Restolin Reviews: Dangerous Supplement or Hair Restoration Miracle?


Restolin is a nutritional supplement tailored to promote hair growth. 

Hair loss is a problem that affects millions of people around the world. It is often framed as a male problem, but the truth is that it affects millions of women too. In fact, it can be even harder on females because men do not have to deal with the same beauty standards that women do. 

According to ABC News, American men alone spend more than $1 billion annually on hair loss. 

The unfortunate truth is that most hair loss treatments do not work. But Restolin is a supplement that has generated a lot of excitement, and that motivated us to take a closer look. 

About Restolin 

Restolin is an all-natural dietary supplement with ingredients sourced from local growers. It is made in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified manufacturing plant using non-GMO capsules. 

There are only so many options when it comes to treating hair loss. One is transplant surgery, which is expensive, and the success rate is hit or miss. Another strategy is reactivation of the follicles that are no longer producing hair, and this can be done through laser therapy or medications like Rogaine. The success rate for this approach is even lower than with transplant surgery. 

The third approach is nutrition. For many people, an optimized diet has been shown to be more effective at reactivating follicles than either laser surgery or medications. This approach does not get as much attention, however, since there is not as much money in it for the corporations. 

The goal of Restolin is to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to reboot dormant follicles. It also strives for a systemic environment in which that hair growth becomes sustainable. 

About the Designer: William Anderson 

The Restolin brand is now a large company with hundreds of employees, but like most successful small businesses, it did not begin that way. In fact, it started with one person seeking a solution for his own personal problems. William Anderson started losing his hair in his 20s and began trying any hair loss treatment that he could afford. It probably comes as no surprise that none of them worked. 

By age 30, he began researching the problem, and that was when he found the National Center for Biotechnology Information and the many studies that the NCBI publishes on hair loss. What he found most interesting were the successful studies dealing with minerals, vitamins and traditional medicines that were never followed up on because the parties involved could not get the additional funding. 

Anderson began trials on his own and started taking classes on nutrition and other health topics. By age 35, he had more hair on his head than he had at age 30. Within the next three years, he had perfected the formula that became the Restolin supplement and began selling it to recoup his investment. 

Learn more about William Anderson and the Restolin formula on the official website! 

How Restolin Works 

Hair follicles do not die. They are either active or dormant. When they are active, they grow hair. When they are dormant, they do not. The Restolin proprietary blend contains vitamins, minerals and extracts that follicles need to activate, remain active and ward off factors that can inhibit hair growth. Restolin is not a magic formula. You could acquire and take each of these ingredients separately. But that would be a hassle, and Restolin is valuable because it packages all that you need into a singular supplement. 

Restolin Ingredients 

All of the active Restolin ingredients are listed on the product label per FDA requirements. In the following sections, we will go over the most important ingredients and what they do. 

– Vitamins 

The Restolin proprietary formula contains two vitamins: 30 mg of vitamin C and 20 mg of vitamin E. Vitamin C is integral to staving off the inflammation that can cause and exacerbate hair loss, and it is an essential nutrient for regenerating hair follicles and hair. Vitamin E has antioxidant properties that reduce scalp stress and have been linked to hair growth in people with hair loss in many clinical studies. 

Note: You may notice that the vitamin E amount provided here is above the DV. Be mindful, that DV is a recommended minimum and that many people suffering from hair loss have a vitamin E deficiency. 

– Minerals 

Restolin contains selenium because it is a mineral used in the formation of new hair. It is important not to take too much—due to hair brittleness—so avoid other supplements that contain selenium as well. 

– Adaptogens 

Adaptogens is a broad classification of substances that help your body responsd to stress. Hair loss is a physical response to stress in many ways, and these substance help to ease that negative cycle. 

– Beta Glucan 

Beta glucan is a natural moisturizer often taken to improve skin health. It is excellent for the scalp in that regard. It helps prevent scalp itch and build up the barrier that is needed to avoid scalp damage. 

– Graviola Extract 

Graviola is a tree native to the Amazon, and it has a long history in traditional medicine. The leaf extract is used here because it has properties that ward off cell damage and which help cells regenerate. 

