Koretrak Pro Reviews 2021: (Warning) Are Koretrak Smartwatch Actually Good?


If you buy a fitness tracker in the market, you most likely want to change your health behaviour, whether it’s remembering to walk more, tracking your exercise frequency or making sure that when you do, you are exercising properly. The wearable’s market is full of options, but you won’t find a more affordable product than KoreHealth’s latest KoreTrak Pro. Its function is half the price of similar products of Fit bit and Garmin. This Koretrak pro Review offers the readers insights about Koretrak pro.

If you are reading this KoreTrak Pro review, chances are that you have heard a lot about the KoreHealth Band series and want to know the hype, or you have put your KoreTrak Pro in order and are waiting for it to arrive.

There is a reason for the hype surrounding KoreTrak Pro and KoreHealth devices. KoreHealth produces truly high-quality products without spending a lot of money. In the era of smart watches worth more than $1,000, it is no wonder that people are looking for low-cost alternatives to high-end products. KoreTrak Pro may be the product that best embodies KoreHealth’s concept of low cost and high quality. It starts at a low price of US$49 in the United States, which is about half of its price.

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. – John F. Kennedy

Do you desire body fitness and have been looking for a perfect solution to help with that? Do you have a problem tracking the progress of your fitness exercise or routine? Do you want to know whether you are making progress, how many pounds you have lost? How many calories that you have burnt.

 Do you want to know more about the state of your body while you exercise which can influence whether you should continue or quit a routine? Information such as blood oxygen level and oxygen circulation, breathing level, heartbeat, pulse and so on, then this review is for you.

Due to technological innovation, we have a wide range of products that are designed or built to perform functions as fitness regulators or trackers. Fitness trackers are excellent tools for monitoring your daily physical activities and ensure that you are making progress towards attaining your health and fitness goals. They monitor your health vitals viz blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen, and so on.

However, like other fitness trackers there exists a particular product that has been making waves lately and has gained a presence in popular online retail stores and has been frequently ordered.

This device is not just a fitness tracker but also performs the function of a smartwatch. And has amazing and innovative features that no regular smartwatch or fitness tracker has. This smartwatch does not only possess the feature of a smartwatch and its associated utility but serves as an efficient fitness accountability partner.

If you are training or plan on losing weight or trying to increase your muscle strength, regular monitoring of your health is vital.  This device can help ensure that your fitness routine is going as planned and your health is checked. This device is portable and lightweight. It can be by your side and help you track and enhance your fitness routine at all times..

This smartwatch is the Koretrak Fitness Smartwatch. The manufacturer of the Koretrak Smartwatch, claims that the KoreTrak Fitness Smartwatch, helps to track your fitness and body shape progress effectively. Even more than a coach will do. As already stated, it is also a smartwatch and performs the utility of a smartwatch too. It is fashionable and can be styled with any dress.

 It has a wide range of features and utility and this has become the talk of the town and it is important to know and review this smartwatch which is becoming so popular.

This Koretrak Pro review shall provide the information needed about the Koretrak Smartwatch, the features, does it work? Is it a scam? How does it Work? What benefits can a user obtain from the use of the product?  What are the striking characteristics of this product that makes it stand out? What are customers saying about this product? The questions intending users are asking and lots more.

Do you want to know what this new kid, Koretrak is made of? Then hop in as we review this product together.

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What is the Koretrak Pro Fitness Smartwatch?

The KoreTrak tracker is a very portable smart watch and efficient accountability partner that helps to enhance body fitness and ensures the efficacy of your daily fitness routine. It is a compact smartwatch or wristwatch that tracks fitness, activity, and heart rate while providing all the features that come with an ordinary smartwatch. You can make your calls just like other smartwatches, play your games, and send messages on the Koretrak Smartwatch.

The major purpose of this device is to monitor user fitness and ensure that the user is abraded with adequate information about the state of the body of a user to enable adjustment, change to continue with a particular fitness routine or make important decisions about your body and health.

