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BioFit is a weight control supplement that harnesses the power of seven (7) probiotic bacteria strains scientifically studied to reduce a person’s weight through means of hormone changes caused by the organic compounds emitted by the bacteria above. The BioFit supplement is set to give you a slim, fit body, all without the risk of energy-sapping diets that will force you to eat the food you hate. Instead, you can maintain your diet, effectively making your life less miserable since that means you don’t have to stick to fewer calories just to reduce your body fat. BioFit can also make you happier, younger- looking, and full of confidence, which means that this supplement can also improve your quality of life. 

BioFit is formulated in a way that will give you zero hunger and zero loss of energy. It is marketed as a “diet that doesn’t feel like a diet.” While that is truly enticing enough, one begs the question, “are probiotics that effective?” For one, we know that probiotics are great for the body, most especially digestion, but can they be a game-changer in terms of weight loss? Can it secrete that much organic compound to alter our hormone’s messages? Is BioFit effective at shedding weight? Sure enough, BioFit is natural, but does it do what it’s advertised? We’ll learn all that and more in this highly detailed BioFit review! 

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What Is Biofit? 3 

What Does Biofit Do? 4 

Related Scientific Studies To Biofit 4 

What Are The Ingredients Inside Biofit? 5 

Bacillus Subtilis 5 

Bifidobacterium Longum 6 

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus 6 

Bifidobacterium Breve 6 

Lactobacillus Casei 7 

Lactobacillus Plantarum 7 

Lactobacillus Acidophilus 7 

How Does Biofit Work? 7 

Delivering The Probiotics Through A Spore-Protection System 7 

Fighting Off The Bad Bacteria That Has Accumulated In Your Gut 8 

Stimulating Your Hormones Into Burning Excess Fat For Energy 8 

Reducing Your Weight For As Fast As 1 Pound Every 3 Days 8 

What Is The Recommended Dosage Of Biofit? 8 

How Long Does It Take To Do Its Job? 9 

What Are The Benefits Of Biofit? 9 

Less Weight 9 

Happier Mood 9 

Younger-Looking Skin 9 

Restored Self-Esteem And Confidence 9 

Zero Hunger, Zero Loss Of Energy 9 

What Are The Side Effects Of Biofit? 9 

Where Is Biofit Manufactured? 10 

How Much Does Biofit Cost? 10 

Where Can You Buy Biofit? 10 

Biofit Reviews 10 

Biofit Summary And Verdict 10 

What Is Biofit? 

BioFit is a weight control supplement containing a probiotic blend of seven active colony-forming units designed to balance your gut flora. By balancing the overall diversity and health of your gut flora, it will stabilize your overall health by making your hormones right in the long run. BioFit is a healthy substitute to other weight loss supplements like Revitaa Pro, simply because it contains a full set of probiotics 

instead of natural herbal ingredients. Why? It’s because natural herbal ingredients, even though they are indeed natural, still have side effects that can damage your health when taken in excessive amounts. BioFit alleviates this by employing probiotics instead. It means that we’re only supplementing something that is already naturally nurtured by our bodies. Natural gut flora secretes certain compounds that stimulate our body to burn fat cells, which means that you can lose weight and gain energy consecutively with this kind of formula. You can also experience positive life-changing effects since probiotics can alter pretty much how your body operates. 

Supplement Name BioFit 
Category Probiotic 
Main Benefits Supports Weight Loss 
BioFit Ingredients Bacillus Subtilis (See full list) 
Administration Route Oral 
Dosage Instructions 1 capsule/day 
Results May Vary 
Alcohol Warning No Restrictions 
Quantity 30 capsules 
Side Effects No significant side effects reported 
Price $49/Bottle (Check for Discount) 
Availability Only through the official website 
Official Website Click Here 

BioFit is made to be safe. As mentioned, without any other ingredient that can harm us in any way, BioFit can reliably make your digestion and weight loss issues fade away in a matter of days. Furthermore, you can also eat the foods that you love with this supplement. That’s great news. With the BioFit supplement, you don’t need to radically change how you eat your food. Rather, you just need to take this supplement religiously for once every day. It is said to take effect in only a matter of days. It seems plausible since this supplement is made out of probiotics, so that checks out. In a related matter, this supplement is also made in quality, GMP-certified manufacturing facility, which means that you won’t be compromised in quality and overall safety. 