– Green Tea Extract 

This extract is a popular supplement for general wellness and common in traditional medicine. The EGCGs found in green tea also inhibit the hormones that are known to induce hair loss. 

– Red Raspberry 

Red raspberry is rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants. Hair loss is often caused by or at least exacerbated by inflammation, and the antioxidants protect the follicles, hair, skin and so forth. 

– Turmeric 

Turmeric is a popular spice but also one of the oldest traditional medicines. It is rich in curcuminoids, which have been shown to inhibit AR-5, which damages follicles and leads to hair loss. 

Other Ingredients 

The are many other ingredients included that relate to hair growth in ancillary ways: 

  • Arabinogalactan 
  • Cat’s Claw 
  • Essiac Tea Complex 
  • Garlic 
  • Grape Seed 
  • Lycopene 
  • Mushroom Complex 
  • Olive Leaf 
  • Panax Ginseng 
  • Pine Bark 
  • Pomegranate 
  • Quercetin Dihydrate 

Watch now: a critical report on Restolin and the ingredients used! 

Is Restolin a Safe Supplement? 

Yes. Restolin is safe to take as a hair growth supplement and as a nutritional aid. All of the ingredients contained within are natural and have been approved for consumption by humans. Furthermore, you can use a respected site like Healthline or a similar resource to vet the ingredients yourself. It is also worth noting that we did not uncover any Restolin customer reviews in which the person had a reaction to the supplement that could be deemed unsafe. However, if you are taking medication, you should first consult with your pharmacist and doctors before using Restolin or any supplement. 

Restolin: Dosage and How to Take 

The maker of Restolin recommends that you take two Restolin capsules at the same time and with a glass of water. Each bottle contains 60 capsules and thus a 30-day supply. We also recommend taking it with a meal. That is good advice for all supplements since it helps ensure proper digestion and absorption. For best results, it is recommended that you take the supplement for a minimum period of 2-3 months. It is unclear if ongoing use is required. This varies from person to person. 

How Long It Takes to Get Results 

Some users began experience changes within the first week. The average person will not experience substantial results until 30 days in, and it can take as long as 60 days. After 60 days, you absolutely should see visible growth where there was no growth before. We recommended taking a before picture and then an after picture after every seven days, which should give you a great frame of reference. 

Benefits of the Restolin Supplement 

Results vary from person to person, but you can experience: 

  • Less scalp itch 
  • A healthier scalp 
  • Reversed balding 
  • Better hair texture 
  • Thicker hair growth 
  • Being less prone to dandruff 
  • Stronger and less-damaged hair 

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Can Restolin Make Hair Grow Faster? 

Faster hair growth is not likely. Science has yet to crack that code. But consistent hair growth is what counts, and Restolin can help with that. Hair will grow on average a half an inch each month. However, be mindful that every follicle is on its own schedule.  

It is not unusual for a person to have one side of the head grow hair a bit slower than the other only to catch up a month or two later. This is just the nature of how follicles work, and there is really not much you do about it as far as we know. 

Can Restolin Help Beard Growth? 

Yes, but with some caveats. The Restolin sales page specifically avoids mention of beards in order to avoid misleading people. This supplement has not been designed or tested for beards, and it is important to note that beard growth differs from head hair growth in a number of important ways.  

That said, beard hair requires the same nutrients, and if you have a damaged beard, Restolin could make a substantial difference. It could even reactivate dormant beard follicles. However, if you are a younger man still waiting for your beard to fill in, Restolin is not likely to trigger those immature follicles. 

Side Effects of Restolin 

There are no known Restolin side effects. In fact, all of the ingredients in this supplement have been approved safe for human consumption. But to put this into context, peanuts are safe for human consumption but can kill someone with a peanut allergy. If you have allergies, study the ingredients carefully.  

If you are concerned that you may have any allergy, discuss this with a physician before you begin use of this supplement. Any potential side effects should be relatively minor, such as headaches or nausea. If you experience anything like that or anything more severe, cease taking Restolin, and do not resume taking it until you have received approval from your doctor. 

Scientific Evidence Supporting Restolin 

Restolin is currently categorized as a hair loss supplement, which means that it is not eligible for FDA approval the way a treatment like minoxidil is. The company has also not yet funded its own clinical trials of the product, which we think is a mistake that it should rectify sooner than later.  