Additionally, the Koretrak Smartwatch, monitors users sleep and provides readings on your sleep pattern, detects snoring and provides information on whether your breathing is perfect or not, while you sleep.

 One Striking feature of this product, which serves as an extension of the utility of the Koretrak Smartwatch is that apart from offering powerful and indistinguishable capacities of a smartwatch, KoreTrak records and tracks a whole range of biometric data and gives health tips and suggestions to improve body fitness and the readings it provides, helps to influence health and fitness decisions

Aside from the device being a fitness tracker, the device performs the function of an ordinary wristwatch. Providing updated time and date. With additional features included. It is a smartwatch not because of the function it performs as a fitness tracker. Rather, it is a smartwatch, because it is automated and involves the use of upgraded digital technology.

Furthermore, the KoreTrak smart watch is multipurpose and can perform diverse functions. You can use the device to monitor your health, check readings as regards to your body fitness and monitor progress in your exercise and fitness process. As well as, make phone calls, surf the internet, text messages, and video call. Amazing right?

It is very fast in its operation.  Just a quick scan of your body, the device provides information as to the status of your heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, and even oxygen levels. With a speedy output, the KoreTrak can reveal your pulse and circulatory strain. So you have a wristwatch that serves as an on- the-go nurse. Like the say, “Technology brings it home”

Lastly, the Koretrak Fitness Smartwatch is easy to maintain. It is  very affordable, cost effective, saves time as well as fashionable and fanciful.

Still want to know more? Let’s get down to the features of this product.

Features of the KoreTrak Fitness SmartWatch:

• Excellent Fitness Tracking – The Koretrak Fitness SmartWatch is an efficient fitness tracker. It helps to track the progress of your fitness exercise and monitors your body response to the routine you undergoes. At each physical activity you undergo the device records and monitors the state of the body while you exercise and when you are done, it helps you find out if there is a significant change in your body due to the physical activity. For instance, if you just finished jogging from your block to the city mall, it would be beautiful to know whether you have burnt some calories.

Like really; whether your sweating was not in vain or otherwise. This tracker will provide all needful information available about the outcome of the exercise you underwent. The device can be worn while running, cycling, or any other physical activity. The device has fitness trackers that are used to monitor body behavior.

•Helps in decision making as regards Fitness routine:

The Kore track smartwatch allows the user to track the success of a fitness routine and helps you to know if you are really doing things right with the exercise. Maybe you should Improve? It tacitly helps you know whether to improve or change your routine. It also helps users know how best to improve or achieve their fitness goals.

It is waterproof and Water-resistant

 If you are among those who ask; Can I use this wristwatch in the rain? Will it get spoiled, if I use this product and it falls inside water? what if I jog with the koretrak watch and it gets raining? No need to worry, the Koretrak wrist watch is waterproof and does not get damaged when beaten by rain or submerged in water.

So even if it is raining and you desire to jog outside or it starts raining while you are poles away from your block, you don’t need to worry. The device is made to be water-resistant.

Inbuilt reliable battery:

This one factor for consideration in purchasing any wristwatch. The Koretrak Pro wristwatch has a reliable battery that enables or accepts USB charging. The battery of this smartwatch can last for an average of 18 hours without needing charging. So you can use this device for a long time even when there is no power.

• Serves as a Prompter

The Kore tracker serves as a prompter to remind you to get up to exercise when it is time and when you ought to. It helps users stay active. It also helps to remind the user of important meetings or schedules; the smartwatch can be programmed to remind the user of important activities. The smartwatch serves as a mobile Personal Assistant or a Digital Secretary.

•Functions as a Mobile Phone:

The Koretrak Fitness Smartwatch, also functions as a mobile phone. A Smartphone to be specific. This product helps you stay connected. This product enables you to receive text and call alerts that let you stay connected with people even if one is not in close proximity to the mobile phone. Thus it provides smartphone features and doesn’t let you miss out while you exercise.

