How to Maintain Your Dog’s Oral Hygiene?


Are you eager to know how to maintain your dog’s oral hygiene? Just like other responsible pet owners, even you wish to know the quick tips to take care of teeth? Well, then you’re indeed reading the right space! 

Purchasing dental care goodies from PETstock or any other store is not enough. You need to learn the tips and follow them to ensure your doggie has the best oral hygiene! Are you wondering what they are? Then, start scrolling down! Here we will not only give you some quick tips but also inform you why a dog’s oral hygiene is so crucial! 

Why is a Dog’s Oral Hygiene Vital? 

Even though dogs are not as prone as humans are to cavities, they can still develop problems like gingivitis, tartar, and plaque buildup. Apart from their mouth odor, you also need to worry about their yellowish-tinted teeth. 

Moreover, just as oral health dramatically impacts overall human health, a dog’s mechanism works in the same manner. By having dental issues, dogs can develop kidney, liver, and heart disease. And the worst thing about this is, it can turn fatal as well! 

Last but not least, dental extractions for dogs can cost you a fortune. So, why not prevent it before it puts a toll on your pockets and your minds? 

Quick Tips to Maintain Dog’s Oral Hygiene 

Now that you know how important it is to maintain a dog’s oral health, let us check out some quick tips to keep his or her teeth healthy: 

  1. Brushing is the Key! 

Well, this is not unknown to us! Is it? So, start this early in your dog’s life, and eventually, it will become a habit. And to do it the best way, you can always go through some tutorials online to be sure you’re brushing the gums and teeth the right way! 

Just in case your puppy hates this, you can always give him or her a treat! And slowly, you will find your dog falling in love with his or her brushing time! 

  1. Choose a Nice Toothpaste! 

Another thing you must not miss out on is this one! Don’t take this casually. If you’re thinking of using your toothpaste for your dog, then you would be absolutely wrong. Human toothpaste contains fluoride in them which is poisonous for dogs and can be fatal as well. 

For this, you can always rely on pet stores to get the right toothpaste for your dog. Also, don’t forget to get your dog an excellent mouthwash as well that is doggie safe. Just as human toothpaste isn’t safe for your doggie, mouthwashes are the same. 

  1. Try to choose Dry Food! 

Soft foods tend to get stuck in a dog’s mouth, which eventually makes their tooth decay. So, always go for dry food for the crunchiness present in it. 

  1. Clean Teeth Using Chewy Toys and Bones 

When you’re at a renowned pet store, you’re bound to find synthetic chewy bones and toys for dogs to play with. These are specially made for dogs to improve their dental hygiene and strengthen their teeth. 

However, please don’t go for hard objects as that may cause their teeth to break! The chewy toys and bones help in reducing plaque-build-up. But this is not something you must entirely rely on! Using this often is fine, but you must not rely on these items to maintain your pet’s oral health. 

  1. Regular Dental Clean-Up 

No matter how hard you try, you will miss out on something. Deep thorough cleaning is vital for your dog. And for that, you require professional help. By performing regular dental clean-ups from professionals, you will ensure your dog has the best dental hygiene. 

Speaking to a licensed veterinarian is vital in this case. The proper interval at which your dog might require a check-up is best advised by a professional! 

Final Thoughts 

Maintaining oral hygiene is indeed a hassle for everyone. But maintaining this will not only save you a lot of money in the long run but will also protect your dog from several health problems. 

So, keep cleaning your dogs’ teeth, and both of you can always have a pleasant smile on your face!  

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