ReVision Reviews: Can ReVison 20 Supplement Really Enhance Your Eyesight?

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ReVision 2.0 (also called as ReVision) is marketed as both a brain booster and an eyesight enhancer. 

Brain boosters are all the rage of late. Many people are taken them in lieu of traditional options like coffee and energy drinks. These supplements not only increase energy levels and dial in mental acuity but do so without the crashes and other negative side effects that are often associated with caffeine. 

But the maker of ReVision 2.0 asserts that this product does much more than just promote short- and long-term brain health. It also enhances eyesight. The notion is that eyesight does not have to deteriorate over time, and that this product can stave that off and even reverse damage. 

There is tremendous buzz surrounding this product right now. Many people are purportedly having great success with it, and that made it an easy choice to do a deep dive and form an opinion of our own. 

What is ReVision 2.0? 

In 2006, a Scientific American article made a statement that seemed rather bold at the time: “There is no intrinsic reason for our vision to worsen with time.” It went on to say that numerous clinical studies—which all took place more than 15 years ago—had demonstrated that there was no significant deterioration of visual capacity of either the retina or the optic nerve expected as a person aged. 

There is the potential for eye-related diseases. There is also some evidence that the eye lens becomes less elastic with time, which affects near vision to some degree. But the vast amount of deterioration that older people perceive is not yet explained by science. There are, however, a number of theories. 

Many of the most prominent theories revolve around the relationship between the brain and the eyes. In other words, perhaps the perceived eyesight degradation is not the manifestation of a physical change but rather an alteration in how effectively and efficiently your brain and eyes communicate. 

A Japanese neurosurgeon—Dr. Kenji Kanamaro—had a particularly interesting theory because his model explained what was potentially causing the miscommunication. He believes that it is due to a buildup of mitochondrial arginase-2, an enzyme that is commonly referred to as Arg2. 

Arg2 has been shown to disrupt the brain-eye signals and that the disruption is more intense when higher levels of the enzyme are present. The goal of the ReVision 2.0 proprietary formula is to reduce the Arg2 levels in the brain and to serve as an inhibitor so that present enzymes are not as effective. 

Click here to learn more about mitochondrial arginase-2 and the research studies linked to it. 

About the ReVision 2.0 Team 

American Larry Stephenson is a retired medicinal chemist who had dedicated his 30-year professional career to the discovers of new drugs. During the period of his retirement, his wife experienced degraded eyesight. Her recent eyeglass prescription had helped but had not returned it fully, and at this point, Stephenson was aware of the notion that age-related eyesight degradation was not inevitable.  

Stephenson had a friend that he made through industry networking many years earlier: Robert Perlman. Perlman is a Swedish ophthalmologist, and Stephenson called him to discuss his plight and some of the ideas that he had. Perlman had a friendship with the aforementioned Dr. Kenji Kanamaro. Perlman had Kanamaro contact Stephenson and this grew into a friendship that would become a mission. 

Kanamaro, Perlman and Stephenson began work on the advanced vision support formula that would become ReVision 2.0. Within several years, the trio struck on a promising formula. Mrs. Stephenson began taking it, and within several months, she no longer needed here glasses. That was when the trio created the ReVision 2.0 brand and began selling their supplement to people around the world. 

ReVision 2.0 Ingredients 

Revision Eye supplement Reviews. Detailed information on where to buy Revision 2.0 Eye Capsules, ingredients, side effects complaints, pricing and more.

Here we will provide you are brief overview of the active ReVision 2.0 ingredients. 

– Alpha-GPC 

Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine—which is commonly shortened to Alpha-GPC—is a natural compound found in the brain that is currently a focal point in Alzheimer’s disease treatment research. In combination with caffeine, it can increase mental focus, and according to the ReVision 2.0 team, it feeds your brain cells while also supporting and maintaining the health of your vision. 

– Caffeine Anhydrous 

Caffeine anhydrous is an extract from coffee seeds and leaves. Anhydrous means without water, and that allows the extract to be far more potent than caffeine from many other sources. This substance enhances memory and learning and is necessary in this formula in conjunction with Alpha-GPC. 

– Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid 

Gamma-aminobutyric acid—often shortened to GABA—is an integral neurotransmitter that regulates many brain functions. GABA is also an inhibitory neurotransmitter, which means that it can block certain signals to and from the brain and can serve to reduce activity in the nervous system overall. 

