TVIDLER REVIEW 2021: Read Before Buying


Having excess earwax can affect one’s comfort. Maintaining a clean ear improves one’s ear and hearing. Many earwax cleaning materials have been in existence for a long time but they all have harmful effects to the ear if not properly used. Tvidler surfaced out of the need to keep the ear clean and healthy. Tvidler is an awesome and simple ear wax cleaning material with its unique Features. in this Tvidler Review, the will be equipped with this simple ear wax removal. Read this Tvidler Review article to know more about this revolutionary helping aid. Trust me; this article will change your lifestyle. So, let’s get started. 

Unclean ears can have many effects, trapped hair, dust, ceriman and other sticky secretions can accumulate in the ear canal and cause blockages. According to an article published in the International Medical Journal, if the affected ceriman is not treated or removed, the following symptoms may occur: 

  • Pain and Infection 
  • Ringing in the ears, 
  • Dizziness and irritation, 
  • Headache and Tinnitus and eventually 
  • Hearing impairment or loss of hearing. 

Therefore, if you do not take care of your ears and clean it appropriately in the safest way, you may end up at the surgery table to remove the excess wax of your ears. 

Tvidler earwax removal is very common because the ears become clogged with hair, dirt and dust. This can cause severe hearing loss. In the past, people used to clean their ears with cotton swabs. We know today that cotton swabs cannot effectively remove earwax. Instead, it goes deep into the ear, which can cause inflammation. It can cause discomfort such as tinnitus, dizziness and hearing loss. It may also cause discomfort, such as tinnitus. 

Have you ever tried to use a cotton swab or curette to remove earwax, but suddenly felt unbearable discomfort? Well, this may be because you accidentally hit the eardrum. No matter what method you use to safely remove earwax, it is not convenient. So, I started to research the safest method, and finally, after a lot of searching, a friend of mine suggested using Tvidler. 

guess what! I found a solution to clean my ears without damaging the eardrums. My family and I started using Tvidler 2 months ago, and the results are very satisfying. Tvidler is a durable, reusable, effective and economical ear cleaning aid that can help you clean earwax simply by clamping it with earwax. Unique spiral tip. There is no need to push the earwax further into the ear canal, the super soft high-grade silicone tip can remove the earwax. 

Moreover, the premium grade quality plastic material of Tvidler is eco-friendly and one device will serve you for a lifetime. The comfortable grip is designed to get your work done with simple and easy steps in just a few minutes. Therefore, buy Tvidler today for your family with the amazing offer of 50% off and free silicone tips. 


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What Is Tvidler? 

Tvidler is just an ear cleaner that can help you remove residual earwax from your ears. This tool can help you clean the entire ear canal area without damaging the ear canal wall or eardrum. The way the tool is designed will help you catch waxy substances and grab them out without causing confusion or discomfort. According to the manufacturer, this is not allowed by Tvidler. The inner ear is safe because it is easy to use.  

General information about ear cleaner 

Your ears will naturally clean themselves. No need to clean the ears. For many people, earwax may be too thick. A clogged ear can seriously affect hearing. The amount of earwax produced in the ear is beyond anyone’s control. It is essential and necessary for cleaning. It is responsible for removing dirt and bacteria. It is present in the ear wax glands. It is also known as Adeno-legume in the medical world.  

More than 1,000 substances have been found in ear secretions, but not all have been identified. It has been proven that cerumen has an antibacterial effect. It is important to make it difficult for small invaders such as bacteria to invade. It is important to ensure that your earwax is adequate. It can even prevent middle ear infections. 

Disordered discharge of secretions is the main cause of clogged ears. When cleaning the ears, it is not recommended to use cotton swabs and ear swabs. In order to remove secretions, they should not be inserted into the ear. They are only used to clean the outer pine. Topologists can do more thorough work. Tvidler is another good choice. This device will not harm your eardrum or ear canal. The secretions and dirt are gently removed from the ears. 

What can you do to keep your ears clean? If you feel that your ears are blocked internally, you can clean your ears with warm water. You can stimulate your ears by chewing. This will allow fluid to flow back to the outside. You should allow warm water to enter your ears for at least a few minutes. Then you can wipe off the liquid with a soft towel. If you do not feel better, you can try the rinse again at the pharmacy. If you feel pain, consult your ears and nose. 

