MetaBoost Reviews – Boss Wellness Scam or Legit Weight Loss Supplement?

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MetaBoost is a new dietary formula designed to support natural weight loss. According to the official website (, it uses seven powerful ingredients that supercharge the metabolism and remove all hurdles that make losing weight hard. Boss Wellness MetaBoost comes in a pack of easy-to-swallow capsules that work independently of diet and exercise. 

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Obesity has become a global concern, and health experts have predicted that the world may soon experience an obesity pandemic. Interestingly, obesity and supplements share a close connection as the supplement industry makes a high profit from weight loss pills. Despite this huge investment, not all the products are worth buying, and it is common to fall for scams, especially when you buy them online. Does this mean weight loss supplements are useless and are a waste of money? Of course not. One has to choose these products wisely, for which reading about the supplement, its ingredients, potential benefits, and directions to use is mandatory.  


MetaBoost is a supplement that makes weight loss easier and more manageable. It is created for all people who are over a healthy weight and want to do good for them by losing all unnecessary weight. It works on metabolism and uses it to initiate a natural weight loss that is otherwise compromised due to various personal and environmental factors.  

But what is inside the MetaBoost supplement by Boss Wellness? How to be sure that it will work? More importantly, where to buy MetaBoost without falling for a scam? Continue reading to know everything about it in this MetaBoost review.  

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MetaBoost Review – An Introduction  

Obesity is a disease that has affected millions of people worldwide. Only in the US, the obesity rate was 42.4% in 2017-18, which has increased much more now, as per Centers For Disease Control And Prevention reports. The situation is no different in other parts of the world because people struggle to improve the quality of their lives in every country and do whatever it takes, including spending all day on desk jobs and finding no time to plan healthy eating.  

The real reason why the supplement industry is full of weight loss products is that people are frustrated with losing weight. They would do anything natural or unnatural to get rid of the extra weight they have put on over the years. Although most of them stick to the typical idea of weight loss that is diet plus exercise. But weight loss is much more than that.  

Many times these standard weight loss plans fail because of underlying factors such as inflammation, toxins, free radicals, or oxidative stress. Unfortunately, there is no medicine to kill these risk factors, and the only way to get over them is by improving the efficiency of the body.  

One way to do that is through dietary and lifestyle changes, which is a long and exhausting process. People lose their interest mid-way and are attracted by the unhealthy junk food or adhere to a sedentary lifestyle, completely forgetting the physical activity requirements for the day. An alternative to all this effort is using a dietary supplement, i.e., Boss Wellness MetaBoost, that fixes the underlying issues in metabolism and makes the body lose weight with minimal effort.  

Some people believe it is not possible because a supplement cannot force the body to lose weight. Not only are they uninformed about how the human body works but also about natural dietary supplements that use a different approach. The body can lose and maintain weight on its own under ideal situations because the metabolic system burns all the calories to generate energy, and this energy is used to keep the functions running. All of this is stopped when there are issues that make metabolism slow, such as inflammation.  

That is why using a dietary supplement helps the body to restart this natural weight loss. It fixes these hidden issues and makes way for the metabolic system to run as per optimal capacity. This way, the body loses a substantial amount of weight and maintains it without any significant effort. 

Boss Wellness MetaBoost is a dietary blend made with 100% natural ingredients. All of its ingredients have proven medicinal benefits for the body, which is why weight loss with this supplement is easy, risk-free, and simple. Let’s find out more about how it works and which ingredients are responsible for its actions.  

What is MetaBoost? 

MetaBoost is an alternative to the long, costly, and difficult ways to lose weight. It is a dietary supplement that looks like a multivitamin pill. It adds numerous vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to the body that it requires to maintain its functions. It does not need the user to go through strenuous workouts or make efforts in terms of weight loss planning, preparing meals, and restricting the diet.  

Making it a part of your routine helps to ease the struggles with obesity by doing a number of favors. It includes metabolic boost, sleep regulation, hormonal control, and low risk of factors affecting weight loss. It is an all-natural formula that means no synthetic compounds are a part of it. Keep reading to know more details about it.  

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How Does MetaBoost Help In Weight Loss? 

According to the official MetaBoost website, it is the perfect solution to improve the metabolic rate of the body that eventually induces a natural weight loss. It uses the power of plants to increase the core temperature of the body, providing an ideal situation for weight loss.  

This temperature training is the new way to fix metabolic issues. Some evidence suggests that constant exposure to cold or heat may make the body lose drastic weight, as the body needs to burn more calories to maintain its temperature in these situations. It suggests that getting cozy into your house or spending time in front of screens, following a diet, or starving yourself is not going to make you lose weight unless there is temperature control.  