BioFit is also endorsed by Chrissie Miller, who lost weight through this particular probiotic routine. By taking probiotics with her favorite foods daily, particularly her milkshake, she noticed that she began to lose weight in around 3 days. Furthermore, there was an improvement in how he did things. She noticed that she became more fit and agile, with abounding energy and a youthful glow. These are the things that a consumer expects when taking a supplement such as BioFit. Each bottle of BioFit consists of 30 capsules, perfect for a 1-month supply of weight loss supplements. As a precaution, it is important to keep BioFit away from children as it’s not formulated for them. In addition, one must keep BioFit bottles in a cool, dry place to prevent them from being reduced in efficiency and capacity. Overall, BioFit is something that should work because it is backed by hard science, but of course, since we’re already in this review, we will take a closer look at the supplement at hand so that we can gauge whether or not it’s as effective as we’re told it to be. 

What Does Biofit Do? 

BioFit, in particular, is made up of seven (7) strains of probiotics, each dealing with a particular area of expertise so that you would experience the full benefit that probiotics can bring to your body. Probiotics are good bacteria that dwell in your small intestines. This area of the body is commonly called the gut, so probiotics are also called “good gut flora.” Unfortunately, with good gut flora, there are bad gut bacteria. These are bacteria that thrive in the unhealthy foods that we eat. They are not in our small intestine to do good but to damage it in the process. 

Furthermore, they may even spread infection in your digestive system or, worse, in your bloodstream. They are usually the ones that cause flatulence and indigestion, among other things, although not exclusively. Still, having bad gut flora can unhinge your body from the right processes. It means that you effectively compromise yourself if you keep going down the unhealthy road. Therefore, to counter this threat, good gut bacteria are needed to repel and take the places where bad bacteria are already on. 

Think of it as a constant war inside your gut between the good guys and the bad guys. Sadly, it’s always the bad guys that win. Coupled with the environmental stresses that we commonly face in the world, it comes as no surprise why our body’s immune system is weaker when compared to our ancestors who literally “lived off the land.” 

BioFit fixes that problem and bombards your body with probiotics or good gut flora. First off, they hit your gut’s bad bacteria, outcompeting and forcing them to become the minority in the area. Then, the good bacteria reproduce. Once they reproduce, the organic compounds they accumulate positively impact our bodies. Where do these organic compounds come from, you ask? Well, they come from the compounds that these bacteria excrete in the process. These aren’t bad compounds just because they are secreted. Instead, these compounds stimulate our body’s hormones to do wonderful things. One of these things is the burning of excess fat. It stimulates our body to burn the fat inside our body to be turned into energy. There are also other things that these probiotics can do, such as balance out your good and bad hormones, give you a better mood, and most especially, give you fantastic digestion. You can gain all these benefits just by storing up probiotics in your gut, and these benefits are not just any kind of speculation. These are backed by hard science across many studies around the world. It is why probiotic supplements are famous for people who want the gentle alternative. Probiotics have no side effects besides that they can make you fart more since more bacteria meant more gas is produced. 

Don’t worry, though. It is good gas, too, produced by their unwavering dedication in digesting things in your stomach. So expect reliably faster and healthier digestion when you take a load of probiotics every day! 

Related Scientific Studies To Biofit 

BioFit has been repeatedly already shown in multiple major media outlets. It has earned the spotlight in CBS, NBC News, Fox News, and USA Today. However, does it have the scientific credibility to go beyond? We have talked about how probiotics can change how your body responds to fat, but what’s the actual scientific source? To answer your question, BioFit has posted eight (8) scientific references on its website that tell us how probiotics can help metabolic function in the long run. For example, we see studies of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacterium being presented as to how they modify metabolic functions, while there is also one study that links obesity to two simple reasons – genetics and unstable gut flora. In addition, BioFit used sources from the Public Library of Science, the National Center for Biotechnology Information, and the Journal of Medicinal Food to make this supplement a reality. There are also studies concerning the spore model of probiotics, which meant that the probiotic bacteria found in BioFit could safely pass through the acid of our stomach so that it won’t be lost there in the process. 

What Are The Ingredients Inside Biofit? 

