From Context-Driven Instruction by Accomplished Faculty to Rich Program Offerings and Career Services, University of Phoenix Is Changing Lives and Uplifting Communities

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As a pioneer of education for over 40 years, University of Phoenix has helped redefine adult education, online access to higher learning and career enhancement for busy, working adults. Read on to learn about how our rich program offerings, lifelong career services, professional networks and experienced instructors have helped over one million students graduate, many of whom have gone on to uplift their communities and embark on fulfilling careers. 

At University of Phoenix, we strive to provide better access to higher education opportunities for everyone. By helping students develop the skills and gain the knowledge they need to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving workplace, we can support individuals – first-time college students, working adults, parents, military personnel and students returning to school after years in the industry – as they pursue personal and professional goals, grow their organizations and uplift their communities. 

Our program offerings, financial aid solutions, rich student resources, experienced faculty and wide professional networks are built around our mission and vision to: 

  • Facilitate student learning with context-based instruction, which helps our students join the workforce with industry-relevant expertise 
  • Help students develop expertise in communication, critical thinking, collaboration and research, leading to lifelong learning and better opportunities for career advancement 
  • Provide instruction that closes the many gaps between theory and practice, thanks to our award-winning faculty that bring industry-relevant expertise to the classroom 
  • Leverage technology to facilitate effective learning with our expansive IT networks and learning resources 

Very early on, at University of Phoenix, we recognized the power of technology and the benefits it could bring to learners around the world. By leveraging new technologies and providing remote and flexible learning options – as well as  immersive course content and context-driven instructional design made for adult learners – we have meaningfully changed how many view higher education and adult education in the 21st century. 

Furthermore, our programs are developed by faculty who are experienced practitioners in their fields. Our curricula combine theory and professional practice so our students can gain the relevant skills needed today. We provide convenient online classes to make the option to return to school a reality for many working adults. Students can access classes and assignments online, and they can study at their own pace, steadily working toward earning a degree, diploma or certificate. Over 1 million students have graduated from University of Phoenix. Many of our graduates have gone on to become healthcare practitioners, community leaders, business professionals, and more, and the University is as committed today as it was when it was founded over 40 years ago to bringing flexibility, high-quality education, access and convenience to all students. 

Read on to discover what University of Phoenix is all about and why so many students choose to enroll with us. 

Programs and Offerings 

Our degree programs and certificates can help you professionally while giving you the time to manage your family and work commitments. Whether you need child care, want better work-life balance or require financial aid, you can find a variety of support in our Life Resource Center. These assets reflect our commitment to the educational, personal and financial well-being of our students and graduates. 

Unfortunately, too many people put off their personal educational goals because of a lack of options. With no way to balance in-person office work with in-person classes, the choice is too often in-person work at the expense of learning and attaining a degree. 

Our flexible and customizable program offerings are designed for busy, working adults. We were one of the first pioneers in adult online learning and have helped transform thousands of lives in the process by making it easier to attend school. Furthermore, our wide range of courses, degrees and certificates can help you stay relevant and prepare for new opportunities at work. 

We provide degree and/or certificate programs in: 

  • Business: Accounting, Business Administration, Business Management, Communication, Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Financial Planning, General Management, Human Resources, Operations Management, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Financial Planning, General Management, Human Resources, Leadership, Marketing, Operations Management, Project Management and Research Essentials 
  • Criminal Justice: Criminal Justice Administration, Public Administration and Security Management 
  • Education: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Teacher Education, Education Leadership, Educational Technology, Elementary Education, Higher Education Administration, Secondary Education and Special Education 
  • Healthcare: Health Administration, Health Management, Health Information Systems, Medical Records and Health Care Informatics 
  • Technology: Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Information Technology, Networking, Software Development, Cloud Computing and Forensics 

According to a recent Strada-Gallup education survey, non-degree credentials such as a certificate can yield positive returns, especially when combined with a degree. The survey found that college graduates who combined their degree with non-degree credentials had substantially higher ratings of their education than graduates with non-degree credentials. These ratings were based on the students’ assessments of whether their education helped them achieve their goals, whether their education was worth the cost, and how attractive a job candidate their education made them. These results held for non-degree programs of different lengths and did not change across different fields of study, different providers, the education level of the students’ parents, and the gender, race, ethnicity, and generation of the student. 