• Improves Sleep/ Sleep Patterns:

The Koretrak Fitness Smartwatch Monitors how you sleep and sleep pattern. Including breathing levels, and other information geared towards improving sleep patterns. This enables the users to be able to work on those patterns through the pointers provided by the watch and enable the user to get sound sleep. The device monitors sleep patterns through a built-in meter that helps track and measure appropriate the user’s rest levels, keeping you in check so that you can sleep well and not too much.

• Easy to Use:

The Koretrak Fitness Tracker, is very easy to use and navigate. It does not involve a lot of technicality to make use of this product. It also has an easily navigable user interface that is very interactive.

•Measures Calories Burnt:

 KoreTrak Pro smartwatch has the ability to count the number of calories burned throughout the day or after any activity. This helps to influence whether you should intensify the work out as well as influence food intake.

•Cost Effective:

It saves you financial cost, can be bought by anyone, saves time and energy too. You don’t need to go to the gym or hire a fitness assistant or coach. It can also save you future cost, for instance knowing the state of your heart and body system can help you find out irregularities and handle them on time.

•Maintains Body Health

As already mentioned, with Koretrak, an individual can track their blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels. For a person looking for both smartwatch features and a fitness tracker, this device would be the perfect solution.

 How does the Koretrak Pro Watch Work?

This device works this way:

This Koretrak Smartwatch makes use of a mobile phone. The device is to be connected with a mobile phone and you have to make use of an app which enables the device to function. This application collects data and processes as well as stores all statistics in the device. This application also contains a lot of biometric data and all important information needed.

Once the Koretrack Smartwatch is connected or synced  to a smartphone, the device is just ready to be used. This product relies on Bluetooth technology which enables the product to connect to the mobile phone. The product also has an option on screen so that you can be able to set the device or adjust the device. For instance, if you desire to change the display setting of the device.

 As already stated, when the device is synced to the mobile phone you can wear the Smartwatch on your wrist. The touch-screen of KoreTrak makes the switch between apps and monitoring of vitals simple. The smartwatch fitness tracker monitors a person’s sleep while it also displays notifications. This helps the user maintain and control body fitness in a simple, less onerous, fast and cost-effective way.

Furthermore, though this device makes use of a mobile phone, You still don’t need to take your phone along with the smartwatch all the time. The smartwatch can operate for up to seven days without needing your mobile phone. The device also has a storage system that enables it to store data on its own for up to 7days even if the mobile phone is out of range.

In terms of the KoreTrak smart watch being water resistant. The product is made with a waterproof and resistant material that ensures the device is not contaminated or damaged by water. Essentially this product IP67 that makes the product waterproof, the product can stay in water and not get damaged. Thus even if you are under the rain, pending when you get shelter, the Koretrack Smartwatch will still work.

The Koretrak Pro Smart Watch is very efficient and helps to provide a system whereby you can be able to have adequate information about the state of your body from physiological state down to the state of your respiration. This wristwatch does not only track after the activity is over but begins to track when you are still on the move till when you have rested and even after you have rested.

This device is one product that has come to bring innovation to the field of body fitness and bodybuilding.

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Benefits of Using the KoreTrak  Pro Smart Watch:

•Provides Medical Examination: The Koretrak Fitness Smart watch, can be described as a digital or automated medical examiner. This product runs a medical check-up like every doctor would. Though it does not replace the service of a doctor as that is important, the smart watch still has the ability to provide information to you before you reach a doctor.

 It can also provide you with such information to refer to when you see your doctor. This smartwatch examines the major operations of your body systems such as your heart beats, pulse, breathing process, blood circulation and so on.

•Cost Effective: This device is cost-effective and helps you save some bucks. With this device, you don’t need to get a weight scale or see a doctor every time to measure your weight. Also with the information given by this product, you can be able to have the right information about your body. And this can save you the cost of booking appointments or going for medical check-ups or other related costs trying to find out your body state.

• Provides Adequate Information for Decision Making: The Koretrak Pro Smart watch through the information it provides helps in effective decision making especially as regards body fitness and routine change. For instance, a perfect reading on the number of calories burnt after a particular fitness exercise will give you an inkling as to the estimated number of calories consumed as well as whether you should still stick with that routine, judging whether it is effective or not and whether you should continue or halt.