A balloon syringe is required for ear canal irrigation. These syringes can be purchased at your local pharmacy. The syringe can be filled with 37 degree water. For convenience, tilt your head slightly to one side. Next, pull the ears up and back slightly. This makes it easier to insert the tip into the ear canal. Next, squeeze the balloon tightly to make the water rush out of the ear canal. Let the water stand for a few minutes. 

Tvidler makes cleaning easier. This device does not need water to clean your ears. The soft silicone tip can easily clean the ears. The spiral design of the cleaning device transports dirt to the outdoors. You can then use a cotton swab or soft cloth to remove it. Then the prompt can be cleaned under running water. 

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 Crazy Details You Should Learn About Earwax. 

Man cleaning earwax from his ears by pulling tissues out of ear 

 There are more than a few things you may not know about earwax. After all, it’s kind of weird, right? For example, what is the purpose of that strange sticky substance and how is it made? Think about eight very interesting facts about earwax-by the way, this is earwax-you don’t even know that they are related to your ear health. 

1. Earwax is Not Really Wax 

It’s called wax, but it’s not wax at all. The name comes from the waxy texture. Earwax is partly made of skin cells from hearing or ears and ear canals. This area contains skin that constantly renews itself. As the dead cells fall off, they are pulled in to produce earwax. 

Earwax also contains secretions from two glands-especially waxy glands and sebaceous glands. Earwax glands are sweat glands located outside the ear canal. The oil secreted by the sebaceous glands helps lubricate the skin. 

2. Earwax Safeguards Your Ears 

it’s role is to protect the skin in the ear canal. Just resting on the skin can cause infection, which can lead to earache. The strange texture of earwax can also lubricate this skin. It is a natural antibacterial agent, so it can stop bacterial infections before they start. 

Earwax is similar to other protective elements on the body like nose hairs or tears. You don’t think much about them, either, but they are an important part of preventing infection. 

3. There are Different Kinds of Earwax 

Yes, it is surprising that not all earwax is created equal. It has two forms: wet and dry. Which one you have depends on genes, just like the color of your eyes. Wet earwax is a dominant gene, so it is common for most people. For example, individuals of East Asian descent from China or South Korea usually have the same recessive desiccant gene as Native American Indians. This is an important detail for anthropologists because they track the migration of different cultures around the world 

4. Earwax Cleans the Ears 

Yes, that is another essential function of earwax. Think of it as a conveyor belt like you see in the grocery store checkout lane. Dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria get stuck in the earwax to create the belt. When the eardrum beats or the jaw moves, the belt goes towards the opening of the ear canal, taking all that debris with it. 

The movement of the jaw is responsible for loosening the wax from the wall of the ear canal so that it can be sent through the ear opening as waste. 

5. Too Little Earwax a Bad Thing 

Everyone has itchy ears sometimes, but it can be a sign of low levels of earwax possibly due to excessive cleaning. Earwax is natural and doesn’t need much help to clean the canal. There are few reasons to try to pull it out of the ear, especially if yours are already itchy. 

The itch usually means the skin that covers the auditory canal is dry because there isn’t enough earwax. It acts as a natural lubricant, so removing it will just lead to more itching. Instead, try a drop or two of mineral oil to moisten the dry skin. 

6. Too Much Earwax is Bad Too 

On the other hand, too much earwax might cause temporary hearing loss. That is what happens when the wax is pushed back during cleaning with a cotton swab, end of a pencil or whatever else you might stick in your ears. Sound travels as a vibration through the canal to the inner ear. That process is disrupted when there is an earwax blockage. 

7. It’s Possible to Clean Earwax Out Safely 

It’s not done by shoving a cotton swab in the canal, though. There is a reason mom said not to put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. 

First, if you have diabetes or chronic problems with your ears, let the doctor do the cleaning for you. If you do decide to do it yourself, add a few drops of baby oil to the ear canal to soften built-up earwax and, hopefully, dislodge it. Once the wax is soft, you can use a rubber-bulb syringe to run room temperature water through the ear. When the water is in place, tilt your ear to the side and allow it to drain out. 

