Power Based Women’s Tennis Rackets for Beginners


There are a variety of tennis rackets in the market, and they all offer different aspects of the game. From power to control, the majority of women going into the sport require power to maintain a certain paste of the ball. It does not necessarily mean that all female tennis players look for power in their game, but ones that use the sport as a work out or entertainment would want stability in their shots. It is fair to say that the goal is to play tennis as long as possible. Meaning, as the swings add up then so does the exhaustion. Keeping the racket generating a certain amount of power with a lighter frame weight is idealistic. The same paste and power can be maintained with less effort, with that reasoning everyone should take their choice of tennis racket into serious consideration. Women’s tennis rackets do not really exist, there are certain models that appeal more to women or for people who need the support. That is the reason behind this never-ending search, rackets below could be of use to teenage players just going into the sport with some talent. 

Women’s Tennis Racket Head Size 

Witnessing many newcomers to the sport, it was safe to speculate that the ones using tennis rackets that complemented their game style played better overall. As the pandemic increased the amount of families who needed exercise or simply did an outdoor event, it became clearer to see which racket mother’s needed most. Power based women’s tennis rackets commonly have a head size that is larger than 100 square inches. Anything that was near 110 square inches was an ideal choice for many females coming into the sport. Wilson has managed to release many tennis rackets that are ideal for women. But it does not necessarily have to stop at that brand, because almost everyone has at least one model that is similar in speculation. To truly have an effortless game, choosing a head size at around 135 square inches is not such a bad idea. Rackets with massively large head size come in much lighter weight, allowing the gameplay to prolong. 

Women’s Tennis Racket Head Weight 

In order to truly be able to plow through the ball, the head might need to be heavier than the handle. In this scenario, the racket would have to be a full based power edition. Head heavy tennis rackets give a “hammer” effect in the shot, allowing the swing to generate power independently. It might require some forearm strength to maintain, but nothing that cannot be developed overtime. It is possible to manually add lead tape on the head of the racket, increasing the weight of the head and dampening vibration. 

Women’s Tennis Racket Overall Weight 

The most ideal weight on the racket could vary from 230 to 285 of unstrung weight. In this case it depends on the physical status of the player. Heavier rackets most definitely generate a better swing paste. However, large head rackets usually come in a lighter form as they enhance the slingshot effect. Handle heavy rackets focus more on control because the head becomes much easier to drop. Getting under the ball will become easier, however the “plow” effect will be gone. If the racket head is large enough, it will not matter too much having the headlight women’s tennis racket. 

In addition, slightly advanced players could consider a Wilson Blade 104, which is a control based racket. Its head size is at 104 square inches, and the frame is thin allowing more vibration from the shot. Serena Williams is known to have played with that type of racket for some time now, and it did not let her down at her peak. This type of racket does not generate much power, meaning the individual wielding it has to put more effort into hitting the ball. But when it comes to feeling the impact of it, this type of stick will not disappoint.  

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