The 6 Top Rated College Paper Writing Services in USA [Summer 2021]


Writing services are one of the most outstanding services nowadays, millions of people from various industries, cooperate and academic college backgrounds use these services to ease their workload. These services are trusted ways to get original and validated work in a short amount of time. Moreover, the service providers can be beneficial in getting information, sharing content, and getting new original ideas at a very cheap rate. One of the best uses of this service is online websites trying to enhance their rankings and gain more visibility.

Most of the writing content requires intense hard work such as gaining information on the topic, going through both online and offline mediums, and softwares to collect facts and figures, etc. All of this can take 1 hour, maybe 3 hours, or 24 hoursand can slow down your working pace. As nowadays time is money, the whole work queue demolishes if one thing is above the deadline. This is where writing services provide their reliable work by getting out flawless work with detailed research material.

All in all, these services are always available to help in many aspects of your work and business plan. Despite so many advantages, many people are still skeptical of these services as doubting online services is a common practice of the majority of people. Since you have strict deadlines, many people think, “what if they do not deliver?” or “what if they do not provide a good piece?” due to insufficient knowledge.

This is why we have established this article, which will help enhance your understanding of the online services and provide you with the top college paper writing services online. If you want to learn more, keep on scrolling.

99Papers – the best essay writing service in U.S.

We are starting the list with the top contender that goes by the name of 99papers. It is one the oldest yet reliable writing services and has been evolving its service from time to time according to the developing world and new writing rules. The service has been providing its writing work for the past ten years, so the platform has a lot of its clients. Every day, millions of new users join the community and enjoy the services of 99Papers. With the trust of millions of people, the website works on an order system. The user needs to follow the ordering process that starts with opening the main website. Once you open the website, go towards the given options and choose whatever services you want to use. Once you have selected the passive service, fill up the application and outcome of the work, and you will be good to go. Next comes the payment part, where you need to select whatever form of payment you want to choose.

You can also opt for their blog as they update every single thing regarding the website on it. The blog provides the users with easy-to-understand content such as pricing and the working model of the website. The blog also has other information like forms of writing and different packages. The packages differ in payment options and working models, and it also helps the user updated with new information regarding new features of the website.

 The primary working model of 99papers is based on professional freelancers with excellent writing skills and top-notch academic backgrounds. The papers written by that writer go through a very detailed revising process which helps in filtering excellent work and maintaining quality services. Only the best US/UK university graduates are assignment as freelancers on this platform.  The other best thing about 99Papers is the security of the users. The platform has a strict privacy policy as it provides services without asking for much identity verification to have secrecy of user information. According to the 2021 and 2020 review, the number of order completions is six lakh nineteen thousand six hundred fourteen. New users can quickly go the reviews section and go through plenty of the review to resonate whether they want to use the services or not. The majority of the reviews have been very positive due to very low price ranges and the awesome execution of work. The platform is valid, fast, and credible. From 2019 onwards, the platform’s rating has been 4.6 out of five, making 99Paper very reliable. If you have any essay, research paper, or thesis work, cover letters, lab reports, you can opt for 99Papers as it will never disappoint you.

EssayPro – the cheapest writing service!

When it comes to essay writing, the second place is easily dominated by EssayPro. It is one of the best platforms for writing essays with an informative and impactful scheme of writing on both academic, professional, and admission levels. If you have a hard time writing a custom essay and you have a strict deadline, you might want to consider hiring a private essay writer for yourself. EasyPro provides multiple services regarding essay writing, final research proposals, term paper writing, and others. All you need to do is go to their platform and sign in as a user. If you are not already a user, you need to sign up. Once you are a registered user on the website, you can now place your order regarding whatever essay or research paper you’d like to have.

When you order essay service on EssayPro, you need to fill up the information regarding the assignment and the payment with the given deadline. Following is the information that you need to input to place your order.

  1. Subject on which the assignment is based on
  2. What kind of paper or essay
  3. Number of pages
  4. Theme of essay
  5. What format do you want the essay to be
  6. Deadline

This is where the essay pro platform provides multiple user-friendly options for submitting any kind of documents needed for the assignment. All you need to do is attach the samples regarding the assignment on the platform by using the upload option.