Dry the outside of your ear with a clean towel. If you are prone to swimmer’s ear or ear infections, a few drops of rubbing alcohol will ensure all the water dries up. 

8. Not All Hearing Loss is Due to Earwax 

If your hearing doesn’t return once the wax is gone and the ears are clean, see your doctor. A professional ear exam and a hearing test can pinpoint that problem, so you can start to hear again even if it means you need hearing aids. 

How Does Tvidler Work? 

Tvidler is designed so that it can pull out the pieces without causing any harm. If you use a cotton swab to clean, because the cotton swab has more space than the ear, it will push down the debris in the ear canal more. This may cause clogging of earwax, and sometimes excessive earwax occurs. 

What does the Tvidler help with? 

When it comes to cleaning ears, they are always a theme in themselves, because cotton swabs or similar aids usually won’t get you very far. Even if you do, they are not necessarily good for your health. For example, cotton buds can damage the eardrum. If you switch to rolled toilet paper, sometimes small pieces are left in your ears, which can have a negative impact on hearing quality. These must usually be removed by a doctor.  

So the problem is not solved, but it will get worse over time, so seeing a doctor is inevitable. With Tvidler, these problems are completely non-existent because it can only be inserted into the ear to a certain point, because the rest of the tool is too thick to fit into the ear. In addition, the tip is not larger than the rest, as in the case of cotton swabs. Tvidler uses a very simple technique to remove earwax, so it is more effective. 

Why do I need the Tvidler? 

Anyone who has ever dealt with a blocked ear canal can benefit from Tvidler. However, in general, it is interesting for everyone to maintain regular personal hygiene in the ear area. This means that there is no age limit for the ear cleaner. It can be used by adults and children. Women and men were also mentioned. Gender is completely irrelevant. People do not need to have the technical knowledge to use it.  

Working Mechanism of Tvidler 

Tvidler Ear Wax Cleaner makes it easy to remove ear wax. When you put the earplugs in the ear in a circular motion, the spiral-shaped super soft silicone earplugs enter the earwax like a screw. No matter how hard or liquid your earwax is, it will get stuck in the steps of the spiral tip. 

Working Mechanism of Tvidler 

 The flexible tapered head allows the tool to reach deep into the ear. This is not possible with other methods. The most surprising fact of Tvidler is that it can protect the ear canal 360 degrees. With this tool, if you use it often, you can also clean the canal wall. 

 A safe and comfortable grip is also important for ear cleaning. If you cannot hold the cleaning tool tightly, it may slide and push the earwax to the side and directly hit the eardrum. Tvidler ensures the safest grip and you can focus on cleaning without worrying about damage. Therefore, with the help of Tvidler, you don’t have to suffer from ear-clogging or ear infections for the rest of your life.  

Main Features of Tvidler 

We wanted to convince ourselves of the capabilities of TV idler, so we tested it. This started with the order and it went smoothly. After a while, we were able to receive the ear cleaner in the package and convince ourselves to deal with it. The tool left a good impression. It is very comfortable to hold in the hand, and the tip is also very soft, so that you already have this feeling, you will not get hurt here. We finally tried the ear cleaner and made sure that the product is awesome. 

When designing a device, the highest priority is user comfort and safety. From design to working methods, this device can serve your ears well. Now, I will tell you some interesting features of Tvidler. I believe that after reading these features, you will no longer try to use outdated methods. 

High-Quality Material: 

To manufacture the body of this tool, the premium-grade quality plastic material has been used so that you can get the best product and durability. 

Efficient Design: 

The perfect design and comfortable grip allow the user of any age to use it with a secure grip so that the tool doesn’t slip through your hand. 

360 Degree Protection: 

Tvidler has a spiral tip which has a cone-like structure. This design helps you to get rid of pollutants attached to the wall of the canal. 

Super-effective Silicone Tip: 

The super-soft high-grade spiral silicone head is so soft that you will not feel any pain while cleaning. Unlike cotton swabs, this tip ensures safety and keeps you far from injuries. 

Eco-friendly Tool: 

Usually, the other ear cleaning methods are not reusable and cause environmental pollution when we throw them out as they are not biodegradable. But you can use Tvidler which is designed to use for a lifetime. 


To clean the earwax, this is the most effective and low-cost tool. It will help you to save your money from the doctor’s appointment. 