This inability to control temperature is also partly involved in increased obesity rates. Most people like to spend their time indoors under ideal temperature settings and control. The bodies get no motive to start burning calories for weight management, which is why they gain excessive weight.  

MetaBoost pills, on the other hand, use the core body temperature to trigger a slow metabolism. Once the metabolism is supercharged, the body is pushed into a natural fat-burning phase where it uses even the most stubborn fat layers to obtain energy. It is not a one-time thing but a slow and tedious process that may take weeks or months to show results. By the end of this time, the body feels leaner, healthier, attractive, and much younger, all of which are highly desirable for a person trying to lose weight.  

In addition to that, MetaBoost ingredients work on underlying factors that affect the weight loss performance of the body. These factors include chronic inflammation, toxins, free radicals, stress, oxidative damage, and much more. So the weight loss with this supplement is more of a collective effort and not a single process.  

Though individual results may vary, as soon as the user starts taking this supplement, the body initiates all these functions at the same time. The results show up within a few weeks in the form of weight loss and removal of stubborn fat layers leaving behind a slimmer and healthy body.  

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Benefits Of Taking MetaBoost Pills  

Although the MetaBoost pills are all-rounder, which means they fix all issues in metabolism, you can expect a lot more from them, in addition to the weight loss. Here are the benefits of using MetaBoost pills on a regular basis. 

  • Core body temperature changes: the core body temperature and uses it to melt stubborn fat, especially around belly thighs and hips. This melted fat is used to generate energy that is used by different body cells to maintain their functions.  
  • Lean body mass: removing fat cells from the most stubborn areas leaves a thin and slimmer body behind. It is highly desirable for every person who is struggling with his weight. It is even true for the weight that is considered impossible to lose, such as lower belly fat.  
  • Disease prevention: the metabolic boost by MetaBoost capsules saves the body from various diseases, mainly those linked with digestion. These diseases include metabolic disorders, inflammatory diseases, diabetes, and many others.  
  • Skin benefits: surprisingly, one benefit of the MetaBoost supplement is to improve the texture and appearance of the skin. It is because gut health can affect skin health, making it plump, fresh, and smooth. 
  • Hair benefits: MetaBoost pills will also improve hair texture and volume. You will feel changes in hair density and growth, with a noticeable shine in the hair within a few weeks.  
  • Joint health: the anti-inflammatory and toxin removal through MetaBoost ingredients can also benefit joint health. Chronic inflammation causes pains in joints and makes it hard to move. Once this inflammation is controlled, the issues in mobility also improve.  
  • High energy levels– when the body starts using stored fat to generate energy, it will also fulfill the body’s energy requirements. This way, the body will always enjoy high energy, stamina, and strength even if eating less than usual.  

There are no safety concerns with MetaBoost pills as it offers so many benefits and zero side effects. Moreover, individual results and benefits may vary from person to person. 

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What Are MetaBoost Ingredients?  

According to the official MetaBoost website, the MetaBoost supplement only picks the natural ingredients for its formula. These ingredients are obtained from the best quality sources, leaving no mark to question their efficacy and safety. The manufacturing takes place in an FDA-approved plant, under GMP conditions and high-quality standards. There is nothing about it that looks suspicious, and the only thing that comes next to the mind is the ingredients that will help to understand this supplement better.  

MetaBoost weight loss formula uses seven natural ingredients, each with proven health benefits for an obese person. Here are the names and details of these MetaBoost ingredients.  

  • Raspberry Ketone: this MetaBoost ingredient provides a high amount of fiber to the body that helps feeling fuller for a long time. It controls the appetite and prepares the body to lose weight without any lethargic feeling.  
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: this is a natural antioxidant that relieves inflammation, delays aging, improves nerve function, and saves from memory and cardiovascular diseases.  
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: people often confuse this with green tea extract; however, these two are two different ingredients. The coffee bean extract is famous for its natural thermogenic properties making it easy to lose weight. 
  • Forskolin: next in the MetaBoost formula is forskolin, which targets the adipose tissue, and burns it to generate energy. When this tissue is burnt, the body experiences noticeable changes in appearance and appears thinner than before.  
  • Cinnamon: most people know cinnamon for its flavoring enhancing properties, but it is also a natural antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, blood pressure regulator, and sugar level controlling agent. It fixes the issues in metabolism and supports healthy weight loss.  
  • Green Tea– it is also helpful in losing weight as it targets metabolism and increases it, making the body burn more calories in less time. Catechin, a naturally occurring flavonoid in green tea, has proven benefits for metabolism.  
  • White Kidney Bean Extract- the last MetaBoost ingredient is white kidney beans extract. This ingredient is rich in antioxidants, minerals such as magnesium and directly targets fat storage in the body.  

