The Internet and Football: How Digital Data Has Changed the Game


How do you get the latest results, roundups, and stats from the world of football? If you have the time and means, you go to a game. Whether it’s a local clash involving the College of the Canyons or an NFL game featuring the LA Rams, there are plenty of opportunities to watch live games. However, what can you do if time, money, and convenience aren’t on your side? Can you still keep up to date with everything that’s happening in football? 

Of course you can! The internet has become a veritable well of information and, when it comes to football, this well runs deep. For starters, you can get the latest local football news right here. Our football pages are packed with game previews, results, and roster updates. For example, did you know that former Cougar and defensive back Bryan Mills signed for the Seattle Seahawks in 2021? Well, if you read our report, you’ll know all about it. 

A Digital World of Data Awaits 

What if you want to go deeper into the sport? The national news headlines are an obvious resource. Every outlet from FOX to ESPN covers football. However, what about if you want to dig a little deeper? Not a problem. You can gauge the weight of public opinion by looking at the latest NFL picks. Modern online betting sites aren’t just filled with odds and offers. They contain a wealth of data and it’s this data that betting experts use to inform their picks. By weighing up the odds against recent results, running yards, points scored, and other metrics, the experts can sort the strong from the weak. Then, from these betting picks, the tipsters can make what they believe to be accurate predictions. 

These NFL predictions aren’t just shots in the dark. They’re based on data trends. What’s more, they provide reasoned arguments for and against certain scenarios. For example, the analysts at Pickwise will say why a team won and whether it was the right result, based on previous data, or whether it was against the odds. From this, you can build up a better perspective of each team and, in turn, the sport in general. For instance, you might see that the LA Rams beat the Miami Dolphins and think that’s a positive result. However, upon reading what the experts have to say, you realize that the Rams only won by two points when, based on the stats, they should have won by a larger margin. 

The Internet Uncovers the Nuances of Football 

This is how you get into the nuances of football and get more enjoyment from it. Then, if you add social media into the mix, you can get even deeper into the reeds. By reviewing the timelines of players such as Aaron Donald, you’ll get a glimpse into their lives outside of football. Maybe they’ve been spending too much time socializing and that’s why they’re not on top form. Maybe they’re in a great place mentally because they’ve got a new partner. Football players are humans and susceptible to emotional swings just like the rest of us. 

Therefore, it’s useful to look into their social media lives to see how they’re doing. Again, this is another benefit of the internet. We live in a time where digital data is more accessible and insightful than other sources. Sure, going to a game is still entertaining and a great way to get a first-hand view of the sport. However, if you can’t do that or you simply want to delve a little deeper, the internet is the ideal place to get maximum value from the great American sport of football. 

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