• Multipurpose: The Koretrak Smart watch is multipurpose and performs a vast number of functions. This watch can serve as a fitness tracker, and can perform the main features of a mobile phone. It can serve as a prompter, can also serve as a device to store and process biometric data. It can also be used to send chats and facetime.

And essentially functions as a regular wristwatch. This watch is built to perform all these functions simultaneously without being overloaded. As a plus to the capacity of this watch, this product has a very strong, durable and long-lasting battery. So it can do all of those without being bugged or overloaded.

• Comes in Different sizes for user preference: The Koretrak Smart watch comes in different sizes to suit user preference. It also comes in other colours aside from black, to meet users’ choice of colour and user choice. This wristwatch is also fashionable and can be used for any dress or outfit. In fact this product is designed in a way that no one will guess that it is a sophisticated watch. It comes in a very simple design and not bogus in shape. You can wear this watch on any outfit. Ranging from a corporate outfit, sports outfit, beach outfit and so on.

Other benefits of this Product include:

•Detects dangerous conditions like COPD, anaemia, asthma and more

•Helps to keep check or track of your sleep quality

•Enhances body efficiency and also helps to monitor your heart rate and calories burned

•Perfect accountability partner helps to keep your fitness process active and efficient.

•It is very fashionable and come in wide variety of colors

•Helps to Check your blood pressure

• Possesses glass touch display is designed to prevent scratches

•It is very convenient, durable, efficient and portable.

•The Koretrak Pro wrist watch has a modern design looks modern and sleek

•Keep you motivated to stay active

•You can also call via the smartwatch and receive messages.

•Helps you to meet up with appointments

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How to use the Koretrak Pro Watch:

There is no hassle involved in using the product. It is very simple to use Koretrak. All you need is to charge the device, wear it on the wrist, and then connect it to your Smartphone. KoreTrak uses a combination of board sensors and phone sensors to track your health and wellness data. Some features rely on the phone sensors, while others work independently.

After purchasing The KoreTrak, charge it, and then download The KoreTrak app to your iPhone or Android smartphone. Like other health tracking apps, The KoreTrak app gives you all the insights into your health and wellness, which you can choose to review daily or weekly.

To reiterate, Get the Koretrak, ensure that the product is that which you ordered. Usually, the product is charged when it is being delivered to the user. However, you can charge this smartwatch, via a USB cord and charge the device fully.

 Once that is done. You can then navigate the watch, syncing with your mobile phone and with an app downloaded for it. Once that is achieved, you can be able to adjust the settings of the watch, inputting necessary details and registering some details including mobile number etc. Once that is done and all necessary things set up, then Voila! You are good to go.

 Does the Koretrak Pro Smartwatch work or is it a scam?

Not at all, the device works and works perfectly. This device functions perfectly and worth every dime paid for it. Not just saying so, but this product has been testified to work and work perfectly, matching what it claims and the utility it claims to provide.

To be able to back up our stance, we were able to gather some responses of customers and valid purchasers of this product as regards the functionality or otherwise of this product. Here are some of the responses of customers:

“This product works so well and I can’t seem to fathom how a smartwatch can do all of these. It is a tracker, a coach, a mobile phone sort of, and smart watch. It is definitely smarter. I am dealing with obesity, trying to exercise to trim down. And I bet you this product has helped me with my confidence and gives me the push I need to continue because it can get tiring. Especially if you are not seeing physical progress. But with this product, I can be able to see that I am making progress.

The smart watch gives correct statistics and reading on the amount of calories burnt, current weight, how many pounds you weigh and every detail you need to know about your body. The Koretrak smartwatch is easily navigable and can be used conveniently. It does not cause irritation to the skin and in truth can be the best fitness buddy you can ever have. Don’t doubt its functionality, this product works and works efficiently. Any buyer would love this product. It works for me”. Jethro Marion

For Ada Johnson, she had this to say about this product:

Pros and Cons of the Koretrak Pro Fitness Smartwatch:

Pros (Koretrak Pro Reviews)

• Provides adequate health information.

