Have you ever wondered why some nails look attractive and some look quite disgusting? Well, this Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder will illuminate your understanding towards the knowledge of nail aesthetics. Are you a lover of pets; you dogs, puppy, cats and wish that that heir nails are always clean and in perfect state? Then Barkbuddy NailPro Grinder is your product as provided in this BarkBuddy NailPro Grinder review.

 Leaving your pets nails to grow unattended is not advisable health wise, both to the pet and the owner and as such,will need a BarkBuddy NailPro Grinder to do just fine with the shaving of the dog’s nail. This BarkBuddy NailPro Grinder review gives a beautiful insight on this awesome NailPro Grinder. If your nail as an individual grows indiscriminately it can result to unnecessary bruises, and when your pets’ nails are not taken care of, they accumulate germs that might be transmitted to you or your wards when the pets are touched.

 Thus, to avoid these exigencies, it is expedient to make use of Braxbuddy NailPro Grinder to trim our nails and that of our pets at regular intervals thereby promoting beauty and aesthetics

 The use of traditional grinder are what most persons resort to, but the Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder is far more efficient than any traditional grinder. This is because those traditional grinder have a tendency to cut deep into one’s skin or your pet’s skin. Most veterinary services make use of traditional grinder rather than Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder, but with a Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder you will enable you to achieve your objective at the comfort of your home. 

Veterinary personnel always advise that your pets nails be well kept because unhealthy nails are likely to bring about intense pains or damage to the physical body of a dog, thus, a BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder serves as an effective tool to achieve this goal. 

This Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder review emphasizes the importance of adopting Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder over traditional grinder. The Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder is designed in such a way that prevents any casualty with the vein. When it is being used the blade does not get to the vein, it only cuts through the nails. Clipping your pets’nails is something that must be done with great caution, given the nature of dog’s nail as well as other pets nails, it is imperative to use a product such as the BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder which is very effective and was designed in a way that has taken into consideration all cautious step to adopt. 


Some dog and other pets owners do feel that cutting or clipping their dogs is more like their comestic duty in keeping their pets cute, but it goes beyond that because the health of these pets can be influenced by the nature of their nails. BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder is even more convenient when dealing with hairy dogs or pets. The use of traditional grinder can be frustrating but BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder, easily you will cut clean the nails of your puppies very straight and clean without any casualty or stress.

 Dogs can be obstinate sometimes especially when you engage it with an activity that brings pain or which it does not like. With traditional grinder you’re sure to have a lot of this obstinacy but with BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder, your dog’s nail can be cut effortlessly and painlessly. 

What is Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder?

From the above introduction it will be intriguing to obtain a clear knowledge of what a BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder is all about. 

Simply, BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder is a nail cutting tool that is mechanically designed to cut nails safely without inflicting any pain. The Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder works by fitting in the grown nail space of your dog and clipping it out cleanly without cutting through the skin or vein of your dog or pets.

 The BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder has this motorized grinding effect that clips out the length of the grown nail without touching the skin. This device is built with a port that is designed to address each finger conveniently, cutting out the grown nails only without damaging or affecting your dog’s furs or skin. 

The BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder come in different sizes, thus, the size of your dog will definitely have a befitting Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder that is suitable for clipping out their nails. The BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder can serve for cases where your dog’s nail is long and also in cases where the nail is thick. The blade will increase in intensity to clip out a strong nail while a soft nail will gently clip in order to avoid the tendency of inflicting injuries or pains and any discomfort whatsoever on your dog. 

In cases where the nails are long, the port of BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder is adjustive to accommodate whatever the nail of your dog may be. All these occur automatically thus your dog would not feel the vibration or buzz as the intensity increases or decreases, also when the port adjusts.

The BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder has a safety guard that protects your dog or pets when the clipping process takes place. Unlike traditional grinder which do not provide any guard and therefore run the risk of encroaching into your pets skin or fur, the BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder has an in-built guard that serves as safety precautions during use. Also, its sound is very low so that it won’t startle your dog or other pets during clipping.

 Like earlier said, the Barxbuddy NailPro Grinder vibrates gently which makes it different from other traditional grinder. While traditional grinder cut, the BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder grinds. 

