The 3 Best Capstone Project Writing Services

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Looking for a capstone project writing service? We’ve tested and reviewed the most popular companies that help students with capstone projects of various difficulties. Capstone projects take a wide variety of forms at different institutions but generally, they all involve long-term investigative experience.

The following companies can help you complete a professional capstone project in a matter of days. If you’re looking to get help with your capstone project paper, the following sites are your best bet.

PaperHelp – The Best Capstone Project Writing Service Overall

PaperHelp is a professional writing company that provides students with a wide range of writing services. Its writers can complete a lab or technical report, case study, review, term paper, final exam essay, presentation, report, capstone research paper, thesis, and many other types of papers and assignments.

To place an order, one needs to fill in the form about an assignment, choosing its type, subject, format, and research details. After that, it’s possible to calculate the price based on mentioned paper features and deadlines. Interestingly, PaperHelp allows its customers to choose a writer for an extra fee. This service is considered to be highly reliable among students as the quality of its papers is typically above average.

ExpertWriting – Skilled Capstone Project Writers

ExpertWriting is an online platform that provides students with academic writing services as well as editing and proofreading services for reasonable prices (a custom capstone project starts at $10 per page). You can also get help with problem-solving tasks at their website and receive a discount for the first order. 

One of the biggest advantages of ExpertWriting is fast paper delivery, which allows customers to meet their academic deadlines. It’s hard to believe but this service can complete an order within 3 hours if the assignment is no longer than 3 pages.

But if timeframes can be extended to 8 hours, professional capstone writers can deal with the task of up to 10 pages. Expert writers provide students with plagiarism free essays, research papers, dissertations and other assignments for high school and college students.

SpeedyPaper – Reputable Capstone Writing Service

Proficient writers working at SpeedyPaper always follow clients’ instructions to provide papers and assignments that meet all the necessary requirements. Students say that it’s probably the best paper writing service for capstone projects because it offers great support available 24/7 and always gives prompt answers to any questions.

The rates for paper writing start at $9 and rise depending on difficulty and deadline date. If you want to get additional services, you can work with a PRO or TOP writer. But note that it costs extra money.

SpeedyPaper also provides a plagiarism report upon request, so you can make sure that you are going to submit an original assignment. SpeedyPaper’s expert capstone project writers can handle assignments of any difficulty.

What is a Capstone Project?

If you need help with a capstone project, you must know that ‘capstone’ is a kind of metaphor describing a final achievement built upon previous work and encapsulating it. In fact, the ultimate goal of including capstone projects in curricula is to integrate multi-disciplinary subjects and teach complex skills that are hard to acquire in a traditional lectured course. In other words, this kind of work serves to transition students into professionals by culminating their academic and intellectual experience.

Educational experts say that capstone papers have a direct impact on the reputation and ranking of a university, so it would be great to get involved in the capstone programs implemented at the world’s top-ranked institutions.

Students are usually asked to:

  • pick a topic or social problem that interests them
  • thoroughly research it
  • make a portfolio of key findings
  • create a final product that demonstrates gained knowledge and conclusions (a capstone paper, short film, etc.)
  • give a presentation of it.  

Capstone projects encourage students to:

  • think critically
  • solve challenges 
  • improve oral communication 
  • develop public speaking skills 
  • learn how to work in a team 
  • become better at planning 
  • enhance self-sufficiency
  • master research skills.

What are the Parts of a Capstone Project? 

According to the experts from the best capstone project writing service, this kind of paper consists of the following parts: 

  • title 
  • abstract 
  • introduction 
  • materials and methods section 
  • results 
  • discussions.

Let’s consider each of them in more detail. 

Capstone project writers state that the two main functions of a title are to identify the project’s topic and to draw readers’ attention. 

The abstract can be viewed as a miniature version of a paper and it should present its main idea with a few essential details. In fact, it should serve as a preview that explains what, why, and how was done as well as what was found. 

The introduction must communicate why you are writing your capstone paper and supply sufficient background information. Hence, it should be accurate and complete to let the reader know what to expect.  The main difference between an introduction and an abstract is that the first one justifies your work, while the second one summarizes it. 

Generally, the methods section tells the reader how the project was conducted so another scientist could reproduce your results. Here you have to use very specific language and describe anything that is not standard (equipment, method, etc.).

The results must present the relevant data or information figures and tables gathered through your project. If you buy a capstone paper, always check if all of the statistical analyses were described. 

The discussion section has to provide answers to the questions posed in the introduction. In this part of your project, you have a lot of flexibility in interpreting your results. 

How do you Write a Capstone Project? 

To write a capstone project, one should follow the next steps: 

  1. Identify the topic. Try to choose the topic you are really excited about so you’ll enjoy the writing process. It would be also great to pick a topic that is somehow connected with your previous experiences and life. 
  2. Create a proposal and submit it to your tutor. You should highlight the reasons why you’ve chosen a particular topic, what related experience you’ve had, and what objectives you want to achieve with your capstone dissertation or research paper. 
  3. Find the sources and gather information. Look through textbooks from your course and check a list of recommended literature.
  4. Come up with a structure to logically divide your capstone project and concentrate on each part. 
  5. Create a schedule with tasks and deadlines, so you can stick to a plan and work more effectively. 
  6. Start writing the thesis statement and move to sections skipping the introduction as it should be written last. 
  7. Proofread the text and make corrections if needed.  
  8. Prepare a presentation for project defense and get ready to answer additional questions about your project. 

Types of Capstone Papers you can Get Help With

In general, there are three main types of capstone projects, such as analytical or interpretive, applied or experimental, and creative. Let’s consider them below. 

An analytical capstone project is based on inquiry research and investigation of a particular gap in academic knowledge. If you google something like “write my capstone project for me”, or “write my capstone paper for me” you will see that experts typically offer help with analytical projects in Liberal Arts & Sciences. However, this type of project can be carried out in nearly any field.

An applied capstone project is usually aimed at the investigation of academic, technical, or professional knowledge. This type of capstone can be done in such disciplines as Architecture, Business, Computer Science,  Design, Engineering, Foreign Language, Nursing, Public Health, Urban Planning, and some more.

While working on a creative capstone project you have to explore different types of issues, such as social, political, cultural, economic. The capstone projects from this group are usually done in Creative Writing, Painting, Photography, Digital Art, Performance, Sculpture, Music, and other creative disciplines.

Don’t forget to read paper writing service reviews in case you’re hesitant about which essay writing company to choose for your assignments. Don’t fall for cheap services and choose wisely. Writing a capstone paper can be a daunting task, so pick a reliable essay writing service with professional writers and have your custom capstone paper written from scratch.

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