The Top Autumn Jewelry Trends 2021

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The 2020s have been a time for reinvention. The economy is surging and so are the trends, and it’s the perfect time for big change. In fact, we’ve seen a ton of shift on social media since we first shared our earliest posts from earlier this year. One of those shifts has been in jewelry trends, which are constantly evolving with the seasons. So to anticipate what fall will mean for jewelry fashion, we took a close look at what was trending this past summer and pulled out some key pieces that are worth considering for your wardrobes this fall.

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Go Black

The color black has never been as popular as it is right now, and with good reason. The color black amalgamates classiness, edginess, and minimalism into one piece. As of such, black jewelry is raging in popularity. The biggest change we’ve seen on Instagram in the past few months is the absolute dominance of black jewelry, and this trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Black jewelry dominates necklines, wrists, and fingers, making it one of the best options for those who want to infuse some edge into their outfits. If you’re a black lover looking for a piece that will make a statement yet won’t go over the top, invest in a permanent piece with these black earrings. You can put them in daily use and also wear them to parties and celebratory occasions. You can find nice black diamond earrings at ItsHot.

But even though black has been a royal color for a while now, there are some ways to make your pieces stand out from the pack. For instance, it’s not enough to just get a standard black piece; you might want to get an item that has a touch sculpted details or shine which will help elevate your look. 

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Everlasting Piece

There are some pieces that have withstood the gales of time. Trends have come and gone, yet these pieces are replicated again and again and are appreciated every time. For instance we have women’s diamond chains, which women wear both to the office with their suits, and to functions and parties. Other than diamond necklaces, we have pieces such as platinum bands and gold bracelets, earrings and ring using mirrors so you can casually check yourself out, and antique based designs. You can rest assured that these pieces aren’t going out of style anytime soon.

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Sensual Wear

The idea of wearing a necklace that leaks all over your chest is not an appealing one. In fact, women tend to shy away from this kind of piece. But when there’s a model like Kate Upton wearing it on the red carpet, it becomes mandatory to have one too. The reason behind this is because female consumers are ready for pieces that are both sensual and modern at the same time. From runners and athleisure to swimsuits and cocktail dresses, there’s something for every occasion with these types of pieces. Because they have become such a popular item, they have been featured in many fashion shows as well as publications.

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Old School Charm

Cultural influences from the past have shaped the style of jewelry we wear today, and now everything is getting a bit more edgy. The styles that have defined the early years of this decade are still on, but they’ve been joined or replaced by new trends that use things such as unconventional gems to help modernize these pieces for the 2020s. With these stones on your pieces, you’ll stand out in a crowd—and not just because you’re wearing what appears to be a piece of rock.You may have heard the expression “crystal clarity”, but how you’ll wear these stones is equally as important. For instance, you can wear them in a way that looks very modern and sleek or you can go for something that looks like part of a necklace. You can also mix these stones with other metals such as gold to get an even more dramatic effect. These pieces will have the wow factor but won’t feel overly heavy on your neck or in your hand.

The next time you’re thinking of going to the jewelry store, don’t be ruled by current trends which are already becoming the past. Instead, go for timeless pieces that still look amazing months from now.

Bridal Earrings Bridal Jewelry Wedding Earrings Crystal | Etsy | Bridal earrings  chandelier, Bridal earrings, Crystal earrings wedding

Glamorously Insane

Hear us out. When you picture a life of glamour and fanciness, what do you picture? Is it balls and marble floors? Is it the fizziness of a glass of champagne and tinkling laughter gracing the air? Is it grand pianos topped with chandeliers? Well stop right there. Let’s consider the chandeliers. Since we’re aching so much for a taste of that life, why not take a piece where we can? It is to cater to this mindset that chandelier earrings have come on to the playing field, and they’re not kidding around. Chandelier earrings are being slimmed down to just a single color. What this means is that you get the benefit of a full-on eye candy piece without getting blinded by them. 

If you want to know how wide your options are, take a look at the explosion of styles out there. You can choose from ones with frills and drops or ones that come in the shape of a circle or a teardrop among many others. Every single one is crafted with clear crystals that will give your outfit the perfect touch it needs to make it stand out as well as light up every other part of your outfit that it comes into contact with.

If you’re on the hunt for an accent to help bring out your best appearance, there’s no better way to do this than with a truly chic piece of jewelry. Think about what fits you and what speaks to you personally. And then take a look around at the new styles that are available from these sources and come up with your own in-depth opinions. Never forget that while trends do come and go, it is the timeless pieces that keep us appreciating them as much as we ever have.

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