Why Enroll at University of Phoenix? 

All University of Phoenix students receive context-driven instruction from seasoned professionals who have extensive teaching and industry experience. As soon as you enroll, you can have your relevant work experiences evaluated for potential credit. You can also transfer eligible work or education credits to save time and money. 

By enrolling at University of Phoenix, you can attend school on-site at a location near you, or you can enroll in the online programs that interest you. Here are a few additional benefits of our online and hybrid learning programs. 

Flexible Class Scheduling 

Whether you choose in-class learning or online learning from home, you can work and study at your own pace and take one course at a time. 

Financial Tools 

Our Tuition and Fees Calculator and iGrad program help with financial planning and tax deductions. You can also enjoy unrestricted access to academic support, tutoring services, math and writing services and a wide range of workshops that cover everything from time management to research skills. 

Professional Networking 

Build your network as you interact with other students and your instructors at live networking events. Enjoy access to team rooms for collaborative projects, and use our student resource centers that provide access to computers and copy machines as well as the apps needed for completing your courses. 

Rich Program Offerings 

University of Phoenix offers a variety of career paths, degree programs and certificates in business, technology, criminal justice, healthcare, science, education, human services and communications. Many of our programs are created in cooperation with professional organizations. This ensures that course content remains relevant to the needs of the industry. Other programs are designed to help you learn what you need to know for different professional exams. 

Our Faculty 

Our award-winning faculty make everything we do possible. University of Phoenix instructors have an average of 26 years of industry experience as well as an average of 13 years in teaching experience. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 20:1, our classes are big enough to stimulate active discussions and small enough to allow close learning from teachers and peers as well as the opportunity to develop lifelong relationships. 

Our faculty encourages, challenges and inspires students, and our teachers can help you reach beyond your textbooks to give you a deeper understanding of whatever you are studying. 

Flexibility, Faculty and Finances 

All of our programs are designed to help working adults excel at work while supporting families and managing all of their day-to-day responsibilities. Having to choose between earning a degree, diploma, certificate or achieving your higher education goals at the expense of family or career is a problem of the past. At University of Phoenix, you can choose  classes that work for you and complete assignments from the comfort of your own home. 

Classes are designed to deliver context-based knowledge, which is an intentional departure from the content-based instruction widely used in traditional colleges. With context-based learning, you can develop the skills and obtain the knowledge you need to overcome real-life business challenges. 

The experience of our faculty, combined with rich online resources such as labs, academic advisors and workshops, can help you learn the relevant material you need. University of Phoenix also provides students with access to scholarships. You can also transfer eligible college credit and apply to have work or life experiences evaluated for potential credit,which can help you save on tuition and the time it takes to graduate. 

Whatever you may be looking for, whatever field you work in and whatever walk of life or background you come from, University of Phoenix has something for you. We strive to make it easy for you to find the courses and programs that interest you and to find the time, access the resources and make the financial arrangements required to make your higher education and career aspirations a reality. 

With so much to offer, it is no wonder why so many people continue to place their trust in University of Phoenix. We invite you to learn more about how we can help you develop personally and professionally by visiting  

About University of Phoenix 

University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 by Dr. John Sperling, who noticed how the needs of the workplace were changing and traditional higher education wasn’t working for everyone. This Cambridge-educated professor understood that adult learners needed a way to earn a degree that was more flexible, if they wanted a better chance at a better job. The University reflected this commitment to providing adults with the higher education they needed to meet the changing needs of an ever-evolving workplace. 

University of Phoenix aims to help improve the lives of our students and strengthen our communities by providing them with access to quality education, ongoing support and a wide range of resources. These include career services, an online library and writing and math labs that can help students succeed and thrive in everything they do. 

Our innovative approach to education, courses that are taught by experienced subject-matter experts and flexible scheduling are redefining what it means to obtain higher and advanced degrees and certificates such as associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees and certificates

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