Hence, you should have a try using this tool after reading this Tvidler Review and recommend it to your friends and family. 


How does Tvidler work for you in an optimum manner?   

We cannot deny the basic aspect that when something is full of advantages; no one will leave the room without taking advantage of the stealing transaction. Like Tvidler, it offers a series of advantages to help people avoid and prevent any problems related to the ears. It is also suitable for travel, so you can easily carry it to the place of your choice. 

The work of this tool is simple and basic because it consists of a screw head that can rotate when opened. When you enter it, and with the help of twisting motion, the wax or debris accumulated on the inner tube will come out without causing any pain, itching, infection or inflammation. 

 Compared to all other ear drops and cotton swabs, Tvidler is the most effective. No negative feedback has been recorded for this tool. In addition, the company also offers its customers a convenient method because if someone doesn’t like how it works, that person can return the product within a few days according to the return policy. 

You can also get your money back within a few times after the complaint. Therefore, you can invest in it to enjoy its benefits for your health and life safety. 


Tvidler is an optional device that can achieve different rotations excellently. Among them, even dry forms of dirt can be easily cleaned with this tool. There is no doubt that the device provides 360-degree protection to avoid any damage or impact to your ears. The tool is specially designed to prevent deposit. 

This tool provides an excellent technique that is both easy and effortless. It will not cause any adverse effects on your ears. This type of device prevents contaminants from reaching the inside of the ear. We know that earwax is the oily secretion produced in the earwax glands. Tvidler has multiple functions to keep your ears in normal, optimal, and even regular condition. There are zero known side effects or shortcomings related to this gadget. You can use it at any time without any problems. 

Tvidler Review:Pros and Cons of Tvidler. 

I like to use this tool for me and all my family. So, for me, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. However, for new users, I will introduce its advantages and disadvantages in the following sections. 


  • Innovative Spiral Silicone tip works effectively. 
  • Secured grip ensures safety during cleaning. 
  • Anyone can use it from teenagers to adults. 
  • Non-toxic, flexible, and easy to use tool 
  • Soft tips protect the ear from injury. 
  • Environment-friendly and time-efficient instrument. 


  • Compact earwax cannot be removed. 
  • Don’t use it if you are already feeling pain in your ears. 

However, you can see that there are almost no disadvantages to using Tvidler. Until today, consumers have not found any harmful effects or negative comments on this product. I have recommended this life-changing tool to all my friends and family because I found it effective immediately after using it. 

How Can I Use Tvidler? 

It is surprisingly easy now to clean your ear incrustations. Follow the easy steps given below and feel the difference in hearing in just a few minutes. 

Step 01: Take a silicone tip and try to line up the slots in the handle. 

Step 02: Press down lightly to lock the tip into the handle. 

Step 03: Take a look at the direction of the arrow at which you will rotate the tip. 

Step 04: Insert the tip into the ear gently while rotating it in the right direction. 

Step 05: Keep twisting until the base of the tip touches your ear. 

Step 06: Remove the tip smoothly from your ears. 

Step 07: Detach the tip by pressing and pushing forward. 

Step 08: Clean the silicone tip for further use. 

What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Ears? 

Earwax is a natural fragment, mainly produced by secretions from the glands of the external auditory canal. Although this waxy substance looks useless and disgusting, it protects the inner layer of the ear from bacteria and acts as a lubricant. But too much earwax can cause serious damage to hearing. Therefore, cleaning is necessary. 

Is Tvidler a scam? 

I know you still have some questions, because it has become a habit to use cotton swabs to clean your ears. But to warn you, I can say that softeners, rinses, curettes, ear candles or vacuuming, no matter what method you use, will only bring you painful stimulation and minimal efficiency. 

Well, you don’t have to believe me, just read the Tvidlers reviews given by users after using it. Most of them have never thought that removing earwax can be so simple. Whether you are still on the verge of trust or doubt, buy today and try it yourself. Customer satisfaction is the main motto of the manufacturer. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days at any time. 

Where Can I Buy Tvidler? 

Tvidler is available online and the shipping is the fastest no matter where you live. The delivery will reach you before you even know it. 

