Is EmoniNail Legitimate? Find Out The Truth In This Review


Nail fungus is the most popular nail infection and it is particularly notorious. There are diverse treatment options but only a handful are effective. 

One of the most powerful topical treatment options for nail fungus is EmoniNail. Doctors and pharmacologists came together to develop this over-the-counter product based on extensive research on natural and pharmaceutical remedies for nail fungus. They combined powerful antifungal natural ingredients to produce a safe, effective, and quick solution to nail fungus.

GG Healthworks, an FDA-registered company, manufactures EmoniNail. The production is done in the US, complying with safety standards and strict quality guidelines. 

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EmoniNail is a powerful over-the-counter solution designed to eradicate nail fungus. This highly essential and reliable product is completely natural, safe for all categories of users. Unlike prescription drugs that can cause serious problems in the body if necessary tests are not conducted,  EmoniNail is 100% safe – no harmful effects and no tests are required. 

It works perfectly for both fingernails and toenails. The latter suffer more from fungus but EmoniNail effectively eradicates the fungus and restores nails to the perfect condition. Unlike many other products designed to merely improve the appearance of nails and the adjacent skin, EmoniNail is designed to penetrate the nail bed to destroy the source of the infection, working quickly and marginalizing any chance of reoccurrence. 

EmoniNail is considered the best topical solution for nail fungus by many users as well as experts who analyzed the composition.

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EmoniNail Ingredients 

Powerful antifungal ingredients that have been proven to be effective in treating fungal infections and approved by the FDA are used for EmoniNail. They are completely natural and 100% safe for all. The ingredients include:

Undecylenic Acid

Undecylenic acid is an FDA-approved ingredient for treating nail fungus. While many FDA-approved remedies for nail fungus may have one or two mild side effects, Undecylenic acid is quite safe. It relieves itching and burning of infected tissues, as well as destroys fungi. It can also enhance the healing ability of the body, supporting the regrowth of healthy nails and underlying tissues. 

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Almost 90% of a group of 151 people that received the Undecylenic acid treatment showed effective elimination of fungus after four weeks while others also showed significant improvement. The results were also impressive for patients with diabetes, depending on the level of the infection – mild, moderate, or severe. Undecylenic acid disrupts the growth and multiplication of fungi.

Note: it belongs to fatty acids, a chemical compound found naturally in sweat. Its commercial source is castor oil. 

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia)

Tea tree oil is an ancient antifungal agent and the most popular ingredient for treating nail fungus. It is the active ingredient in many topical solutions for treating nail fungus and is often used as a home remedy. It is loaded with antifungal properties that effectively root out fungus and restore the perfect condition of nails.

This essential oil is obtained from tea trees. It has shown impressive results both in human studies and laboratory conditions. Above 80% of 117 patients with nail fungal infections were totally cured after 4 months of tea tree oil treatment. 

Note: it’s so powerful that if you want to use it alone, you must dilute it with carrier oils like coconut oil. 

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Sunflower Seed Oil

Sunflower oil is popularly known for its anti-inflammatory effects and its skin repair ability. However, clinical evidence has also shown that it has antifungal activity. 

A group of 400 patients with nail fungus exposed to sunflower oil treatment showed improvements within the first month. About 91% were eventually cured at the end of the study, irrespective of the severity of the infection. The remaining patients also showed impressive improvements. 

The ingredients above are the three main fungus-fighting ingredients in EmoniNail. Others are:


The moisture content of the nails and skin is balanced by glycerin, allowing the active ingredients to reach the deeper tissues. It enhances the effectiveness of EmoniNail in eradicating nail fungus.

Cetyl Alcohol 

This ingredient also moisturizes and lubricates inflamed tissues and brittle nails, enhancing how deep other ingredients can penetrate the nail bed. 


This is a base ingredient that fosters easy dissolution of other ingredients, making the application of EmoniNail easy and effective. 


This is a common ingredient in topical solutions, added to relieve itchiness and inflammation.

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Polysorbate 20

It works as an emulsifier, keeping all other ingredients blended. 

SD-Alcohol 40D

This ingredient, derived from grain, enhances the penetration of ingredients into tissues for the total elimination of fungi. 


It works to alleviate irritation in the nail bed and adjacent skin.

How to Use EmoniNail

EmoniNail is a topical solution and, like any other topical solution, must be used in certain ways to get maximum results or effective treatment. 

It comes with an applicator brush and it is recommended for twice a day usage. Follow the steps below for EmoniNail usage:

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Step 1: soak your nails in clean, warm water to soften the nail and the adjacent skin. This sets the time for the effective treatment of nail fungus using EmoniNail. 

Step 2: once the nail has been softened, trim thickened nails as much as possible. This makes it easier for active ingredients to penetrate the nail bed. 

Step 3: the final step is to use the brush applicator to apply EmoniNail to the infected nails and adjacent skin. Ensure the solution gets beneath the nail as much as possible. Leave it for 5-10 minutes before wearing socks or other footwear for thorough absorption. 

Note: nail fungus spreads easily and quickly hence ensure you are careful when applying EmoniNail and don’t leave excess moisture. Rotate your footwear and ensure your socks are clean.

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How Fast Does EmoniNailWork?

Treating nail fungus is typically a long process, often takes up to 6 months for complete treatment. Yet, it returns after a while in most cases. Generally, the duration of the treatment of nail fungus depends on the severity of the infection, the healing properties of the body, etc. 

EmoniNail is able to eradicate fungal infections permanently and quickly, regardless of the level of the infection. Within a month of using EmoniNail, significant improvements will be observed. Then the complete treatment ranges between three to six months. 

This is among the fastest over-the-counter treatment options for nail fungus. 

When is Treatment Complete?

This question is frequently asked by users: treatment of nail fungus is complete when a new, clear nail has replaced the infected nail. 

Is EmoniNail Safe?

EmoniNail is composed of natural ingredients hence it is 100% safe for all categories or users, including people with diseases like diabetes. No test is required, unlike prescribed drugs that mustn’t be used without doing necessary steps. 

Note:EmoniNail is exclusively for external use hence should never be used internally and should be kept from the reach of children. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse gently with warm water immediately and contact your physician should there be any reaction.

Allergic reaction to EmoniNail is very rare but if you notice any allergic reaction, reduce the quantity you use each time. If it persists, you may discontinue the use and consult your physician.

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Cost of Treating Nail Fungus Using EmoniNail

One bottle (0.8 ounces) of EmoniNail costs about $60. If you have a mild fungal infection, this should be enough although it is advised to do another month to ensure the fungus has been eradicated. Three bottles of EmoniNail are sold for about $120, that’s three sold at the price of two. This is recommended for extensive treatment. However, if you want to test the effectiveness, you can start with one. It is shipped free in the US but other areas may attract a fee. 

Therefore, the cost of treating nail fungus using EmoniNail for three months is about $120, plus shipping fees where it applies. 

Where to Buy EmoniNail

EmoniNail is readily available. It is sold on several platforms, at similar prices but discounts and policies may differ.

Official Website 

EmoniNail is also available for sale on the official website. Buying from the official website is typically better because you are more likely to enjoy discounts such as the 15% discount on the first purchase. Also, while all these platforms offer a return policy on EmoniNail, products bought from the official website are usually easier to return. Getting customer support is equally easier. 

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The website also provides extensive insight into infections of the nails, helping customers to better understand what they are dealing with. 


If you are looking for an effective and fast over-the-counter product for treating fungal infections, especially nail fungus, EmoniNail is one of the best on the market. It eradicates fungus and restores the perfection of nails and adjacent skin faster than most products. It is 100% safe and does not require any test. 

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