That criticism aside, the Restolin company hangs its hat on the fact that the individual ingredients have undergone a wealth of clinic studies within the context of hair loss. In fact, the brand lists many of these studies on its website for the potential customer who wants to vet them first. 

Pricing and How to Purchase Restolin 

If you would like to buy Restolin, it is important to note that the product is only sold through its official Restolin does not sell its product to wholesalers or retailers. That may never change because the reason for it is to preserve the integrity of the supply chain. 

The standard price for Restolin is $69 for a 60-capsule bottle that provides you a one-month supply. Restolin also provides a discount for bulk purchases. If you buy a three-month supply, the base price is lowered to $59, which saves you $30, and if you buy a six-month supply, the base price is lowered to $49, which saves you $120. 

There are no subscriptions or hidden fees. Shipping and handling are waived in the United States. Restolin can also ship to Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and United Kingdom. Shipping fees outside the U.S. can vary based on a range of factors, but the rate for most customers will be $15.95 regardless of bottle count. 

What About Products on Amazon and eBay? 

Restolin does not sell its product through third parties. Full stop. 

So, what does it mean when you see Restolin on a site like Amazon or eBay? The biggest problem are Chinese companies that are unregulated and allowed to steal branding without punishment. These products look like the real deal on the page but do not contain the actual supplement. At best, the capsules provided are placebos, and at worst, they contain harmful substances. 

The second issue is potential breakdowns in the supply chain. What happens from time to time is that product is rejected because it did not meet the standards or because the product, bottles or other packaging got damaged. Such product is generally destroyed. There are times when it is stolen and then sold. While it is genuine product in one sense, it is also very much not safe for consumption. 

How Long Does Delivery Take? 

Once payment is processed, orders are generally shipped out within 24 hours. For U.S. domestic orders, the company advises that it may take up to 7 business days, but the average customer receives his or her order within 48-72 business hours of ordering. For international orders, the company advises that delivery can take up to 15 business days. Be mindful that there can be delays associated with customers in addition to the logistical problems created by the ongoing pandemic. 

Order Restolin today and receive your shipment as soon as possible! 

Restolin Refund Policy 

All Restolin purchases are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can request a complete refund with no questions asked within 60 days of placing order. This is a decent refund policy but not a great one relative to other supplements we have reviewed. You have to make a refund decision at about week five or six, and it would be preferrable if that point was more like week eight. 

If you opt to request a refund, contact the company at [email protected]. You will then need to ship all used, partially used and unused bottles back to the company at 37 Inverness Drive East, Suite 100, Englewood, Colorado, 80112. Once that return arrives, you will receive a 100% refund minus any shipping costs posted to your chosen payment method within five to seven business days. 

Customer Reviews 

Restolin reviews from customers are quite good. Our estimates put them at 80 to 85 percent or greater than 4 out of 5 stars, and to put this into context, this is based on more than 5,000 reviews based on verified purchases.  

More than 50 percent of reviewers achieved results that were beyond their expectations. The product met expectations for 25 percent, and for 5 to 10 percent, it did not meet their expectations but still delivered tangible results within the time period promised. 

Read reviews from satisfied customers on the official website. 

Final Verdict 

As mentioned in the opener of our Restolin review, this product has generated a lot of excitement of late. And what I mean by generating excitement is that there is tangible buzz in online communities where men and women dealing with hair loss come together to socialize and for support. 

That says a lot about the product and what drew our interest to it as a review candidate. As our review unfolded, it became pretty clear that the excitement was legitimate. A lot of people have had success with this supplement and continue to have success with it. 

We can say with confidence that Restolin absolutely is not a scam. Does Restolin regrow hair? Yes. Absolutely. Will Restolin grow hair for you? That is impossible to say, and we would not want to mislead you. Our statistics suggests that there is a good chance it would, but it varies from person to person. 

In closing, our team agrees that faced with this challenge, we absolutely would try Restolin. Putting our money where our mouth is, our team member who is dealing with hair loss has been using it for 14 weeks now and is quite pleased with the results and intends to continue using it. 

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