Follow this authentic site to buy your own Tvidler or gift it to your loved ones. Order now before the promo offer ends with a 50% discount. 


To order genuine Tvidler tools, all you need to do is place an order on the official website. You should not invest money in related websites because this may be risky. Just place an order on the website instead of going to a different place. New customers can also enjoy additional discounts. It will not cause any harm or negative effects. 

so it’s much more formal to turn to the real thing compared to other tools. So, you can make it a part of your lifestyle. Many doctors are also recommended, so in order to avoid future inconvenience, you can also consult a doctor first. Different discount codes are provided on the website, so you can use them to save money. One of the most significant advantages is that Tvidler’s price is reasonable. 

Price: Only $29.95(with discount per unit) vs. $59.90(retail). 

2 units will cost $44.96 

3 units will cost $65.94 

4 units will cost $79.96 

What does the Tvidler help with? 

Cleaning ears is a complicated subject. Cotton swabs and similar tools usually won’t let you go further. They are not always good for your health, even if they are indeed effective. For example, cotton swabs may be harmful to your health. Damage to the eardrum. You can also use rolled toilet paper, but it can sometimes leave small pieces in your ears. This can lead to a decrease in hearing quality. These need to be removed by a doctor. These aids may be too deep and push the earwax back further. 

This problem cannot be solved and will get worse over time. So you need to see a doctor. Tvidler does not have these problems. The tool can only be inserted into the ear a little bit, because the rest is too thick to fit into the ear. Unlike cotton swabs, the tip is not larger than the rest of the tool. With Tvidler, Tvidler can remove earwax. Therefore, a very simple method is more useful than any other tool. 

Why do I need this ear cleaner? 

Tvidler ear cleaners are suitable for men and women. The device can be used to remove dirt and debris from the ears by fine rotation. Tvidler can even remove dry impurities from the ears. The device provides 360-degree protection. Regular use can help prevent ear deposits. Tvidler has a flexible head that can remove dirt easily and painlessly. 

Earwax is a bitter, greasy substance produced by the earwax glands. Earwax can cause ear problems in many people. This can have a negative impact on your hearing. Tvidler should make it easy for you to unclog your ears. This special technology prevents further slippage and deterioration of pollution. 

Previously people used cotton swabs to clean their ears, but it didn’t work well. According to recent research, this cotton swab will move the dirt deeper, leading to a higher risk of inflammation. 

 It’s more effective to use this new gadget because it’s easy to use. It will not damage your ears externally or internally, and can remove dirt from the ear canal. This is a useful tool designed to be used by men and women who suffer from common ear-related problems. Now, you can clean your ears at home without having to pay a high fee to your doctor regularly to clean your ears. 

According to the confirmation of the manufacturing company, it will not cause any damage to your ears, so you can buy it without any doubt or inconvenience. 


Are there any risks or problems with Tvidler? 

No, till the present day, no user has reported any problem while using the earwax removal tool. The manufacturer company has ensured that there is no risk because the silicone tip is soft and effective. 

Who is the provider of the product? 

The UAB Ekomlita of Kaunas, Lithuania is the provider of this product. 

Can the Tvidler really be used with children? 

Well, it is recommended that kids under 12 years old should use the product with the help of their parents. 

Is a return possible? 

Yes, it is possible. If you are not happy with the product you can return it within 30 days. 

Are there any shipping costs? 

Yes, the standard shipping cost will cost you only $4.95. 

Are there any known Tvidler problems? 

Since Tvidler is so easy to use, we didn’t see any issues that must be mentioned here. Due to its soft tip, there is no risk of injury or other difficulties. The only important thing is that before using it for the first time, be sure to read the instructions for use of the app. Then you really can’t do anything wrong. Therefore, we can use “No! What is the ordering process? The ordering process is actually. 

Once you have selected one of the offers, you will be redirected to the order form. There, you finally entered some data. These are all handled safely, so a safe order can be placed. After that, you can also choose the payment method. These options are Paypal or credit card. So you are very safe when buying. Then the order has been sent. The manufacturer then sends an overview email containing all the detailed information in a compact form. 

Tvidler rating and recommendation 

In general, we highly recommend Tvidler because we believe it is a safe way to keep your ears clean and not hurt yourself. Many people have used ear cleaners and successfully removed ear wax from their ears. They don’t want to have it again, and will buy it again and again. In our tests and testimonials, we were able to confirm these statements. We think you should definitely give it a try. 

