8 Services that Customer Service Outsourcing Company Can Offer You

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Collaboration in business is escalating faster than ever. Seeking help from third parties is now a very common strategy that companies use to scale up their business and pursue new opportunities in the industry.

Customer support outsourcing companies enable rapid business growth and geographic expansion. But there’s more to it, though. Some outsourcing partners, aka true industry experts, can hone your customer support skills by helping your company compete in new ways. They know how to outsource customer service the right way.

SupportYourApp, for example, is guided by the principles of Support as a Service while working with many global companies, thereby ensuring the highest efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

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However, customer support is a comprehensive service covering a broad range of industry-specific solutions. Outsourcing companies typically offer many different services so that your team can focus on more complex, long-term objectives while outside specialists deal with your customers. 

Read on to learn more about what services can customer support outsourcing companies offer to perfectly suit your business needs and how to find a trustworthy outsourcing partner to embark on new achievements together. 

The Customer Service Outsourcing Company Standard Toolkit

Outsourcing is now professionally mature given the ever-increasing demands both from businesses and customers today. 

It’s no longer just a cost-saving method for modern firms. Customer support outsourcing companies give businesses access to highly-trained support specialists, who in turn provide strategic flexibility, better risk management, and new capabilities.  

Here are the top eight customer support services that today’s companies can easily outsource to third parties and play it safe:

Call Center Outsourcing

Call center services can be outsourced either partially or fully to help your agents handle large volumes of calls during rush hours to reduce hold times for customers, prevent unanswered calls, and boost conversion strategy. 

Live Chat Support

According to current trends, live chat is arguably the most preferred communication channel among customers. Outsourced live chat service is the perfect solution for companies wishing to maintain 24/7 availability and reach out to as many clients as possible with multilingual services. 

Technical Support

Digital transformation has seized the customer support industry, and companies can no longer perform without technology. As a result, they need robust technical support for their business. Outsourcing technical support keeps your computer software systems functional, provides solutions, and maintains the technological capacity of your entire IT department.  

Outsourced Receptionist Service

A professional receptionist is responsible for creating the first impression of your brand. Some extra help from outsourcing companies is essential for handling calls/messages, managing orders, scheduling appointments, and providing round-the-clock support. 

Telephone Answering Services

The receptionist services include various administrative tasks, and telephone answering is one of them. However, improving customer retention means handling a large number of calls per day. An outsourced virtual receptionist can handle the task. 

Help Desk Outsourcing

Information is the most valuable resource in today’s business world. Outsourcing your IT help desk support for different tiers is a great way to expand your in-house team and significantly improve customer experience. Doing so will ensure the most loyal client base possible.

Back Office Support

Back office support involves a number of processes that aren’t directly related to customers but can still influence your customer experience. Outsourced service facilitates scaling and 24/7 coverage to streamline and improve the CX. 

Social Media Customer Service

Last but not least, social media marketing is growing at an accelerated pace. Outsourced customer support for your social media accounts ensures expert assistance to promote your content and help you connect with the audience online.

Now, let’s go through some of the most common questions outsourcing companies are being frequently asked:

What Are the Benefits of Customer Support Outsourcing Services? 

Without a doubt, the advantages that customer support outsourcing companies provide are unlimited, which is why more and more firms are opting for this alternative. Outsourcing is a great starting point for businesses that decide to expand. 

Companies require professional help from outsourcing companies at all growth stages to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Reduce costs;
  • Open access to talent;
  • Increase geographic reach;
  • Increase operational flexibility;
  • Delegate the work;
  • Lower the burden for an in-house staff;
  • Improve customer relationships;
  • Focus more on product/service development.
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How to Choose a Customer Service Outsourcing Company?

A reliable business partner is worth their weight in gold. In outsourcing, the most crucial step is to choose the right partner for your business that aligns with your vision, strategy, and goals. Only with the right outsourcing vendor can your company avoid the risks and grow your business effortlessly. 

These are the factors to consider when searching for an outsourcing partner:

  • Customer-centric team and business model;
  • Communication skills;
  • Focus on KPIs improvement;
  • Transparent and open cooperation;
  • The level of professional and technical expertise;
  • The quality of the partner’s leads.

What Are Top Customer Service Outsourcing Companies?

The scope of customer support outsourcing is dynamically expanding, making it harder for companies to find the best outsourcing solution. It’s certainly debatable to label a company the best outsourcing partner, but we have studied the market and prepared a list of the leading outsourcing vendors in the field:

  • IBM;
  • Accenture;
  • SupportYourApp; 
  • Infosys;
  • Wow24-7;
  • Aidey;
  • Helpware.

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The Role of Customer Care Outsourcing Companies: Collaborative Partnerships on the Rise

Collaboration becomes a necessary approach for modern businesses to position themselves as market leaders, but it’s a challenging and responsible step to take. A skillful approach to collaboration gives companies an edge to compete in customer service on a global scale. 

The benefits of outsourcing are quite compelling, however, companies must be particularly careful when choosing the right vendor. You don’t want to risk quality and customer loyalty when going the outsourcing route.  

With such a plethora of services that customer support outsourcing companies provide, companies might struggle to make the right choice. Knowing that highly qualified outsourcing companies can blend seamlessly into your in-house team and the internal processes that they handle definitely makes things easier.

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