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Suddenly when you gain weight, you will get stress. It is crucial to maintain weight because it will create various diseases like heart issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. 

We follow many diets and workouts that help lose weight, but we can’t find the root cause of gaining weight. It is because the leading cause is chemicals and toxins inside the body that makes our body fat. 

It is crucial to take care of your health; avoiding health issues is also the root cause of gaining weight. 

Remember your health play a crucial role in reducing weight. Stress hormones, toxins in your body, or low metabolism can cause obesity. 

Resurge (official website: is a supplement that treats the root cause of obesity and treats it. Diet and workouts give you temporary results; you will gain weight after a few weeks to reduce weight and have a healthy body. 

Would you like to reduce weight without any diet or workout? 

Do you want to lose weight safely? 

Do you want your body to keep healthy? 

Don’t worry, I have an excellent supplement for you, by which you can lose weight quickly and safely without any diet and workout. So, without further ado, let’s start this Resurge Review  

Quick Resurge Review: 

Product Name Resurge 
Main Benefit Burn Fat and Improve Sleep 
Ingredients Lysine, Arginine, Melatonin, Hydroxytryptophan, And more. 
Category Weight Loss 
Item Form Pills 
Dosage 4 Pills A Day 
Quantity 120 pills in a bottle 
Price $29 per bottle (with discount) 
Official Website Click Here To Visit 

About Resurge 

Resurge is made up of all-natural nutritional ingredients that work as a weight-loss supplement. It is a formula that targets the root cause of weight gain. 

It is beneficial for all ages and treats the root cause of weight gain like toxins in the body, slow metabolism, stress hormones, etc. 

The formula is available in the form of capsules that is easy to swallow. Resurge is a tested formula and went through the various test procedure, and it contains all-natural elements. 

Thousands of people using this formula provided their Resurge review and agree that it is safe and beneficial. So, you can use it for a longer time. For best results, use this supplement for three to four months. 

About Creator 

The creator of Resurge is John Barban and Lisa Etewell. The creator gives this supplement to Lisa because she wanted to reduce weight quickly. John Barban is a trainer, sports medicine, and fitness trainer who created this formula for those who want to lose weight or sleep improperly. 

When he gave this formula to Lisa, it worked for her. She lost 47lbs and got benefits like proper sleep, relaxation, additional energy, a strong immune system, and metabolism. 

After this success, John decided to create a supplement Resurge and help other people with weak metabolism, improper sleeping, and extra weight. 

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About Resurge Ingredients 

Resurge supplement contains all-natural components. These all components are pure and healthy. 

The formula of Resurge contains eight main ingredients. It is not possible to find these ingredients in one food, but in Resurge, you will get all ingredients together that keep your body healthy and aids in weight loss. 

These eight nutrients are as follow: 

  1. Magnesium (50 mg) 
  1. Zinc (15 mg)        
  1. Arginine (1200 mg) 
  1. Melatonin (10 mg) 
  1. Ashwagandha (150 mg) 
  1. Lysine (1200 mg) 
  1. Hydroxytryptophan (100 mg) 
  1. L-Theanine (200 mg)   

Magnesium is an extraordinary component that controls sugar in people who have obesity. Due to insulin resistance, metabolism gets weaker and turns off the calories-burning process in the body. One should have less insulin level and fewer amounts of stress hormones. 

Zinc is another component that plays a significant role in treating obesity as it reduces appetite from the body. The Deficiency of Zinc in the body causes weakness and increases craving for more fatty foods and carbohydrates. Zinc is a great nutrient to boost up metabolism and make the digestive process smoother. It also helps to manage high sugar levels. 

Arginine is an excellent amino acid that removes chemicals and toxins to reduce fat from the body. It also fights diseases that cause obesity and reduces inflammation from various organs. Additionally, it is an excellent component for burning fat and controlling diabetes. 

Melatonin is a rare nutrient that is not found in every food. It is beneficial for absorbing various nutrients and keep the body energetic. Melatonin is a great component to treat fatigue and boost your immune system, keeping you away from various diseases.   

Ashwagandha is another component that reduces inflammation, boosts metabolism, and keeps your hormones balanced. It is the healthiest herb found in Asia. It is excellent for people who have obesity and also beneficial for people who have hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a disease in which one gains weight and feels tired. Ashwagandha is an herb that can help people with hypothyroidism can reduce weight. 

