Tips to buy second hand scooty


Scooty is one of the renowned sold used bikes. Considering the usage of the scooty, there are many things you need to check if you wanted to buy the second hand one. You need to be sure of your decision before buying second hand bike scooty and ensure you check the complete list before you pay them. This allows you to save lot of money when you meet the owner personally and get see the bike on your own rather buying it online or other secondary sites where they post the pictures.  

When you have decided to go for the second hand scooty, you should get two-wheeler insurance to cover and do some research online regarding the things to check. Here in this article, we help with the tips and checklist you need to check before you get the second hand scooty.  

  • Based on the purpose you are using 

First and foremost thing you need to know yourself is that you check for which purpose you would like to opt the two wheeler? If you are looking for daily usage purpose you need to check the mileage bike and less maintenance. If you would like to get the bike for joy trips or occasional use during the weekends, you might go for some luxury bike which has used less and has the good power engine and need not worry about mileage. So before buying the bike, know your needs. 

  • Check the sites completely where you can buy the bike 

With the overwhelming sites that have started popping up these days flooded with the numerous second hand bikes, you might be confused of which site is reliable and which reviews you should believe in before you pay for the second hand. There are many offline and online platforms where they post the actual pictures of the bike from the owners and avoid buying the bike from the intermediates. You can also go the second hand bike showroom or dealers who can provide you with the best bike in condition. Other way to get the best one is to check the newspaper adds or you can contact the owner directly. If possible ensure to visit the owner and have a look at the bike before you buy.  

  • Go for the trial ride 

Another best thing you can do before you wish to buy the second hand bike is to have a trial ride by meeting the owner or to the second hand shop directly. This will help you know the condition of the bike to gain the knowledge on the options. Furthermore, this will help you to evaluate the bike suitability based on your needs.  

  • Points to check  

As we quote that first impression is the best and so on seeing the bike directly, you might have an idea of whether it has been used roughly or smoothly maintained. Carry the inspection of the bike during the day time as the dark might always hide the issues associated with the bike. If possible take the opinion from the expert who has good idea of buying the second hand bikes. The important two main things to check before buying the second hand bike include – mechanical check and paper works related to that bike.  

  • Check for the mechanical things 

Before second hand bike purchase, here are some of the checks you need to do: 

  • Oil leakages from bike – ensure to check if there are any kind of oil leakage around the bike  
  • Rust or any kind of scratches – if you wish to get the bike then check for the rusty or scratches appears on the bike during the day light. As the rusty part might not work for long, you might require a replacement of the part and so if you find it not well, then ensure not to buy.  
  • Damaged side or accidental dents – check for the accidental dents or damages on the bikes. Ensure to ride and check the handlebar to make sure it is not shaky. Also go for the look of any welding spots or repairs done on the bike. Check the rims of the wheels if they are aligned and not bent. 
  • Engine check – another important thing you need to check is the engine of the bike. Turn the ignition on and check if there is smoke comes from the bike. The engine sound should not give any unusual sounds or vibrations, as this will let you know about the actual condition of the bike.  

Other mechanical checks you must do are: 

  • Battery issues 
  • Gears if they are proper 
  • Brakes are working fine 
  • Spark plug – you open and check 
  • Paper check for the second hand 

Once you are done with the mechanical checks, then move on to the following paper checks as these are also equally important when buying the second hand bike.  

  • Certificates – ensure you have proper buying certificate, RC books and other paper works that belongs to the bike. Also check if the bike has NOC from RTO. These paper works might require transferring from one person to another.  
  • Tax certification – other thing you need to look into is that if the bike has been paid with proper tax 
  • Insurance – check if the owner has taken insurance and till date and it covers for the any accidents or disasters.  
  • History papers – ask and get the history of service from authorized centres.  
  • PUC certificate – ask for the PUC certificate from the owner and ensure if it is valid.  


When you wanted to buy the two wheeler scooty second hand, ensure you buy it after examining the above points. Make a checklist of the above points and ensure to check all of them before you buy the second hand scooty as this will make you confident. Try to negotiate the price based on the checks you have made and so you can end up with a good deal for you. 

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