This helps to reduce the tendency for casualty. The device is very portable. You can pursue it while traveling with your pets. It is also very durable and compactible in use. The BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder does not make use of cord, also, it is powered by 2 AAA batteries.

 The device was designed to function without much need for these gadgets. Veterinary practitioners these days always recommend BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder to dog and pet owners because of its effectiveness.

 Having seen the benefits accruable to the use of BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder it will be of paramount importance to use BarxBuddy NailPro Grinder rather than traditional grinder. Also, trimming your nails and that of your dog’s and your pets is not only beautiful but also it is healthy.  

Barxbuddy nail grinder are the best nail grinder for dogs that can be used at home. All breeds of dogs and cats can use BarxBuddy dog nail grinder. The grinder include stainless steel blades that are 3.5 mm thick and will stay sharp for years, resulting in smooth, rapid, and painless cuts. A safety shield is included in the ingenious design to ensure that you do not cut your pet’s nails too short. Veterinarians, professional pet groomers, animal trainers, and thousands of happy consumers all recommend the BarxBuddy nail grinder for dogs and cats.

The Barxbuddy nail grinderis made to be safe, long-lasting, and easy to use. Barxbuddy wants to make grooming your best friend at home simple so you may form a particular bond with your pet. You might select to try BarxBuddy’s nail grinderprofessional-quality pet supplies. It will be a hit with both you and your dog! This is all you’ll need to know about barxbuddy nail grinder reviews. I can’t emphasize how vital proper nail care is enough. According to the American Kennel Club, your pet’s ungroomed nails might have major health effects.

Barxbuddy nail grinder is Essential For Your Dog’s Health and Happiness

When it comes to your pet, you want to make sure they look and feel their best. That’s why the grinder are so important… Along with exercise and nutrition, good grinder help your best buddy live a long, happy life.

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It’s time to go over the characteristics that have helped this barxbuddy nail grinderbecome the most popular grinderin the world. Just take a look at the entire list of barxbuddy nail grinder characteristics below and be grateful you found it today.

Clean Cuts Every Time

No more breaks, splinters, or pain for your dog… and no more stress for you. It will be enjoyable for you and your dog

Built-In Safety Guard

Metal safety guards keep you from cutting into the sensitive quickly.

Barxbuddy nail grinderare easy Grip Handles

Sturdy, non-slip handles give you extra control, for clean, accurate cuts.

Barxbuddy nail grinderworks on All Fur Types

De-sheds your dog whether their fur is short or long, thick or thin, single or double-coat.

Barxbuddy nail grinderStimulates Circulation

Stainless steel teeth stimulate blood flow while removing tangles and loose fur.

Detachable Head for Easy Cleanup

Press a button to detach the steelhead, and fur comes off in a single piece.


First and foremost, let’s get this out of the way: Trimming dog nails appears to be a chore that no one enjoys. Not you, not your dog, and not anyone else who could be called upon to clip your nails for you (such as a technician at your local veterinary hospital or even a professional groomer). However, for your dog’s health, it must be done, and it should be done often enough to keep your dog’s nails short.

When dogs spend a lot of time outside, running on various hard surfaces like concrete and blacktop, their nails progressively wear down, and they don’t require as much formal nail cleaning. However, with many suburban and metropolitan dogs increasingly stuck indoors while their owners are at work and running largely on soft surfaces like lawns when they are outside, this welcome friction is often missing from their everyday life.

Long, untidy nails are not only ugly, but they can also cause considerable injury to your dog over time (not to mention your floors). When a dog’s nails grow so long that they constantly contact the ground, they exert force back into the nail bed, causing pain and strain on the toe joint (like wearing a too-tight shoe). In the long run, this might realign the foreleg joints, making the foot appear flattened and spread.

This isn’t only an aesthetic issue; it’s also a practical one: Compromising your dog’s weight distribution and natural alignment might put her at risk of injury and make walking and running difficult and uncomfortable for her. This is especially crucial for senior dogs, whose posture can be much improved by trimming neglected nails.