Lysine is a helpful nutrient that keeps your blood sugar level in control, manages high cholesterol, and reduces craving. It helps in reducing weight naturally and improves your metabolism. 

Hydroxytryptophan is a valuable nutrient that reduces your craving, aids in weight loss, overeating and keeps appetite level low. It promotes healthy hormones that signal your mind that your stomach is full, so you stop eating. 

L-Theanine is a healthy nutrient that has no side effects.  

It keeps you away from stress hormones, improves your metabolism, and reduces inflammation. 

When these components combine, it will create a powerful blend that is included inside Resurge Supplement. 

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Science Behind Resurge 

Resurge supplement contains all beneficial nutrients that treat obesity. You noticed that people who are overweight remain stressed, worried, tired, lazy, and confuse. It is because of improper sleeping. According to science, improper sleeping can affect your metabolism, increase your craving, slow down your fat loss process and also increase your craving. 

When you sleep well, you will have low levels of stress hormones and cravings for food. Proper sleeping leads you to weight loss and strong metabolism. It also keeps you from high blood sugar, tiredness, low energy, stress hormones, and weak metabolism. 

Resurge also treats stress and improves inflammation. It will reduce weight and body mass if you take it for a longer period, you will have long-lasting results. 

Resurge can take time because it depends on various factors and how it works on your body. So wait for results and use it regularly for three to four months. 

Does Resurge Really Work? 

Resurge is great for people who want to lose weight and want to improve their sleeping and health. Resurge will improve your body and reduce your weight by targeting the root cause of weight gain.  

It will improve your metabolism that aids in reducing weight. When your metabolism is not working properly, fat will start storing in your body, and you can’t reduce weight quickly. You should have a balanced metabolism that keeps your body away from gaining weight.  

So people who have low metabolism need a booster to improve their metabolism so they can reduce weight. The primary purpose of creating this supplement is to improve the user’s metabolism, and the balanced metabolism helps reduce weight.  

If you are obese and have sleeping issues, you must try Resurge supplement because it treats your root cause and reduces weight safely and naturally.   

Who Can Use Resurge Supplement?   

If you are above 18 and want to lose weight and fail to do so, Resurge is a beneficial supplement for you. All adults above 18 can use this supplement; it is for both men and women. However, people who have serious health issues, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers should consult the doctor before taking this supplement. 

It consists of no such nutrient which is harmful, but if you have any doubt, you should consult doctor before taking any supplements. 

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About Using Resurge Supplement 

Each bottle of Resurge consists of 120 capsules, which is suitable for a month. Take four capsules 3-4 hours before going to sleep. 

The time and quantity are recommended by doctors, so go with the flow and have results.   

Positive and Negative 

Resurge is a valuable supplement that maintains your overall health. However, it also include some positive and negative points which I want to provide in this Resurge review. Here they are: 


  1. Resurge has many positive reviews from the user. 
  1. The ingredients of this supplement are safe and healthy. 
  1. You will get a discounted price if you order it in bulk. 
  1. You will get a 60-day money-back guarantee. 
  1. It also reduces your weight and maintains your health. 


  1. This supplement is not for those who have medical issues. 
  1. It also includes shipping charges that make the product expensive. 

Benefits of Resurge Supplement 

Resurge is a supplement that not only helps in reducing weight but also maintains your overall health. 

  1. Everybody has a different condition, so it benefits everybody, but it differs from person to person. Here are the benefits which you get by using Resurge supplement. 
  1. I will manage your high blood sugar and cholesterol rate. 
  1. It keeps you away from heart disease and makes your heart healthy. 
  1. You will maintain your weight after reducing. 
  1. You don’t need to follow any diet plan or workout plan. 
  1. It also helps you sleep properly and get long sleeps. 
  1. It boosts your energy and keeps your immune system strong. 
  1. It will also improve your metabolism and digestion. 
  1. It is healthy for your skin, hair and enhances your life. 
  1. It will keep your organ healthy and long-lasting. 

Is Resurge Safe To Use? 

Yes, Resurge contains all beneficial nutrients that come from natural sources. The ingredients of this supplement are pure and organic, safe to use, and have no side effects. This supplement is free from all artificial colors or chemicals. There is no risk in using these Resurge capsules. 

The supplement is 100% natural and pure that has no side-effect and is safe to use. The supplement helps in reducing weight and gives relaxation through which you can sleep better.   