– Huperzine A 

Huperzine A is a chemical extracted from various mosses. It has been shown to improve memory and mental function, and like Alpha-GPC, it is currently being clinically tested as part of various AD treatment research. ReVision 2.0 includes it as a cognitive enhancer and to promote neural health. 

– L-Theanine 

L-theanine is an amino acid and a primary reason green tea is believed to be so beneficial to health. This substance is linked to relaxation in humans and thus greater calm and focus. 

– L-Tyrosine 

L-tyrosine is also an amino acid. It is integral to the production of dopamine in the body and has been used as a treatment for depression. It is used here as well for greater calm and focus. 

– Niacin 

Niacin—also known as vitamin B3—is linked to neural health and believed to be pivotal in staving off neural degeneration. It is also imperative to the efficiency of your nervous system. 

– Phosphatidylserine 

Phosphatidylserine is a fatty substance known as a phospholipid. Phospholipids protect brains cells and transmit messages between them. These are known to be present in lower levels as we age and are included in ReVision 2.0 in order to ensure that you maintain them in higher levels. 

– Vitamin B6 

Vitamin B6 deficiencies are associated with impaired alertness, cognitive decline, depression and a wide range of other mental health issues. It is also integral to eye health and may prevent a type of vision loss we do know occurs in older adults, which is known as age-related macular degeneration or AMD. 

Find out more about the ReVision 2.0 ingredients and the studies linked to them by clicking here! 

How ReVision 2.0 Works? 

If you have damage to your eyes or actual age-related degradation of your eyesight, the ReVision 2.0 supplement will not reverse those conditions. Nevertheless, most eyesight degradation is due to miscommunication between the eyes and the brain.  

For those issues, ReVision 2.0 works on two fronts. It provides you higher levels of neurotransmitters that inhibit the signals from the Arg2 enzyme discussed earlier. It also fosters an environment that is not conducive to high Arg2 levels. Finally, it provides all of the advantages of a nootropic supplement with the belief that an alert and efficient brain is better able to receive signals from the eyes and convert those signals into an appropriate image. 

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Scientific Evidence Supporting Revision 2.0 

It is important to note that the ReVision 2.0 formula has not yet been specifically tested in a clinical trial. We would also be remiss not to mention that the theory of limiting the Arg2 enzyme is on the leading-edge of science.  

Most of the studies that have been performed are referenced on the ReVision 2.0 website. All of the active ingredients in the formula, however, have been extensively researched and continued to be researched in regard to eyesight. If you want to vet these ingredients individually, you can find a wealth of information on independent websites, such as Healthline, WebMD and so on. 

ReVision 2.0: Dosage and Usage 

The recommended dosage is one capsule a day. Each bottle contains 30 ReVision 2.0 capsules, which means that each bottle contains a one-month supply. Usage guidelines recommend taking the supplement 20-30 minutes prior to any meal. Our opinion based on our wealth of experience with other dietary supplements is that you should take it with a glass of water.  

The 20-30-minute window is fine but not an imperative. In addition, although the guidelines do not recommend a particular meal, we advise breakfast because this is usually the ideal time to take a brain booster. Of course, if you live on a nontraditional schedule, change that to whichever meal it is that you eat prior to starting your day. 

ReVision 2.0: Benefits, Results and Time Periods 

Potential benefits include: 

  • Reduced inflammation 
  • Better relaxation and sleep 
  • Improved eye vision near and far 
  • Better overall health and wellness 
  • Improved cognitive function and mental health 
  • Significantly reduced eyesight-related headaches 

Most users experience results within two to three weeks. The ReVision 2.0 team recommends taking the supplement for at least two to three months prior to deciding whether the supplement is right for you.  

They also suggest that after two to three months, you can enjoy the ongoing effects of the supplement for a year or even more. That said, we are of the mind that if you experience improved eyesight due the supplement, we would continue taking it. All of the ingredients are appropriate to take long term. 

ReVision 2.0: Side Effects 

The company behind the product claims that almost 100,000 people have used the supplement without manifesting any ReVision 2.0 side effects. This claim is supported by the fact that we analyzed thousands of reviews and did not come across any notable or widespread side effects.  

The caffeine in the product could cause minor side effects if you are particularly sensitive or consume too much additional caffeine. The only other ingredient worth mentioning is huperzine A, which has been known to cause minor side effects in some people, including nausea, diarrhea, constipation, restlessness and so forth. 

