UGears Steampunk Clock: a New View of the Old Thing


UGears wooden puzzles let you assemble flat plywood elements into 3D moving models. The product is called a mechanical puzzle. The Steampunk Clock is one of more than 80 different models in the regular collection of the brand.

5 benefits of UGears models:

  • UGears wooden model kits come as flat boards, but they get assembled into 3d objects and, therefore, develop spatial thinking.
  • UGears wooden model kits are made from plywood, a 100% natural and ecological material. No glue is required to fix parts of the puzzle.
  • UGears mechanical models inspire you to think about engineering and physics. 
  • When assembled, a puzzle looks like an attractive interior object that can be used as decoration.
  • Some models, like a timer or card and phone holder, can serve for practical purposes.

Why Choose Steampunk Clock

A Steampunk clock is a great model for a beginner in wooden puzzles.  You can easily get to know the brand, understand the principles of use, and familiarize yourself with gears, the signature elements of UGears.

The clock is a beginner-level model ­ it has only 43 pieces. For example, a treasure box consists of 190 parts, while hurdy-gurdy includes 292 items. All kits go with detailed instructions, and all are doable.

When you have assembled the model, you turn a small wheel at the bottom of it, and all its gears get into the movement. Hands start turning around the clock’s face. But be prepared that this clock is not a usual one. The hands move only when you turn the wheel. This clock is not about measuring time.

So, what makes the model fascinating? The hands are unsynchronized, and they turn independently from each other. This clock belongs to the mysterious world of hypothetic Steampunk reality, and it is particularly appealing to retro-futurism lovers.

UGears 3d puzzles for adults and kids are genuine, original products educational and relaxing at the same time! You can buy UGears model in the USA with free shipping and return.

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