This supplement includes ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effective for good sleeping and weight loss. So if you are confusing you can visit the official website for researches and do your research before buying. 

This product also keeps your mind relax and gives you relief from obesity. 

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Is Resurge Legit And Effective Product?  

Resurge is a legit and effective supplement that helps in weight loss. It doesn’t matter from which age group you belong to; it will work for you and helps you in losing weight. The supplement is made under guidelines by FDA, with no compromise in the quality, and also approved by GMP. The supplement is reliable and effective, and valuable.   

The product already won many people’s hearts and also receives many positive reviews from its users. No complaint or side effect report regarding Resurge supplement. People recommended this supplement to people who want to sleep well and lose weight naturally without any diet and workout. People are happy and satisfy with this product. 

Why Resurge Is Unique? 

There are many products on the market for weight loss, but why Resurge is popular among thousands of people in less time. 

Some reasons I want to include in my Resurge review are: 

  • It is for all ages, fits all body types, is vegetarian, and is a GMO-free supplement. 
  • It is easy to use. You have to take one capsule with one glass of water. 
  • It contains research-proven components which are safe and natural. 
  • It promotes good health like strong metabolism, proper sleeping, weight loss and keeps you from various diseases. 
  • Resurge formula is created by professionals and made under high-quality staff.   

Buying And Pricing Details 

A single bottle of Resurge consists of 120 capsules, and it is suitable for one month. If you buy in bulk, you can get discounts. 

The previous price of the bottle was $297 per bottle. However, John decided to reduce the price on every package of Resurge so everyone can treat obesity at a reasonable price. 

Some packages of Resurge are as follow: 

  • Buy one Resurge bottle for $49 with free shipping 
  • Buy three Resurge bottles for $102 (each bottle $34) with free shipping 
  • Buy six Resurge bottles for $174 (each bottle for $29) with free shipping   

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About Results And Reviews 

The result of Resurge depends on body conditions, and it differs from person to person. It is best if you take a supplement regularly along with a healthy diet and simple workout. It will maintain your result after completing of dosage. 

It shows the result to many people and has positive reviews about the Resurge supplement. After skipping this supplement, adopt healthy habits like sleeping well, exercising daily, and eating healthily. It will help you maintain your result and keep your body healthy. 

According to users, it is a safe supplement. However, remember if you have any serious health issue, pregnant or breastfeeding mother, you should avoid it or take advice from a doctor about it. 

Another important thing is don’t take more than four capsules of Resurge. Overdosage can cause various side effects. 


Is there any side effect of Resurge?  

No, there are no side effects of Resurge. It contains all-natural nutrients that are useful and safe to use. All components of Resurge are proven by researches and made under high-quality products. The components of Resurge are beneficial for all-over health. 

Is there any money-back guarantee?  

Yes, along with Resurge, you will get a 60-day money-back guarantee. In case of any issue or you will notice no results, you can have your money back. So there is no risk; you can test it for 60 days. 

Is there any refund policy?  

Yes, there is a refund policy as well. You can claim your refund after 60 days. You’ll find many positive reviews about Resurge, and it works for everyone in various ways. 

In case of disappointment, you can contact customer service. You will get an answer in 48 hours, and your process will start. However, you have to send the product in 60 days. You can return bottles after using them for 45 or 50 days. 

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Who Should Buy Resurge?           

The people who want to lose weight and those above the 30s, but it is effective for all ages. Resurge is great for people who wish to boost their metabolism, so your body can remove toxins from the body and can’t store fat.  

People who want to improve sleeping and want deep sleeping can also use the supplement. 

For women who have PCOS problems or are planning to have a baby, you can make yourself slim and healthy.  

Is There Any Complain Reported Yet? 

No, there is no complaint about Resurge. People are appreciating Resurge.    

Resurge Review – Ending 

Resurge is a dietary supplement that contains valuable nutrients which are helpful for your body, great for reducing weight, and better sleeping. I recommend this supplement to all people who want to lose weight without dieting and workout. 

I tried the Resurge supplement and noticed a remarkable result, and you will see it by yourself. It transforms my body and makes my sleeping better. 

I am feeling light and healthy compared to before, and I also recommend you buy this supplement, Resurge reviews are positive, and it is an effective supplement. 

What you need to do is take four capsules an hour before bed, and you will have benefits like weight loss, proper sleeping, fast metabolism, a strong immune system, and much more. 

So, buy Resurge now and lose weight with proper sleeping. 

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