BioFit ingredients are seven different kinds of probiotic bacteria. BioFit is designed to only deal with probiotics since they deal with fewer side effects, more natural hormonal changing effects, and better quality of health in general. In addition, BioFit has been proven hard by science, so safety and credibility shouldn’t be an issue. So, without further ado, let us take a closer look at the ingredients found in a single capsule of the BioFit supplement. 

  • Bacillus Subtilis 
  • Bifidobacterium Longum 
  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus 
  • Bifidobacterium Breve 
  • Lactobacillus Casei 
  • Lactobacillus Plantarum 
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus 

Bacillus Subtilis 

Bacillus subtilis is first in this host of probiotics simply because it’s one of the toughest strains on the list. 

For one, this probiotic can stimulate the immune system, which means it can make it more effective than usual, making sure that you don’t succumb to easily manageable diseases in the long run. It can also remove pathogenic bacteria from your system, which also means it’s an effective bad bacteria eliminator, almost acting like a soldier of sorts. In addition, it can survive extreme conditions, which means it can go through the most acidic places, such as your stomach acid, without any loss. It also improves your digestion, among other things. One notable feature that B. subtilis (how it’s commonly shortened) has is that it can also improve a plant’s health at all levels. Therefore, this probiotic does not only work for humans but also plants as well. 

Bifidobacterium Longum 

Bifidobacterium longum can also boost your immunity in the long run. This probiotic is great at stimulating your immune system in fighting low-grade infections that would otherwise impede your progress like a speed bump. You might say that this is just like B. subtilis, but it has a catch – it can alleviate inflammation and stop your allergies on your track. By sending the right signals to your hormones, your body stops overreacting (which are the cause of allergies), and it usually then deploys the right response to deal with the threat. It can also help your digestion so much that you begin to digest even the things that your body does not want to digest in the first place. So if B. subtilis are the soldiers, Bifidobacterium longum can put your digestive system in the right shape. 

Further things that can be mentioned about this probiotic is that it can improve skin and liver health. However, these benefits mentioned above will only work if the probiotic presence inside your body is numerous enough to make a difference. It means that it takes time and diligence to make this work. 

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus 

Lactobacillus rhamnosus is just like all the probiotic bacteria here. It can also help aid digestion and keep your body in tiptop shape. However, the striking difference about this probiotic is that it can stop cases of diarrhea and urinary tract infections as well. It means that this bacterium is not only exclusive to the gut, but it also resides in your urinary tract as well. Further studies show that it can also stay within your mouth as a form of protection for your teeth to stop incursions of bad bacteria inside your mouth. As we all know, bacterial infections are usually the worst thing that could happen to a person’s oral health. 

These kinds of infections lead to tooth decay. 

Furthermore, studies show that Lactobacillus rhamnosus can also stabilize blood sugar levels by stimulating your body’s hormones to burn the sugar inside your bloodstream. It also acts on bad cholesterol, which is cool. Just like B. longum, it can also alleviate allergies. In addition to that, though it can lessen your acne breakouts, further studies are needed to prove this case. From its looks, this probiotic can lessen the effect of stress hormones in our body, among other things. 

Bifidobacterium Breve 

B. breve is a wonderful bacterium that can eliminate fungal infections from your body. In particular, it can eliminate the leading cause of internal fungal infection in humans – candidiasis. Of course, it can also boost the capability of your digestion, but in particular, it deals with the digestion and absorption of vitamins and proteins, which are both essential if you want to get the proper vitamin and mineral levels that you need daily. This bacterium also likes to push things through, lowering your risk of constipation in the process. It also fights off bad bacteria and supports the immune system in a little bit. Lastly, studies show that it can reduce an individual’s risk of developing any type of colon disease by a significant margin. 

Lactobacillus Casei 

If you’re familiar with the probiotic drink called Yakult, it contains the type of probiotic bacteria. L. casei can effectively boost your digestion to unprecedented levels, ensuring that you get the proper nutrients you need from the food you eat by breaking them down efficiently while hitting bad bacteria found in your gut. It’s more of a support probiotic, to be honest. Without the others, you’ll only get digestive benefits as a whole. In a nutshell, L. casei can reduce the build-up of toxins in your gut and stimulate your immune system to fight off simple infections that would otherwise make your life miserable in the long run. 