Overgrown nails can twist and grow into the pad of the foot in extreme circumstances. Long nails, even if they aren’t out of control, can tear or split, which is extremely unpleasant and may require veterinary treatment depending on severity.

Finally, unattended nails create a vicious cycle: because the dog’s extra-long nails make any contact with his paws painful, he avoids having them touched, which leads to unpleasant nail-cutting sessions, which both humans and dogs avoid, which leads to longer intervals between trims, which leads to more pain.


The Barxbuddy nail grinderis the best Professional Nail grinderdesigned to offer your dog a professional manicure at a fraction of the cost.

The Barxbuddy nail grinderis designed for precision cutting, due to high-quality stainless steel blades that stay sharp for a long period. The blade spacing is ideal for large dog nails, and the grinderlocks when it’s close to ensure your safety.

The rubberized grips keep you comfy while keeping your dog safe! The high-quality design of these nail grinder, as well as the low pricing, have been praised by users! Barxbuddy nail grinderalso comes with a lifetime warranty! On the down side, some consumers reported having difficulty getting it around their large dogs’ claws.

With this clipper, you can rest assured that you will be able to trim your dog’s nails securely and effectively.

Barxbuddy nail grinderhas a unique semi-circular blade that helps you to see precisely where you’re cutting, resulting in a precise and safe cut. For a pleasant and stable grip, the handles are rubber-wrapped.

We prefer the semi-circular blades because they allow you to see where you’re cutting so you don’t cut your nails too short. We particularly appreciate the grinder’ ability to lock for added security. On the negative side, several consumers have complained that the blades were not as sturdy as they had hoped.

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Emily was an old classmate from high school, and we still kept in touch. For the last 5 years,she’d run a well-known grooming studio in Atlanta.

I told her about Rocky, and how I was afraid he might get injured because of his long nails.

“Come by my studio next week”, she said. “No need to bring Rocky… just come by, and I’ll show you what to do.”

A couple days later, I drove the 45 minutes to meet Emily at her studio.

“When it comes to trimming a dog’s nails, you need two things,” she said. “You need the right tool, and you need the right technique.”

We walked towards a table, where a brown and white boxer sat, wagging his tail.z

“This is Gus… when he first started coming in, he hated getting his nails trimmed. He’d scream bloody murder every time I touched his paws.

“What kind of grinder do you use with Rocky?” she asked.

I told her about trying and failing with the grinder and guillotine grinder.

“Both those are common,” she said. “But they’re not what I recommend. Most professional groomers use these.”

Then she pulled out a pair of blue grinder and picked up Gus’s paw. With expert ease, she trimmed all five nails while Gus wagged his tail and smiled.

These are the best ones I’ve found. ”

“These are scissor grinder. They’re stronger and easier to use than a guillotine trimmer, and won’t scare your dog like a grinder.

she said, holding up the pair of grinder. “They’re from BarxBuddy, and they’re the ones I recommend to other groomers and clients who want to trim their dogs at home.”


1 Start by just showing him the grinder. Every time you bring them out, Rocky gets a treat. Do it 5 times per day, and he’ll start to understand that grinder = treats.

2 “Then the next step: lightly touch his paw with the grinder. Every time you touch, he gets a treat.

3. “Next, put the grinder blades around the claw, without snipping. Then give him a treat. Then snip the grinder in front of the nail, without touching it. This will get him used to the sound.

4. “When he’s okay with all that, it’s time to actually clip the nails. Start with one, and reward him as soon as you do it. Reward, reward, reward. Then do the rest of the nails the same way.

“Soon enough, grooming time will be something Rocky looks forward to. Just be sure to use high-quality grinder… and don’t skip any steps.”


I know how stressful it can be.

Rocky, my German Shepherd, used to hate getting his nails trimmed. Whenever I pulled out the grinder, he would run out the room and hide behind my bed.

Can you imagine, a 75 lb. German Shepherd cowering in the corner, afraid to be groomed? I think it was the high-pitched sound that scared him.

So I ended up buying a “guillotine-style” trimmer, since they don’t make any noise.

But the trimmer hardly worked at all… instead of cutting cleanly through the nail, it made them break and splinter.

And that wasn’t the worst part… one time, I accidentally cut too deep and clipped Rocky’s quick.

