How This Sweden Based Air Filtration Company Camfil is Improving Air Quality in Classrooms at US Schools. Reports Explains


Improve Indoor Air Quality in Schools: US air filter company and a leader in air filtration, Camfil, works with a Mid-Atlantic school District to Better Protect Students’ Health. A recent case study by Camfil reveals that there is still the potential for clean air in schools even when the existing HVAC systems cannot handle high efficiency air filters.

Why is Indoor Air Quality Important in Schools? 

Many people underestimate the importance of indoor air quality, particularly for the developing lungs of young children. Indoor air can be up to fifty times more polluted than outdoor air, with a range of indoor and outdoor pollution sources affecting indoor air quality.

Breathing clean air provides children and adults with several health and cognitive benefits, namely: cleaner, healthier lungs; better immune system function; longer lifespan; reduced allergy and asthma symptoms; improved mood; and improved productivity: 

Case Study – Camfil Introduces City M Air Purifiers to Mid-Atlantic Schools.

Camfil worked with a Mid-Atlantic school district to improve air quality in the district’s buildings. Camfil introduced the school district to the City M air purifier, an in-room air purification unit that uses HEPA filtration and is capable of moving 256 cubic feet of purified air per minute.

After almost 2000 measurements, it was determined that particle counts in all three size ranges were reduced significantly by the City M. Additionally, the City M units were able to deliver an average of two additional air changes per hour in the classrooms which is an improvement in ventilation rates.

Why Is Camfil’s City M Air Purifier Ideal for Schools? 

The City M air purifier is an ideal solution to improve indoor air quality in schools for several reasons: 

  1. The City M uses HEPA air filtration, with each filter individually tested and certified to remove 99.995% of the most penetrating particle size.
  2. The City M functions independently of the HVAC system, meaning that it is accessible to all schools, regardless of existing air handling units.

To read the benefits of air quality at schools and download the entire case study, visit 

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) In Schools — Camfil Works With A Mid-Atlantic School District To Better Protect Students’ Health 

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