Lactobacillus Plantarum 

Lactobacillus Plantarum isn’t like the others on this list. Also acting as a support probiotic, it can stimulate your body’s immunity against upper respiratory infections. That means this is perfect for an airborne pandemic crisis such as COVID-19. Don’t make it your primary source of protection, though, as the effects can be weak enough that you can still be overwhelmed by severe versions of viral infections like that. One more thing that Lactobacillus Plantarum is special about is that it can resist antibiotics. It is a good thing since antibiotics damage most gut flora. It is why you feel worse even though the antibiotic is doing its job. It also has wonderful effects in preventing episodes of constipation and diarrhea, among other things. 

Lactobacillus Acidophilus 

L. acidophilus, unlike its other lactobacillus counterparts above, has the main role of stimulating your body in reducing the amount of cholesterol that it has. Besides that, it can also stimulate hormones that can put you in a more celebratory state. With that said, this probiotic is effectively a bacterium responsible for keeping us happy through episodes of depression and mood swings. It can also defend against vaginal infections such as yeast, which means it can fight back against fungus when needed. L. acidophilus can also improve skin health, just like the others, but what’s interesting is that it can also stimulate better energy levels. Therefore, L. acidophilus is one of the most crucial metabolic switches you can have inside your body, ensuring that you have the right energy levels across the whole day and that you are burning off the excess fat from your body when able. 

How Does Biofit Work? 

BioFit works simply. Judging by how we see things, it would seem that probiotics do a wonderful job in ensuring that you and I get the right hormones to make us feel better in the long run. BioFit works by: 

  1. Delivering the probiotics through a spore-protection system 
  1. Fighting off the bad bacteria that has accumulated in your gut 
  1. Stimulating your hormones into burning excess fat for energy 
  1. Reducing your weight for as fast as 1 pound every 3 days 

Delivering The Probiotics Through A Spore-Protection System 

The probiotic bacteria can easily be destroyed by the harsh gastrointestinal acid that is found inside your stomach. Luckily, and thanks to the advancements in science, studies have shown that if bacteria are enclosed in spore-like capsules, they can pass through the hostile enzymes and sit right in the gut where they’re supposed to be. Before the application of this discovery was made, most probiotic bacteria just died in our stomach, often lowering the chance of accumulating enough probiotic bacteria in the process. With this technique, you can have larger, well-established gut flora that will reliably give you the edge against bad bacteria in your gut. 

Fighting Off The Bad Bacteria That Has Accumulated In Your Gut 

After getting themselves nice and comfy inside your gut, the good bacteria begin to fight off the bad bacteria accumulated in your gut. These bad bacteria usually accumulate because of our unhealthy diet choices and stress. So there is a good chance that the bad bacteria will be eliminated with the good bacteria in many numbers. 

Stimulating Your Hormones Into Burning Excess Fat For Energy 

With the good bacteria establishing their new territory, they begin to accumulate influential results for your hormones in the process. As mentioned before, probiotics need to accumulate first before they make a difference in our hormonal levels. So it is because the chemicals they secrete also need to accumulate in great numbers before getting useful in general. This process may take days or weeks depending on how bad your whole gut flora situation was, but time will come when you eventually burn that single pound. When that happens, you’re well on your way to reducing the weight you had for days, months, or years. 

Reducing Your Weight For As Fast As 1 Pound Every 3 Days 

With a stable gut flora, your probiotic bacteria are doing their jobs stimulating your hormones in the long run. Without stress and the right chemical signals coming from these probiotics, your excess fat can burn quickly without the added danger. You start to feel better, and your weight can start shedding for as early as 3 days! This process will only continue so long as you religiously take BioFit regularly for at least 3 to 6 months or so. 

What Is The Recommended Dosage Of Biofit? 

BioFit’s recommended dosage is one capsule per day. It is advised that you take this supplement after eating with a full glass of water. While probiotics don’t present themselves with side effects, we don’t want to risk having too much gas inside our gut while we’re chatting with our fellow peers. 

BioFit Dosage

How Long Does It Take To Do Its Job? 

