6 human food your dog should never eat

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Is your dog developing habits of sitting around the dining table or going around the kitchen when you’re eating something? Do you often give the little doggy foods that you consume? Well, we’re afraid that isn’t right for your four-legged baby! 

Dogs are sensitive, just like a newborn human baby. The food that a child consumes leaves an effect on them directly, be it good or bad. Similarly, it might look harmless, but human food can have adverse effects on your dog. 

Your dog does not absorb the foods that human beings consume. It might seem normal in the beginning, but gradually, it begins to show its ill effects. The food that you get for your dog at an online pet store or a breeder shop is chemical-free. 

Over time, human beings have adjusted themselves and can digest preservatives and chemicals, but the mechanism of dogs is entirely different. So, you need to be watchful about what to give your little pooch to eat! 

Well, not all human foods are harmful, but some can be dreadful for your pup. Are you wondering what they are? Well, read ahead, and we’ll give you 6 human foods that your dog MUST stay away from! 

6 Human Foods Dogs Must Avoid 

Here is a list of 6 foods that dogs must not consume: 

  1. Grapes 

Grapes are a fruit that most of us love to consume for the tangy taste it has. Moreover, the loaded nutrients present in grapes are great for human health. But are they suitable for dogs? Well, no! 

If dogs happen to consume grapes, they might have kidney failure. Apart from kidney problems, grapes might leave other health issues on dogs as well. Even by consuming a few grapes, dogs can have kidney failure. So, keep your puppy away from grapes always! 

  1. Avocados 

Well, when you are having your favorite guacamole, it is time you keep your pup away! The presence of persin in avocados can cause excessive toxicity in dogs. So, it’s always advisable for pet owners to keep avocados away from dogs as a whole. 

  1. Chicken Bones 

While all dog owners give their little pooch chicken, do you remember to take off the bones? Well, if you haven’t, it’s time you start thinking about that. 

Chicken bones can get stuck in the dogs’ throats and stomachs. And that can indeed be dreadful! So, next time you think of giving your dog chicken, remember to go boneless! 

  1. Onions 

Onion poisoning is a common phenomenon in pets. It can lead to weight loss, depression, and loss of red blood cells. So, keep your kitchen constantly vacuumed to ensure no bits and pieces of onions are lying here and there. 

  1. Macadamia Nuts 

Nuts like macadamia can cause havoc in your pet’s body. It can lead to vomiting, muscle weakness, and even fainting. Usually, the symptoms begin to show within 12 hours of consumption. And the worst thing is it gets terrible as time passes by. So, always keep a close watch! 

  1. Raw Meat 

Have you seen movies where dogs eat raw meat and remain hale and hearty? Well, that’s only in the movies and not for your pet at home. Since raw meat possesses loads of bacteria, it can cause stomach upset, vomiting, nausea, and many more problems in pets. 

So, make sure you always cook the food well before you give your dog to eat. 

3 Processed Human Foods Dogs Must Avoid 

Check out the list of 3 processed foods that are incredibly harmful to your little pup: 

  1. Yeast Dough 

While most humans are crazy over pizza, a tiny piece of it can be life-threatening to your dog. So, always keep the yeast dough away from where your dog is. It can upset their tummy and can even lead to food poisoning. 

  1. Chewing Gums 

Chewing gums contains artificial sweeteners which are not good when it gets into the bloodstream. Since the chemical instigates the release of insulin, the blood sugar level might go low. All of which can lead to liver failure, seizures, and vomiting. 

So, no matter how fond you are of chewing gums, keep them away from your little pup. 

  1. Coffee 

Too much coffee is not good for humans. And your little canine being so delicate, how can they suit themselves to this product? Consuming coffee can cause dehydration, vomiting, and many more complications in dogs. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s always important to be watchful over what your dog consumes. By keeping the foods away from your little pup, you’ll see them healthy and active. 

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