• It is therapeutic.

• It is compatible with any device.

• Strong and reliable battery.

• Get the message and call notifications.

• It is waterproof and water-resistant.

• Monitor body fitness. Track every fitness activity.

• It is affordable.

• It is cost-effective.

• Efficient.

• Unisex.

• Fashionable.

Cons (Koretrak Pro Reviews)

• It can only be ordered online.

• Hardly available in physical retail stores.

• Discount sale about ending.

Where can I Buy The Koretrak Pro Smartwatch?

You can purchase this product, from the original site of the manufacturer, through the call to action link below. It is important to state that currently, the manufacturer is offering a discount and price cut for purchasers of the smartwatch. You can get this product at a cheaper price.

You will be able to enjoy other incentives, gifts and coupons offered by the manufacturer. You don’t need to worry about security as payment is made through a foolproof and secure payment system. Your details are safe, no need for worry. The manufacturer also offers a friendly customer redress policy and can address issues or complaints satisfactorily. Buy now, so you don’t miss out on the discount going on. Order today and save some money.

Prices of the Koretrak Pro Fitness Smartwatch:

•One (1) Koretrak Pro smartwatch goes for $49.95

•Two (2) Koretrak Pro smartwatch goes for $89.99

•Three (3) koretrak Pro smartwatch goes for $111.99

PS: These are discounted prices. Hurry and get one before the price goes up!

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Koretrak Pro Customer Reviews

David Ryan

“I love this product so much. It is very efficient and works perfectly. It has helped me in my fitness routine and I have no regrets about using it. It works so well”.

 Anita Banjo:

“Wow, this product is so good, I am loving it. It does its readings so well. I hope I won’t get tired of it. It comes with a very fine design. And I would love an upgrade if possible”

Krieger Banks:

“Make sure you get this device.  It is good. And why I love this product is that it is not restrictive but compatible with any device.. It works with any smartphone.”

Vivian Danton

It works!

“I love it tells me a lot about my heart rate, if normal or not. Blood pressure if normal or not. How many steps I take. Sleep time. Awake time and what time you should sleep for your health. Walk time. Phone message. Phone call. Text messages. Will even play a tune if I’m too far away from my phone. I love it. I will be getting my sisters one for Xmas”

Kobe Atta

Amazing value in a smart watch

“My first device failed within the first few hours after delivery. However, KoreTrack had a replacement at my front door the very next day. That one works perfectly and I love it! This is amazing customer service!Almost everything I buy from Amazon is completely satisfactory — but now I know I can shop without fear of ‘getting stuck’ with a defective product or having to go through a hassle to get a replacement or refund. KoreTrack rocks!”

Frequently Asked Questions (Koretrak Pro Reviews)

KoreTrak a smartwatch or fitness tracker?

KoreTrak is both a fitness tracker and smartwatch. With smart body technology, you can use it for everything from heart rate and blood pressure, and blood oxygen to other health metrics you would expect from a fitness wristband. Furthermore, you can use the KoreTrak for normal smart-watch requirements.

Can KoreTrak diagnose diseases?

No, the KoreTrak is a smart fitness tracker that provides you with health metrics such as steps taken, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen. However, it is not medical grade nor designed to replace medical advice.

Can I swim with my KoreTrak?

The KoreTrak has an IP67 rating, meaning that it can go in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

Will the KoreTrak work without my phone?

While a cellphone app is important in consolidating information and syncing data via Bluetooth, the smartwatch can store data for up to a week without a cellphone.

Final remark on Koretrak Pro Reviews

The Koretrak Smartwatch has been seen to be effective and efficient as well as an outstanding fitness tracker Your body fitness and body health is something that should be a primary concern for you. Maintaining fitness and health is not quite easy.

However, the Koretrak smartwatch has come to aid the fitness process and make it very efficient and very result-oriented. It is an amazing product to try out. Why not give it a shot!

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