You can also choose from a list of writers; the platform has given samples of multiple writers on their blog, so you could go through them and choose whatever right are you want. This helps to enhance the quality of the paper or essay. The other choice you have is the budget and price package as the service is genuine and affordable.

PaperHelp – the best dissertation and thesis writing/editing service!

The third place on the list is occupied by none other than paperHelp. Need desertion work or research work? You might want to look at paper help. PaperHelp is one of the most successful and significant writing service platforms present online. They have multiple services regarding essay writing, statement writing, assignments, etc. the platform is always available to easily place your order in no time. The ordering placement is also very easy and is very user-friendly for all ages of people. The platform is amazing and has multiple features, which is why every day, about 10,000 people join the platform and get services from it. No matter whatever academic level you are on, PaperHelp can assist you.

The platform specializes in meeting deadlines with quality work without flaws and errors within the work you have ordered. There is a complex editing system within the platform that helps correct errors, if there are any in the final draft and then delivers the work. The platform also asks the user about the level of work, whether it’s an academic or industrial level. This helps in finding the perfect approach of writing for the writer on the platform.

The next best feature of paper help is the easy payment option they provide for the users. The order is only dispersed once the user provides a valid email for the delivery with the consignment payment. The method also Allison creating a nondisclosure environment for security purposes of both the user and the platform. The payments can be made through various options given below:

  1. Master card
  2. Discovery method
  3. Apple payment
  4. Debit card
  5. Online transfer
  6. Electronic money

EssayBox – the best research paper writing service in USA!

Whether it is an academic level or on the corporate level, research work is a very big deal and has a lot of significance on your career. This is why it is important to formulate your research work in the right format and right writing sequence. However, most people do not know how to excel in a research paper. The other factor that complicates the research paper writing is all the articles and information you need to go through to formulate one research paper while ensuring that the citations are right. All in all, it is hard to execute every rule of research writing as astudent or a corporate worker. This is where you can have well-needed help from one of the best research paper writing services online, known as the EssayBox writing service.

Since research papers are required to be plagiarism-free on Turnitin, EssayBox can easily help you have that perfect research paper with valid information and resources without any kind of plagiarism in it. The platform makes sure that whatever resources are used in the research paper authentic and whatever statistics and theoretical work are added into the work is legitimate. The platform prioritizes the quality of work by proofreading the document through various stages of professional freelancers with top-notch language and English skills. All the writers on the platform are highly educated and knowledgeable regarding the subject provided to them as it gives your work to writers that know about the subject.

EssayBox works on a money-back guarantee offer regarding their plagiarism policy as the company’s tagline is to provide nonplagiarized and valid work to their users. There are multiple subjects the platform can easily handle, such as the following:

  1. Business accounting
  2. Business statistics
  3. Law
  4. Medicine
  5. Computer sciences
  6. Social sciences
  7. Technology

The list does not end here as they have many more options regarding the versatility of their work.

1Essay – the best report paper writing service!

Report papers can be tricky, and there are many aspects to check, such as case study. Why kind of data be right? What type of format is appropriate? What research paper should I cite? What kind of citation will suit my subject? These types of questions are a very common occurrence when you sit to write a report paper. Not to mention all the time and effort to collect the data, reassemble it and write it in your report and still end up with under satisfying work. Don’t worry, 1Essay is here to help you. 1Essay is one of the best writing services that can handle complicated work as report paper writing. 1Essay has a versatile staff with mixed language speakers and native speakers to provide validity of information and creativity with the result.

1Essay service provides you with the best and most suitable writer regarding your chosen platform. You can also order various papers simultaneously. The service provides the best and accurate work even if you gave them two report papers at once.  So what are you waiting for, want to boost up your grade? Complete your Ph.D. with flying colors. 1Essay has got your back. If you are facing a strict deadline, there is also an option of urgent delivery, don’t worry. Even if your work is done in less time, the quality is always the best as the service is live 24/7.

