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Marriage is a wonderful soul-bonding thing but it has many drawbacks on your body. I am Alicia Brookes and as my, before body says, I wasn’t like this always. Something changes in you after you get married which is basically hormonal. 

It’s a gradual process that you might not feel but once you get pregnant, O’boy there’s nowhere to escape. Indeed, you can’t have diet pills when you are pregnant with a child, which is why I postponed using Trimtone until it was 4 months after delivering my child.  

All this weight gain comes with pudgy skin around your pelvis, the turkey neck which I hate the most, but most of all the excruciating, two-faced, back-stabbing belly fat! I used to fit under all of my jeans (even the ones I used to wear when I was 18) but things were different some months ago.  

Learning about Trimtone was the flabbergasting and enthralling experience that made my conscience take a leap of faith and trust the diet pill. If you have made up your mind to buy Trimtone, here is my review for Trimtone results you may want to read.  

What happened next is amazing, to be honest… Click Here to See My Before and After Trimtone Results 

My Experience with Trimtone Fat Burner 

Weight loss is not a piece of cake and it’s not okay to lose weight when you have only gained few pounds. Me? I had around 18-20 pounds to lose! Yes, it’s accurately true because I gained more weight than a baby hippo during pregnancy.  

The best part about using Trimtone is you only have to take a single pill a day. I started using Trimtone early in the morning with Breakfast, the caffeine inside makes my day all better considering my work requires mental acuity and concentration.  

It was shocking to see what Trimtone could do in just a week (especially if you have a workout and diet plans aligned). Do not keep yourself from exercising half an hour daily because Trimtone certainly works with such efforts.  

My diet was green and fibrous, the only thing I didn’t have during Trimtone use is carbs which is the reason for most weight gain.  

Trimtone Results Before and After 30 – 60 Days 

Every week I discovered a different version of the feature available in the Trimtone formula. As a diet plan solely made for females, I must say the production has outdone its role by making the perfect fusion of natural weight loss ingredients.  

Week One 

The first week’s diet plan along with Trimtone made a great difference on my body. There are certain effects that you can feel going inside your body and during the first week my urges to have chocolates and junk were totally eliminated. The first meal of the day nearly made me full throughout the day which sometimes let me skipped lunch without hunger pangs.  

Silly I could have gone to more but I chose to perform the Trimtone diet cycle for 60 days only.  

Week Two and Three 

Talking about energy levels, Grains of Paradise in Trimtone burns the Brown Adipose tissues which are the rooting cause of weight gain. When these bad boys burn, they release a vast amount of energy, and combining it with caffeine, you have better shape and better mental health with remarkable weight loss. The weighing scale stated I lost 9 pounds at the end of 3rd week which was really because I noticed my belly fat shrunk down a little bit.  

30 Days Trimtone Results 

The effects of Trimtone stay as long as you are taking the supplement and trust me, you can take it for a year with no negative consequences. Feeling energized and motivated to lose weight were stagnant and on my mind, I had only one thought “to fit into my jeans again”.  

Even my husband started complimenting on my figure when he saw my breasts are looking bigger as a result of my reduced belly.  

60 Days Completed 

Week by week, I kept noticing results of Trimtone so I continued it for 30 days more. By the end of 60 days, let me tell you what I found.  

  • 25 pounds weight reduction which was EASIER than going on diet alone.  
  • My overall menstrual cycle and hormonal fluctuations were restored. 
  • Clothes started to fit me and I noticed the tone of my face has been improved greatly. Looks like if you have performed facial exercises, it would really pay off.  
  • Females like me who have kids to look after and perform well at their job, Trimtone is the motivation builder and it will never keep your mental health stale.  

Trimtone Simple 2 Mode Weight Loss Plan 

The official website of Trimtone claims “Trimtone tells your body to burn more calories, fires up the fat loss, and helps you slay your health and fitness goals”. Well, this happens in 2 easy steps.  

  1. Trimtone burns stubborn fats because of thermogenesis enhancement in the body. This activates the metabolism to become speedier than before as a result of which more calories are targeted for elimination as a fuel source. I am fond of this effect since it doesn’t let you feel fatigued or drained of energy.  
  1. The appetite suppression effect of Trimtone is totally splendid! The snack-eating reverses all of your day’s weight loss efforts and it’s all about controlling so, Trimtone helps you achieve that control for longer and inhibits unnecessary eating. 

What about Trimtone Ingredients? Are they Clinically Certified? 

I live my life by the proof and the Trimtone diet pill is a weight loss supplement with so much scientific evidence which I like. Checking out the trimtone ingredients, here is what I found.  

Green Coffee 

Green Coffee gives chlorogenic acid to the body which is mostly found in the unroasted coffee beans. The role of this to reduce the over-absorption of glucose and carbohydrates which quickens the weight gain process.  

In studies on females, those who took 400gm of green coffee extract for 60 days with a calorie-restricted diet lose weight around 5 kg than those who took a placebo. A placebo is a without-drug supplement that has no physiological effects in the body. So it turned out green coffee use lose more weight than normal.  


Caffeine is a brain booster and it promotes the process of lipolysis by thermogenesis. Caffeine is proven effective during exercise that reduces muscle soreness.  

In studies, 100mg of caffeine increases the metabolism speed by up to 4% which is perfect for weight loss. Caffeine also helps with BMI, weight, and body fat reduction up to 11.2%.  

Green Tea 

Just like what I was needing, green tea prevents many types of hormonal fluctuations that are associated with weight gain as a result. Green tea delivers Catechins compound to the body which breakdown the fat cells.  

In studies, 4 months use of Green Tea extract helped subjects reduce extra body fat, than those who took a placebo. Studies on catechins elucidated the fact that it’s efficient against brown adipose tissues.  

Grains of Paradise 

When I heard of this ingredient, I searched for it online and found it belongs to a ginger family. Grains of paradise pose a great threat to Brown Adipose Tissues (BAT) that are the reason for weight gain in females. Once it activates the BAT, the blood sugar levels will be normalized with users experience fewer cravings.  

In studies, Grains of Paradise extract was taken for 4 weeks by an individual in 30mg of dose. The results were an extra reduction of abdominal fats, in Trimtone there is 40mg of Grains of Paradise.  


Trimtone makes up for your body by adding dietary fiber to the formula. This helps your stomach perform with full energy and eliminate the excess of food particles that ultimately reduces symptoms like bloating and gas. You can also use Trimtone for its fiber source.  

In studies, Glucomannan dietary supplement reduces the total body weight of 6 pounds within 8 weeks duration with certain alterations in diet and physical exercise.  

60 Days Trimtone Before and After Results – Should You Buy It? 

Trimtone customer reviews have always been great which the reason for me to trust the supplement was also. It’s not the formula itself but once you visit the official website of Trimtone, you may notice there are solid proofs about the diet pill being effective.  

As a hospital unit receptionist, I need to be mentally active throughout the day, and what’s better than diet pills that give you all the energy and lose body fat at the same time? 

I must admit Trimtone has turned my body without putting in so much effort. It is currently available at discounts on the official page

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