In general, we highly recommend Tvidler because we believe it is a safe way to keep your ears clean and not hurt yourself. Many people have used ear cleaners and successfully removed ear wax from their ears. They don’t want to have it again, and will buy it again and again. In our tests and testimonials, we were able to confirm these statements. We think you should d 


We cannot deny the fundamental aspect that nobody wants to leave the room without utilizing the steal deal when something is full of advantages.  

Same as the Tvidler comes up with a bundle of advantages that helps the person avoid and prevent any issues related to the ear. It is travel friendly as well so that you can carry it with ease to the place of your choice.  

The work of this tool is simple and basic because it consists of a screw head that rotates when it is opened. When you enter it, and with the help of twisting motion, the wax or debris accumulated on the inner tube will come out without causing any pain, itching, infection or inflammation. Compared with all other ear drops and cotton swabs, Tvidler is the most effective. No negative feedback has been recorded for this tool. 

In addition, the company offers its  

customers a convenient way because if someone doesn’t like how it works, that person can return the item within a few days according to the return policy. 

You can also get your money back within a few times after placing a complaint. Hence, you are allowed to invest in it to enjoy its benefits for the safety of your health and life. 


In general I am satisfied with this product! I am so shocked at how much I can get to come out. My ears feel so clean too. 

The only issue I have with this product is that the tips keep popping off of the handle. It is kind of frustrating because they will pop off in my ear sometimes and when I go to take the tool out after twisting, the tip will come off. 

I have tried pushing it on rea 

….Susanna Moore 

I have tried many different ear cleaners after my doctor cautioned me not to use Q-tips, but they were either more dangerous as they could go too far into the ear or the irrigation system was too messy and uncomfortable. My wife and I both had great experience with Smart Swab as it not only safe 

And doesn’t reach the eardrum but also does the job with only a twist easy and mess free. We are going to recommend it to our family and friends 

Thank you 


Great product if your ears produce a lot of wax. My ears are pretty lacking in the wax department so it wasn’t very useful for me(still fun to try out). On the other hand, my SO produces quite a bit of earwax and was able to get a lot out with just one use. I like that the tips are reusable (after cleaning) and overall the device seems very durable. Also, the tips are not sharp or irritating to the ear. 

…Nicole D. Caven 

I ordered this online Tvidler ear cleaner to try because they are having a 50% discount on the product and to know the difference from the cotton swabs that we were accustomed to use in cleaning our ears. At first, I thought there was no difference from the normal ones but a few days later I was able to remove a chunk of an ear wax using this Tvidler which surprised me lot. Without a doubt, this is a must have if you want to get your ears clean, and another thing is this is reusable compared to the cotton swabs which are made of plastic that can only be used once, and that too does not help our environment. 


Even though I didn’t receive or hear from you guys about any order confirmation and order number. I’m still pleased I was able to receive with just a few days being delayed compare to what was promised on website, still this Tvidler are great ear cleaners that can really remove those earwax ear on your ears, I wish that you could have given us more silicon replacement so I can  

… Savannah 

TVIDLER REVIEW: Final Thought 

 I think after reading this TvIdler review, you wisely learned the difference between other wax removal methods and this excellent earwax cleaner. The easy and convenient earwax removal tool is the ultimate solution to the problem of debris accumulation. 

Instead of waiting for a doctor’s appointment in the near future, try Tv idler Ear Wax Cleaner now. The steady twisting action will pull the dart out of your ears, giving you peace of mind. Tvidler’s cleaning devices are only made of high-quality materials. It is mainly made of flexible silicone. The handle is ergonomically designed, so even teenagers and children can use it. It is important to remove any dirt or plugs from the ears immediately. This can cause inflammation. 

Tvidler is loved by many buyers and testers. They have tried other products before, but none of them have achieved the same success. It is a respected manufacturer and has been well received by some buyers. The order is delivered in the shortest time. In addition, Tvidler ear cleaners are highly rated. Some customers say that Tvidler is their favorite ear cleaner. This device is often used by the whole family in some homes. Many buyers recommend this device.  

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