BioFit works in as little as three days. However, it all depends on the situation of your gut. Were you eating healthy over the past few years? Then you might just feel the effects after three days! On the other hand, have you been eating the traditional Western fast-food diet over the past decade? Then it might take longer for you to feel the effects of the supplement. In general, pumping probiotics into your gut is like playing a game of tug-of-war. If the other side has the advantage, you will take more time to take down your opponent. Patience is the key in this matter. 

What Are The Benefits Of Biofit? 

BioFit benefits include: 

  • Less Weight 
  • Happier Mood 
  • Younger-looking Skin 
  • Restored Self-Esteem and Confidence 
  • Zero Hunger, Zero Loss of Energy 

Less Weight 

BioFit’s main purpose is to pump your body with the right gut flora to put your digestion and hormones into the right shape once again. With BioFit, you can be expected to lose a lot of weight to the point that your body reverted to your usual self when you were younger. Probiotics have been seen as an effective tool against weight gain, and as such, BioFit can also work following that logic. 

Happier Mood 

BioFit deals with probiotics that can alter your hormones for the better. It results in lesser mood swings, more time celebrating life, and a better outlook on life in general. You could say that it can also lessen depression to some extent. 

Younger-Looking Skin 

BioFit has probiotics that can make your skin look young. It is because your body is stimulated to heal itself more rapidly. In that sense, probiotics act as antioxidants, but antioxidants are still better than probiotics in this sense. These bacteria just give your skin a better glow. 

Restored Self-Esteem And Confidence 

Without your excess fat and with your restored outlook in life, you begin to harness back your former self-esteem. As a result, you’ll feel more confident about taking on the world. You’ll encourage yourself to pursue your dreams! 

Zero Hunger, Zero Loss Of Energy 

Since you don’t need to change what you eat, you eventually experience zero energy loss since you can still eat the foods you love. Talk about motivation! 

What Are The Side Effects Of Biofit? 

BioFit ingredient side effects are non-existent. It is all in thanks to their revolutionary probiotic formula! Expect excess farting, though, if you take this supplement at least more than once a day. It is recommended that you only take it according to the recommended dosage of once a day. 

Where Is Biofit Manufactured? 

BioFit is manufactured in the United States of America in a GMP-certified manufacturing facility that ensures the overall quality of your product. 

How Much Does Biofit Cost? 

BioFit probiotic supplement costs $69 per bottle. However, you can buy BioFit at a much lower price by buying it in 3-bottle and 6-bottle packages. That means BioFit can only cost $59 and $49, respectively. For that matter, it is recommended that you buy the 6-bottle package of BioFit so that you can save up a ton of money. There is also no risk in buying their product since they are offering a 180-day money-back guarantee, so you’re secured in making that purchase if you’re interested enough in stabilizing your gut health! 

Where Can You Buy Biofit? 

You can only buy BioFit from the BioFit official website, nowhere else. If you buy elsewhere, like eBay or Amazon, you may risk getting a fake copy of the product. So to keep you safe, we suggest that you only buy BioFit on their official website to prevent such unlucky encounters. 

Biofit Reviews 

BioFit reviews are generally positive from the start. Since BioFit is endorsed in multiple media outlets and by a real individual tagged as someone who experienced miraculous weight loss, it is no surprise that this supplement has gained the trust of its viewers. To prove, here is one BioFit review from one of their recent customers. 

This real customer BioFit review is: 

BioFit Real Customer Reviews Reviewer 
I never thought that a simple fix like this would burn away my stubborn excess fat. I swear I tried minimizing what I eat, but as it turns out, that makes things worse. Now, I feel better, more relieved, and full of life. I also have great digestion now! I have already gone down by at least 20 pounds for 3 weeks, and I intend on continuing this probiotic supplement until I’m back to my normal me. Anna Richmond, 42 years old, Buffalo NY 

Biofit Summary And Verdict 

BioFit is an excellent supplement to have. Not only does it deal with science, but it also deals with the safest route to weight loss. If I were to recommend a weight loss supplement, this would be it. 

Probiotics have stood the test of time in the scientific field, and it is actually in the food that we eat, such as yogurt and skimmed milk. However, by having a supplement with loads of probiotics such as this, you are left with a great advantage over your counterparts, and they’ll ask you how you did it so effortlessly without the need of changing your diet anytime soon! BioFit is a must-try for anyone who is looking for an alternative way to weight loss. 

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