There are no artificial or synthetic ingredients added to the MetaBoost formula. Going through all these ingredients makes it clear that it has used plants to extract its ingredients. Many of these sources have been used in medicinal treatments for centuries and are even proven by the latest studies. There is no reason to question their efficacy and safety, which is why MetaBoost can be used for a long time without worrying about the side effects.  

As you can see, there are no stimulants or sedative ingredients in this formula. It means it can never make you drowsy or alert, no matter when you consume it. For this reason, it can be used at any time of the day, as it will not affect the working performance or sleep cycle of the body.  

People with known allergies should talk to their doctor about it before making it a part of their life. Although it is unlikely to get allergies from plants, it is better to be safe than suffer later.  

Directions To Use MetaBoost Weight Loss Supplement 

Using MetaBoost is very easy, and it is not much different from multivitamin supplements. The recommended dosage is two capsules taken with water. You can either take one capsule in the morning and the other in the evening or take both in the morning or evening. If two capsules sound a lot for you, start from one capsule per day, and after a couple of weeks, start taking two. This way, the body will adjust to the standard dosage with minimal effort.  

It is a dietary formula that should be consumed orally. Crushing, grinding, or mixing the capsules in any food or drink recipe is not recommended and safe. Do not use it with any medicine, plant extract, or alcohol, as these products cause dangerous interactions.  

Avoid overconsumption at all costs. Taking more pills will not bring faster results; in fact, they can induce adverse side effects that no one wants. Only take the standard dose of MetaBoost supplement and never take more than two pills in 24 hours.  

MetaBoost Safety Evaluation  

Everything inside MetaBoost has proven benefits for human health, and there is no reason they can cause a side effect. In general, all supplements require careful usage because of their medicinal potential. Although they are not like medicines, they are no less than medicines. It means overdosing on them or making combinations with other products is not safe, especially with a metabolic booster. 

MetaBoost weight loss supplement is a non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and Soy-free product. There are no dairy ingredients added. People with food allergies should check its ingredients list before consumption, but overall, there are no chances for any ingredient to go wrong on a user.  

It is created for adult users only, and those who are below 18 years of age should not use it, even if they are experiencing any digestive issues. The supplements for teens and children are different and less potent than supplements created for adults. Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or trying to conceive should not use this supplement without getting approval from their OB & Gyn. All these stages change the hormone level, and the body surely gains some weight. But using weight loss pills to get rid of this weight is neither recommended nor safe, so refrain from experimenting with any similar product.  

People with underlying issues, especially cardiovascular or metabolic issues, should not use any dietary supplement without consulting a doctor. If there is no primary disease that may be affecting gut health, there is no harm in trying a metabolic booster. However, metabolic boosters and other supplements can interact with prescription medicines that a person may be taking to treat his primary condition. Therefore, using supplements with other supplements or medicines is never a good idea.  

Where To Buy MetaBoost Pills? Pricing, Offers, And Discount Details  

MetaBoost is exclusively available online through the official website ( All the orders are placed online, and there is no way you can get them from any other source.  

It is much more affordable than most weight loss pills available in the market. One bottle contains 60 capsules that make 30 servings, enough for one whole month. But it is not possible to lose more than a maximum of ten pounds in one month. So if your weight loss target is more than ten pounds, consider buying three or six bottles and give sufficient time for the body to undergo a complete weight loss transformation.  

In addition to that, the company behind the MetaBoost supplement is offering a huge discount on bundle packs, which makes it more affordable even for people with a small health budget. Here are the pricing details after the discount.  

  • Get one MetaBoost bottle for $59.00 Only 
  • Get three MetaBoost bottles for $49.00 each  
  • Get six MetaBoost bottles for $39 each  

Most people start from one bottle pack but buying three or six bottle bundles gives a better price than buying one bottle every month. There are no shipping charges, no matter how many bottles you are ordering. The company is currently delivering to the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. All domestic and international orders are shipped for free.  

60-Day Refund Policy  

The company is taking full responsibility for its product and offering a 60-day refund policy on all orders. No matter how many bottles you are buying, each one of them is covered by this policy. If you do not see any progress after using the MetaBoost pills, you can talk to the company, return the bottles and get a full refund of your order. Even if you have consumed the pills already, the company will still consider your empty bottle for this offer.  

Only those orders purchased through the official website are entitled to get a refund. If you have bought MetaBoost from other sources, the company will reject this refund request. For product-related questions and information, talk to the customer support line at [email protected]

MetaBoost Reviews – The Verdict 

MetaBoost is a natural metabolic booster that encourages the body to use fat layers for energy production. It is made from the finest natural ingredients with proven benefits for metabolism. Not only is it effective, but it also comes at a very affordable price. The bundle packs make it even more affordable, and the money-back guarantee is here to save the users from a financial loss. Do not think anymore, and start your weight loss journey with MetaBoost weight loss pills.  

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