SpeedyPaper – the best speech paper writing/editing service!

Last but not least comes the best speech paper writing service known as the SpeedyPaper writing service. This service provides the best results regarding speech papers. Speech paper writing differs from other academic settings due to the writing and formatting structure. The articulation of the speeches also differs from normal writing styles. This is why it is hard to get a speech paper right within given strict deadlines. The platform provides multiple options for ordering for the user. You can also choose what time frame and prove suits you according to your main budget.

All you need to do is fill in the details regarding the speech paper, also mention what occasions or coursework status the speech is for to get a clear idea of the output. Payment options are also very flexible as you can choose from various options according to the ease of service. If your work is not up to the mark, the platform also hosts the refund option so you can get your money back. It is easy to use and reliable. According to the reviews of 2019, any speech paper written by the platform was plagiarism-free as well as up to the mark.

Is It Safe To Buy Paper Online?

If you opt for a legitimate writing service, buying paper online will not be an issue as they provide a secrecy closure option where they protect your identity. However, if you are unable to choose wisely, you can be scammed as well.

In order to make sure the service you are opting for is legit, you need to check out reviews online. These reviews are given by individuals who have actually opted for these services. Moreover, safe websites out there offer a couple of guarantees as well. These include a money- back guarantee, safe and secure payment methods, reliable writers, and complete anonymity.

If a service provider offers all these perks, this means it’s a reliable one and it is safe for you to opt for it. However, if it doesn’t, then the chances of you getting scammed are high and its best if you opt for another service provider out there.

Why Students Hate Writing Research Papers?

The majority of the people do not want to write a research paper as they occur a lot within their academic curriculum and require a lot of work. The real reason might be the intensive data collecting and research part of the paper. One can not blindly go into writing a research paper by reading the records, articles, and journals about the subject. Teachers check the level of the student through the way they write the information on the paper sheet; however, extensive and loss of interest in rewriting can highly affect it and end up in failing grades. In addition to all these, the other reasons are given below:

  • Bad writing skills: There are some times where students have a lot of information on the given topic; however, due to their bad writing skills, they opt for writing services.
  • Lack of interest: Some students just don’t like putting effort into the research paper as they are long and require a lot of hard work and patience.

Pros and Cons Of Buying Paper Online

Following are some of the most common pros and don’t regarding buying a paper online:


The pros are:

  • Best quality paper:  All the writing services make sure that whatever work is dispatched is according to the right grammatical schema. Most of the time, students are bad at grammar, so these services help them in getting the work grammatically correct.
  • To meet deadlines: This is the most common reason why students buy papers online as they do not have time to actually be done with the assignment, so they opt for the easier option, and they are the fastest.
  • The services save time: When the students have extra work, they tend to go towards the option of buying paper to reduce their workload and invest the saved time in other assignments.


The cons are:

  • Possibility of scams: Since the service are online and always claims to be right and legitimate, however, there are plenty of scanners out their so you need to make sure to research and then decide on which service you want to choose.
  • Expensive: For example, if you are not on the university level and want good services, then you need to pay more in order to gain the perfect product.
  • Deadline issue: As every writing service company claims to be on point when it comes to deadlines. There are still some companies that do fulfill deadlines all the time and practice ghostwriting; hence it is a big risk since you can trust them. 

Are Writing Services Legit?

Are you wondering whether these writing services are legitimate or not? Well, it is hard to say that all the writing services available online are legit because some of them work very well, such as the examples given above, while there are some other sources that provide bad services and are not worth the investment. In order to know which service is worth the investment, you need to research and go through the reviews of the websites through sources like yahoo answer and google as they can easily tell you the views of the old users.

There are plenty of services that are on the governmental level and legal, which means they are certified by the governmental associations, so you can check through their certificates before actually using the service. There are also subreddits on the Reddit app that can be useful too.

If you do not have resources in order to check the statistics and reviews of the website, you can always ask other people who have used these kinds of services and have experience in this expect. All in all, it is trial and error. Make sure to check the service before actually investing in it.

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