Customer Reviews and Complaints 

When we analyze customer reviews for a dietary supplement, our goal is to limit that analysis to only those reviews associated with verified purchases. Our team was able to collect approximately 6,000 of such ReVision 2.0 customer reviews and found that more than 74 percent of them were overwhelmingly positive.  

Approximately 38% felt that the product exceeded their expectations. About 23% felt that it met their expectations, and 13% felt that while it did not exceed or meet their expectations, they did experience results and were satisfied with the results that they were able to achieve. 

Pricing and How to Purchase 

Note that you are only able to order this product through the official ReVision 2.0 website. A single bottle, which contains a 30-day supply, costs $69 and requires a $7.95 domestic shipping and handling fee. Domestic orders arrive within three to five business days. If you order three bottles, the cost per bottle is reduced to $59, and the shipping and handling fee is waived. If you order six bottles, the cost per bottle is further reduced to $49, and again, the shipping and handling fee is waived. 

Refund Policy 

The ReVision 2.0 brand offers a refund policy that protects you if you are unsatisfied for any reason, and you have up to 60 days from the time that you place your order. The company asserts that most people will experience results in a month, so this gives you plenty of time to try the product and return it if it did not work for you.  

Contact [email protected] to request a return merchandise authorization. Ship all opened and unopened bottles, and then, email the company again with the RMA number and the tracking number. Once the product arrives, you will receive a full refund minus shipping costs. 

Final Verdict 

Is it possible to say that limiting the Arg2 enzyme will improve eyesight? No. The notion is scientifically sound, but we are not yet at the point where we can say this in a definitive manner. This is the reason that this formula is released as a supplement and not being put through medicinal channels. 

That said, there are thousands of people who have used and continue to use the product with great success. All of the positive ReVision 2.0 reviews are difficult to ignore. Our team feels confident recommending the product without any guarantee of success for several reasons. The science is sound. All of the ingredients in the formula are well studied, and you can request a full refund within 60 days, which is enough time to test the product and determine if you get results. 

Better eyesight is worth a shot. Click to try a supplement that has helped thousands of people! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are 10 common questions we encountered during our ReVision 2.0 review: 

Is ReVision 2.0 a Follow-Up Product? 

No. This is the original ReVision. The 2.0 references two eyes and 20/20 vision. 

Is ReVision 2.0 a Safe Product? Are There Potential Allergic Reactions? 

We are confident after a thorough ReVision 2.0 review that this is safe product made in an FDA-registered and a GMP-compliant manufacturing plant. Although not common, caffeine and huperzine A are the two substances in this product that can cause an allergic reaction. 

Does ReVision 2.0 Contain Stimulants? 

Yes. This product contains caffeine anhydrous, which is a strong form of caffeine. However, the dosage (250 mg) is far below the limit where the average person needs to be concerned. 

Will ReVision 2.0 Create Dependencies? 

No. Caffeine is the only substance in the product that could create a minor dependency. However, there is not enough present in this supplement alone to create that effect. 

What Is the Suggested Dosage? 

Take one capsule a day. The dosage guidelines recommend 20 minutes prior to a meal. We recommend with a glass a water and prior to breakfast due to the nootropic aspects of this supplement. 

How Long Do Results Take? 

This varies from person to person, but the company behind ReVision 2.0 asserts that the average person will see results within the first month. Some people see results in as little as a week, and requiring more than the 60-day refund period to see results is rare. 

Does Age or Vision Health Influence the Results? 

Age does not although older people are more prone to the conditions that this supplement targets. Also, this supplement cannot overcome damage to the eyes in addition to age-related eyesight degradation that is not caused by elevated levels of the Arg2 enzyme. 

How Long Does It Take to Receive a Shipment? 

Domestic orders arrive within three to five working days. International orders can take up to 14 days and can be delayed due to customs and pandemic-related issues. 

Is ReVision 2.0 Backed by a Money-Back Guarantee? 

Yes. You have 60 days from the time of purchase to request a 100% refund minus shipping costs. 

Why Is the Product on Amazon, eBay and So Forth? 

This product is only available through the official website according to the ReVision 2.0 sales page. Chinese companies will often create knockoffs of U.S.-based dietary supplements and then sell them through sites that people tend to trust, such as Amazon and eBay, as a third-party seller. Note that these products will be ineffective at best and can be potentially harmful to your health. 

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