He yelped, and yanked his paw away from me – I felt awful!

From then on, he wouldn’t let me near his nails. Trimming wasn’t an option, so I figured I could just walk him more, and wear them down that way.

But the nails kept on growing… Eventually, they got so long they started curling under Rocky’s paws.

It was ugly to look at… but that wasn’t the worst part.

I noticed Rocky was moving around a lot slower, like he was walking on eggshells.

His gait looked strained and awkward… and I suspected his nails were causing it. I looked it up, and was totally horrified.

According to the American Kennel Club, long nails can have serious health consequences for your dog:

Long nails can turn a sound paw into a splayed foot and reduce traction, and they can cause deformed feet and injure the tendons over an extended period.

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grinderKit contains:

Professional Quality grinder

Sharp Stainless Steel Blade

Safety Stop to prevent harm

Bonus Nail File included


Risk-Free Guarantee

Wondering if the grinder Kit is for you? Don’t worry, it’s 100% risk-free to try it out.

We’re so confident you’ll love the BarxBuddy grinder Kit, we’ll give you 30 full days to test it out for yourself.

If you and your pup aren’t completely thrilled with the results, just send the kit back within 30 days and we’ll refund the entire purchase price, or replace the kit free of charge.* It’s that easy!

Taking your dog to a groomer can be expensive. Even a single trip can cost $90 or more… and when you’re going every month, those costs add up, quick.

Why not save yourself the expense? With the BarxBuddy Kit, you can groom your pet from the convenience of home, while building a strong, lasting bond.


It is not available in retail stores.

The stock is limited.


Buying Barxbuddy nail grinderfrom the manufacturer’s official website makes a lot of sense; the manufacturer has a direct OFFICIAL WEBSITE where you can buy the goods, which is simple and secure. If you want to acquire many products, you can do so through a special deal that the manufacturer may present at any moment.

This means you can buy as many as you want (Barxbuddy nail Clipper) and pay less for each one. The offer is complete and simple to deliver within a few minutes depending on your location; all you have to do is fill out the payment address provided on the website and leave the rest to us while we finish our work.

One of the most amazing aspects is the method of payment to the producer. Barxbuddy nail grinder buyers don’t have to take any risks because they may use payment methods that are convenient for them, such as PayPal or credit card.

And you have the option of returning the product (Barxbuddy nail Clipper) if you do not like it, and your money will be repaid without question if the thing is returned within 30 days.

Another benefit is Barxbuddy nail grinder quick delivery, which takes place right at your doorstep. The product will be delivered in a matter of minutes or days, depending on your location, and can be used right away.



This kit has been a lifesaver. We have used it twice so far to do our monthly grinder and could not be happier! Thank you, BarxBuddy!

John N., Phoenix, AZ

The quality of the GRINDERS is way ahead of what you can find in box stores. No more mashing the nail before it decides to cut. And with the nail guard in place, you won’t cut into your dog’s quick. I love the rubberized handles and the fact it cuts through his nails like butter is great.

Melinda M., Stephenville, TX


When will my grinder arrive?

Due to high demand, orders can take up to 5-7 days for US orders, and 20-30 for international orders (but they usually arrive much sooner.)

How can I track my order?

To track your order, use the tracking link in your confirmation email. If you are unable to locate your parcel, email customer service at [email protected].

Do the grinder have a nail guard?

Yes, our grinder have a nail guard in place to keep you from cutting into the sensitive quickly.

Final Verdict On Barxbuddy Nail grinder Reviews

For a very long time, dogs have always been regarded as man’s best friend. This is because they are one of the easiest pets to domesticate. As much as we have dogs at home, caring for them is an expected task. They need to be bathed often, fed, trained, and cared for.

Trimming a dog’s nails is just an aspect of ensuring the wellbeing of the dog. Unkempt nails show lack of care for the dog, leading to constant discomfort and pain. Therefore, Barxbuddy Nail Dog grinderhas come to help you maintain your dog’s nails with ease. It is highly affordable and has gained popularity in different countries of the world. Get your hand on this dog’s nail trimmer and give your dog the perfect nail shape.

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