How Santa Clarita Businesses Could Reduce Costs in a Volatile Marketplace

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The world has gone crazy – the economic world, that is. So here are some top tips to get back to business as usual, post-pandemic.

With the worst pandemic theoretically behind us and the vaccine providing the relief we so needed, businesses all over Santa Clarita Valley are getting back to work. However, with so much disruption to every single industry sector over the last 18 months, some of us are simply picking up the pieces and wondering what to do with them all.

Let’s be frank: many businesses have not made it this far. SCV businesses were shutting left, right, and center at this time last year. Since then, many other community staples have followed suit. Remember Round Table Pizza, King Kogy, and the Martial Arts Fitness Centre in Canyon Country? Too many of our businesses have been lost.

With this in mind, here are our top tips for scrimping and saving in one final push to get through this. SCV businesses currently need all the help they can get.

Reducing Costs in a Volatile Marketplace

With everything in a state of constant flux, it’s hard to keep track. Here are some of the best ways you could be saving your business money in 2021:

1 – Consider Sharing

Many of us have been forced to close our doors and turn to online trading in the last year and a half. Some businesses have gone fully digital, and others are still renting out their premises. What if you decided to share a coworking space nyc instead of renting a whole office for yourself? Coworking spaces save the environment, save you rental fees, and can be just as effective as a full building office space. 

2 – Appeal Locally

The local community has been right there alongside you, every step of the way. The custom may have dried up temporarily, but the people of Santa Clarita are determined to return to full strength, and that includes your business.

Ask them for help. Ask the local paper for a favor and run a short ad, turn to your friends and neighbors, and ask them to share your Facebook page. Get on Instagram and tag your local area in your posts.

3 – Collaborate More

If you are a hotelier, why not collaborate with taxi firms and takeaway companies. They can recommend you and you can recommend them. You can piggy-back each other’s advertising spaces, double each other’s reach on social media, and even offer discounts for clients that use both services.

4 – Focus on People

Out of all of the tips we can give you, this is the biggest. Focus on the people, the staff and customers that have kept you going throughout all of this. Offer rewards to encourage them to keep coming back. Run prize draws for a free meal or desert or glass of wine, do everything you can to reward those that helped you. 

In future, if there is another wave, you will need their help again.

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