Selecting the Ideal Type of Home Care Package


No one package caters to the needs of people who require home care. Different groups of people benefit from the various packages available, which is why you should know the options available before you get into a contract with any of them. The best home care packages are those that cover a myriad of issues without you having to incur extra costs.

Some facilities you will come across work with the government to help lessen the financial burden you will suffer when using their services. This reduces the cost significantly, making the undertaking more manageable for people from different walks of life.

You can opt for home care package providers that work with myagedcare to perceive funding for the care that you or your loved one require. Companies such as Home Caring work hand in hand with this government organization to ensure that all the senior citizens get the help they need without digging too deep into their pockets. Important to note is that the organization does not pay for all the costs.

The criteria for eligibility and the funds allocated depend on the type of home care package that you receive. Here are the top home care packages that you should know about.

  • Basic needs care

The primary care needs package is the cheapest one since it does not entail a lot. The patients require aid to help them get through their daily routine, in some instances not all. The caregivers interact with an independent person with minimal needs. The patient can stay alone in the home, move about, and get the necessary things, such as food, provided they are available within their reach. In most cases, primary caregivers are not trained professionals such as nurses. The requirements for this package include meeting patient’s basic needs for their comfort and wellbeing.

  • Low-level care

Low-level, also known as hostel care, is among the popular packages that you will come across. This care package does not involve a lot since the patient can communicate and meet some of their needs without assistance. This consists of the service provider helping with more intimate aspects of one’s life, such as help with personal care, including but not limited to showering and dressing. The services may expand to include elements such as diversion therapy depending on the needs of the patient and the company providing the services.

  • Intermediate level care

This type of home care package requires more than just watching, feeding, and grooming the patient. It entails some form of nursing care that trained caregivers who are not medical professionals cannot give. This level of care requires a medic to handle the patient as they may need medication administered in the day. This level of care is expensive as the physicians are paid relatively higher than the trained aides that handle the two types that we discuss above.

The levels of care do not end here. Home care packages providers also avail support for people with high-level needs, including people living with disabilities.

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