAD 140 for a few weeks. As, RAD 140 doesn’t favor water retention, this eventually means that your increase muscle mass will actually aid you to burn calories, means better fat burning.

Most of the new users will be curious about the achievable results with RAD 140 SARM. According to the different user experiences, the results range from roughly 8 to 15lbs per cycle. At an average, the linear gain is about 10lbs, but it consists of lean tissue, some water retention, and body fat as well. Though, there are several user reviews that showed their after results and claimed to gain more than 15lbs, but this is highly exceptional. Besides increasing in size, most of the users reported to have enhanced impact on their strength. However, to maintain all these great results and gains, you need to go through post cycle therapy (PCT) with a good product, otherwise you will lose the major part of your progress. Testolone is a strong SARM and is highly suppressive. It will tank your body’s natural T-levels production and you will need help in getting them back up once you are done and for this you need to take a potent PCT supplement.

Is RAD 140 Legal?

Technically speaking, RAD 140 SARM is a drug that still is in its pre-clinical testing stages and is currently not an FDA approved drug. This means it is not legally up for purchasing for recreational use and is only available to buy for medical or scientific purposes. RAD 140 SARM is listed as a ‘research chemical’, so it is only available to be purchased and sold for research and other scientific purposes only.

RAD 140 Side Effects

We have discussed earlier about the results and benefits that RAD 140 is capable of offering for the users. However, the compounds such as RAD 140, also known as Testolone, also comes with side effects.

Following are the negatives of RAD 140 that we have listed as per the user logs and experiences.

  • Frequent complains of headaches
  • Nausea
  • Stress and aggression issues
  • Hormonal Imbalance that can cause serious problems
  • Acne and other skin problems
  • Hair loss

Though, there are other side effects as well, as the negatives are pretty hefty that comes along with RAD 140. If you still have plans for using it, post cycle therapy and on cycle support is an absolute must. RAD 140 is an investigational compound, and therefore we don’t recommend using it. This is because the benefits don’t balance the risks.

Legal RAD 140 SARM Alternative – Brutal Force SARMS

After going through all the information and facts about RAD 140 SARM, I would not definitely recommend taking RAD 140 or Testolone. The product is still under testing and we still don’t know about long-term side effects, which means it could be dangerous. However, we would advise checking out its legal SARM alternatives. If you are looking for safe and effective alternative of Testolone then Brutal Force RADBULK is perfect for you. Brutal Force SARMs is a legal alternative to RAD 140 that delivers extreme strength in your workout routines and brings bigger and harder muscles. RADBULK is a natural SARMs alternative that really works in firing up your metabolism to trigger enhanced muscle growth and burn fat at the same time. RADBULK is a potent supplement that replicates the anabolic effects of Testolone without accompanying any of its side effects and associated risks. With the use of RADBULK, you can increase your lean muscle mass and achieve fat loss without being worrying about the negatives.

It is always better to pick something legal that comes close to this compound in positive sides but without the downsides. Brutal Force RADBULK is a safe alternative of Testolone that is absolutely risk free so there is no need of PCT as well.

Where to Buy RAD 140 SARMs?

There are many websites that are offering online purchase of RAD 140. RAD 140 is a new popular and stormily product, so it is available almost everywhere. Although, due to the concern of its side effects we would definitely recommend to buy its legal SARMs alternative instead. You can purchase RADBULK, Testolone alternative, from the official site of Brutal Force. You can get amazing discounts and offers there as well. Currently, you can buy RADBULK SARMs at 30% off for $ 59.99 with free shipping. Also, there is a special hot offer of Buy 2 and get 3rd one FREE.

Final Word

In this review, we have shared a lot of information on RAD 140, as it is considered as one of the strongest SARMs. Users have experienced great packs of muscles in quick time spans and many users have witnessed significant changes in body shape. Even though many users have given excellent reviews about this compound on muscle growth and increased strength, we do not recommend it. It is important to be safe and RAD 140 doesn’t fulfill this part. In my opinion, Brutal Force Legal SARMs alternative RADBULK comes close to Testolone but doesn’t carry the adverse effects, thus makes it a better choice.

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