How To Get The Best Shipping Quotes: 7 Tips

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If you are shipping products from other countries, besides dealing with the suppliers, you also need to negotiate with the freight forwards. Only if you tackle both parties efficiently, will you be able to avail the best shipping quote choices. 

At times we get products at lower costs with some benefits. But what if the shipping cost is too high? Would you still find the deal profitable? The obvious answer is no. Shipping cost is a very crucial and practical subject to help evaluate your final decision of purchasing. 

Hence, we are here with some best tips to assist you in getting the best shipping quotes! 

Let’s begin! 

1. Provide Complete and Exact Shipment Information 

This might seem a very basic tip, but often people get stuck here by making incomplete or incorrect shipping details. 

Below, we have listed the crucial facts you need to mention without fail while sending the quote request.  

(i)  Your method of shipment: whether you are expecting the shipment via air or ocean. 

(ii)  Your freight term: whether it is FOB(free on board) based or Ex-work based. Original documentation fees and export clearance fees vary greatly on quoting Ex-work based and FOB-based terms. 

(iii) Pick up code: To know the domestic cost of transporting they need the exact zip code of your location. 

(iv) The product name and harmonized code: A freight forwarder makes use of HS code to give details such as estimated tax and duty. 

(v) Dimensions, number, and weight of cartons: This information completes the details of your shipment and there are least chances of you being overcharged. 

These details need to be filled with care and precision to avoid any extra charge or a delayed shipment. 

2. Don’t approach a single freight forwarder 

While one freight forwarder can offer you a better cost, another can offer you hassle-free shipment. Approach a minimum of three freight forwarders to make an apple-to-apple comparison and find the most efficient one for yourself. 

You may also take assistance from a transparent and reliable digital platform for Australian freight quotes. They will not surprise you with any hidden fees or unfair costs. 

3. Consistent and identical quote criteria 

Basically, here we ask you to update or review your quote criteria or shipment details such as quantity or the freight term, once your approached freight forwarders have reverted back with the shipment quote. Evaluate and make the required corrections without overlooking any listed details. 

4. Breaking down the quotes 

Do not leave the opportunity to negotiate with each of the freight forwarders. For that matter, do not go for a lump sum quote. Ask for a breakdown. 

Here, you get individual charges such as: the service fees, the documentation fees, the shipping charges, picks up fees, and delivery charges, etc. You can personally talk and bargain with each of these freight forwarders to reduce the charges. 

5. Unite your parcels 

Let us take an example. Suppose, you have two different parcels from supplier A and supplier B, each costing you $500. If you unite or consolidate your packages, the united parcel might cost you only $700. You may save $300 by combining or deciding an optimum size for your packages. 

6. Compare the charges of different locations 

Shipment costs vary with directions and locations. For example; shipment from China to the West U.S. might be cheaper than the East. So, you must make a wise comparison between the nearest available options of shipment locations. 

7. Avoid Insurance pay 

There are very low chances that your package is going to be lost or stolen in the way. At times, the insurance charge could be higher than the actual cost of the product. So, if your product is not extremely valuable, you may skip the insurance charges to save some extra bucks. 

8. Look for a favorable season 

During the crowning season, shipping costs can gear up and estimated delivery time can take longer than usual. Hence, forecasting your shipment delivery at the favorable season can help you with a budgeted shipment and get your shipment done in time and hassle-free. 

With that, it’s a wrap for this think-piece. Hope the above-mentioned tips help you get the best shipping quotes and you can save yourself from unnecessary premium charges. 

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