Creative Writing or Content Writing: What Are You Cut Out For?


Before venturing into the vast field of writing, you must decide which type of writing is your forte. Writing is broadly divided into content writing and creative writing. And for you to excel in your career, it would be best if you determine the type that attracts you more.  

Let us give you a brief account of what is content writing and creative writing entail.  

What is content writing? 

Content writing aims at advertising, promoting or marketing a particular commodity, product, or service. It is done with a certain purpose or to accomplish a goal. There has to be a target audience at the receiving end for the consumption of your content. Many brands use content writing as a marketing tool. Content writers have to adhere to a set of rules and guidelines drawn by their clients.  

What is creative writing?  

Creative writing provides more creative freedom to a writer. The writer can pen their imaginative thoughts, opinions and fantasies in the most verbose manner. Their pieces have to be original and engaging. Creative writing is done for recreation and not with the intention of marketing. The writer has to employ various forms of literary devices to appeal to their readers. 

What are you cut out for? 

Now that you have an operational idea of the difference between content writing and creative writing, let us help you discover which one is up to your alley.  

#1. If you are someone who identifies with a more prolix flair of writing and your imagination runs wild, creative writing is your path. But if you like keeping it succinct and sticking to the point, content writing would suit you better.  

Because there is a target audience you’re trying to reel in, you have to use relatively easier language and acquaint yourself with all the jargon about the topic you are writing. 

#2. If you work better within deadlines and under pressure, content writing is a better option for you. Because you are employed by certain clients, you are time-bound and have to comply with their deadlines. If you like taking your time and going at your own pace, then you qualify for creative writing.  

#3. If you do not like working within a set of rules and regulations and want more autonomy when you are writing, then do not opt for content writing. In content writing, your clients set out a predetermined tone that you have to adhere to according to their brand. If working within an outline is more your thing, then content writing is unarguably the route you should choose. 

#4.  SEO compliance is a major part of content writing and copywriting. You have to stick to certain keywords that enhance your article’s visibility on the internet that has fathomless content already. So, if that is not a problem for you, you are all game for content writing. 

Creative writing is not bound by such algorithms of the internet and thus you will have more freedom while working on your pieces. 

#5.  Researching is a given before writing any piece in content writing. If you love this part, then you know which way to go. Creative writing is not mainly fact-based but emotion-based.  

We hope this post has been of some help when it comes to deciding your future endeavours in the field of writing.  

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