Top Santa Clarita Valley Industries Set To Rebound Post-Pandemic


There are many top industries in the Santa Clarita Valley set for post-pandemic rebounds. Of course, the city enjoys a strong business infrastructure and central location between Los Angeles, Ventura, and Kern counties. These factors make it a thriving epicenter for multiple lucrative, high tech industries such as advanced manufacturing, defense, and life science research. As a Santa Clarita Valley resident, you should learn which industries in your city will thrive as restrictions lift. In this post, we will discuss several top Santa Clarita Valley industries set to rebound post-pandemic.


First and foremost, the SC Valley’s Aerospace industry will see a significant economic rebound. The SCV sits in the middle of the California Innovation Corridor, a swath of land stretching from San Francisco to San Diego. Locations like this make the SCV attractive to expanding aerospace firms. Additionally, the city’s existing workforce, training support, business incentive programs, and industrial facilities facilitate growth for these expanding companies. In fact, these expanding companies often contract with the largest aerospace companies such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon. As the global economy reopens after the pandemic, there will be more demand, and therefore more contracts, for these smaller SCV companies. Definitely, post-pandemic economic rebounds will amplify the Aerospace defense and research industry in Santa Clarita Valley.


Additionally, bio-medical firms in Santa Clarita Valley are ready for drastic post-pandemic expansion. The city maintains a dynamic network of partnerships that support a strong bio-medical training infrastructure. This robust training infrastructure leads to a higher-quality, more talented and multifaceted industry workforce. This way, Santa Clarita’s bio-medical workforce emerges from the pandemic ready to engineer new, noteworthy bio-medical developments. In fact, some of the industry’s most notable developments, such as cochlear implants for children, functional electronic stimulation systems, and the Taxus Stent were discovered by Santa Clarita-based firms. With such an advanced track record, the city’s bio-medical engineers lead to remarkable post-pandemic discoveries. Absolutely, the SC Valley’s bio-medical industry will embrace economic rebound.

Software Development

Moreover, Santa Clarita’s software development industry is poised for a post-pandemic boom. The city offers several software development Executive Peer and Founders Groups that provide essential assistance navigating growth or scaling challenges. For example, many software engineer have experience in advanced programming and development.  They can offer customized training on advanced tools, such as a Docker registry or containerization software. Of course, many of these training and mentorship offerings can help tech companies scale their development. Therefore, many SCV software developers emerge post-pandemic with more advanced tech, networking, and management skills. Certainly, software development industries in the Santa Clarita Valley will experience post-pandemic growth.


The tourism industry in Santa Clarita Valley will experience significant post-pandemic growth. The city has proximity to several tourist attractions such as amusement or theme parks, local museums, and hot spots around Hollywood. Additionally, it boasts many natural parks, hiking trails, and lakes. Of course, tourists across the country will flock to these locations after being stuck inside for the past 18 months. Moreover, Santa Clarita offers many year-round annual events including summer concerts, seasonal festivals, and sporting events. These events often attract tourists from across the country, and around the world. Tourists like this tend to spend more money at these events, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, some excited tourists are Surely, Santa Clarita’s tourism is set to undergo a booming post-pandemic rebound.


Of course, as a city in SoCal, Santa Clarita Valley will see booming economic rebound to its film industry. The city sits within the major studios’ 30-mile zone. When staying within this zone, productions of all kinds eliminate the need to pay travel time and mileage to union employees. Staying within this zone allows the studios to save significant capital on their productions. Additionally, Santa Clarita provides a diverse set of environments, indoor sets, and soundstages to fulfill the needs of almost any production. This simplified location access and diversity lead to drastic increases in filmed productions as the pandemic winds down. Assuredly, Santa Clarita’s film industry will enjoy significant post-pandemic income and economic growth. Of course, the Santa Clarita Valley has several top industries set to rebound post-pandemic. First, the significant natural beauty and many attractions set tourism to undergo a booming post-pandemic rebound. Second, SC Valley’s advanced bio-medical industry will embrace economic rebound. Third, software development industries in the Santa Clarita Valley have several mentorship and incubation programs, driving post-pandemic growth. Next, post-pandemic economic rebounds will amplify the Aerospace industry in Santa Clarita Valley. Finally, the SCV’s location, environmental diversity, and indoor sets allow significant film industry growth after the pandemic. While almost any industry can see economic growth post-pandemic, these five are best prepared to leverage their post-pandemic features.

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