Bitcoin Rush (Scam Or Legit 2021) Exposed Customer Review

Bitcoin Rush

Although trading Crypto Currency can be volatile, people trade it because they are able to make a lot of money. There are huge risks associated with such high returns. This is what we’ve always heard. 

Because the market is the same operation for everyone, you can learn how to beat it. Understanding how professional traders accumulate wealth is crucial. The Crypto Currency price is affected by their position distribution. If they buy, the price is more likely to move in their favour than if they sell. 

The only thing that will make you a successful trader as an amateur is – 

A reason to trade. Having an exit strategy that you stick to. 

It is important to trade only once you have gained experience and understand the market. Only then can you ask your broker for advice on how to make profits. 

Bitcoin Rush is a Crypto Currency trading platform, which is widely regarded as one of the most effective. It can work in partnership with robot brokers. Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), DL, and NLP power the software. The bot does all the analysis required to place a successful trade. It can achieve 95% accuracy. 

Investors in the CryptoCurrency market today had a fantastic day. The market is currently owned by traders who are able to use innovative and smart technology to make their money. Auto trading robots are one of the best methods to accomplish this goal. 

My team and I have tested the features of an auto trading robot before we released it to our audience. We wanted to make sure everyone using Bitcoin Rush makes a profit every day. 

This is our Bitcoin Rush review; it is an excellent Crypto Currency trading platform. All its features have been tested and we are happy to report that the best thing about this auto trading platform is the fact that it doesn’t require any trading skills. 

We are confident that anyone can open a Bitcoin Rush account and begin making money with it. 

This is the complete report on our review of Bitcoin Rush. 

A Guide to the Operation of Bitcoin Rush 

Bitcoin Rush partners with robot brokers to receive deposits and execute orders. These brokers are not traditional brokers. They can execute orders immediately thanks to their AI. Platform trades use ‘High-Frequency Scalping’ which, if done by traditional brokers, could result in large losses. Robot brokers eliminate the possibility of making mistakes. The accuracy level is 95%, as mentioned previously. 

Fubabcuak Conduct Authority, Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), and Financial Service Board (FSB regulate brokers. This ensures your deposit is protected even in the event of a market crash or bankruptcy. 

The leverage offered by the broker is 1:5000. They also take positions that are 5000x larger than the investment. High leverage can lead to large losses. However, the trading platform offers “negative balance security”, which reduces the risk. It is important to remember that you shouldn’t risk more than you can afford. You should limit your trading, especially if it is your first time. 

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Is Bitcoin Rush legit? Yes! 

My team confirmed that Bitcoin Rush was registered and recognized as an auto trading platform for CryptoCurrency. We were able to test the features of Bitcoin Rush with this information. My team is only interested to introduce authentic auto trading robots. 

Bitcoin Rush’s analytics report revealed that Bitcoin Rush has a 98% win rate. This is a remarkable score, and not many trading bots can achieve this level of success. It means that the majority of transactions on Bitcoin Rush will be profitable. 

  • The high success rate of CryptoCurrency transactions is due to Bitcoin Rush’s fast processing and transactions. 
  • My team has verified that the information on the auto trading platform is accurate. 
  • Customer support is responsive and helpful. They work in rotations around the clock. 
  • We also noticed that Bitcoin Rush has dozens of widgets, making it simple for anyone to use the auto trader without any trading experience. 
  • Click here to start with a new Bitcoin Rush. Please see our review for more details. 

To help us conduct a thorough test, we created an outline. This review should provide all the information our audience needs about Bitcoin Rush and its features. 

This outline covered the review process that was expected to take three days. We already knew that Bitcoin Rush was making money for many people. This review excited my team. There are testimonials that show investors making more than $5,000 per day. Information on Bitcoin Rush also indicated that the payouts are always accurate and transparent. 

Our goal was to find an auto trading platform that would allow CryptoCurrency traders to make more from the market. We’ve tried many other auto-trading platforms. While some platforms were great, others failed to live up to their promises. Our Bitcoin Rush Review can be found here. We also have reviews of other trusted Crypto Currency trading platforms that we tested. 

Our Analysis for Bitcoin Rush 

First, we confirmed that Bitcoin Rush was a legitimate auto trading platform. My team then listed all the features and requirements for opening a Bitcoin Rush account. Then, we separated the areas that we were to test into separate groups for an independent analysis. 

How Reliable Is Bitcoin Rush? 

We used the customer service feature to test reliability and tested the withdrawal and deposit systems. To ensure that the platform’s regular users have access to the auto trader without any problems, we needed to test the reliability of the system. These tests returned positive results. 

Bitcoin Rush: Making Money 

Our live trading session with Bitcoin Rush resulted in a profit. We also discovered that many other investors have been making a lot of money with the automated system for quite some time. 

My team discovered another reason why so many people use Bitcoin Rush is that the minimum deposit needed to get started is very affordable. Anyone can make a profit using Bitcoin Rush with a minimum of $250 

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What is The Bitcoin Rush? 

The operating system of this Autotrader was similar to other excellent automated trading systems we tested. The robots trade on behalf of investors, and they buy and sell CryptoCurrency quickly. 

Transactions are completed within seconds. Live trading sessions can be extended for as long as they wish, making them flexible and convenient. We found that the best time to trade is when the crypto market’s peak period is. 

Bitcoin Rush Online Safety 

We were thrilled to learn that Bitcoin Rush has SSL security, meaning all data is encrypted. The auto trading platform also protects funds. 

Because trading platforms like Bitcoin Rush are simple to use, it has become very popular to trade with them. Trading is also fast and automated trading systems can beat volatile Crypto Currency markets. 

There are many reasons to trade on the Bitcoin Rush Platform 

You have many reasons to trade on the Bitcoin Rush platform. These are listed below. 

  • You can make quick profits with the platform. The predictions are 95% accurate and traders receive regular market updates. 
  • AI technology in the bot helps to make trading smoother, more efficient, and safer 
  • You can choose between manual or automatic trading, depending on your needs 
  • All brokers are regulated by the trade regulating authorities mentioned above 
  • You decide the parameters that will allow you complete control over all trades. 
  • Bitcoin Rush is an easy-to-use platform 

Are Crypto Currency Trading Profitable 

Many will argue that Crypto Currency trading can be dangerous and could lead to large losses. Many regulators are currently discussing the potential impact of CryptoCurrency on today’s financial markets. You don’t need to be discouraged by the volatility in the CryptoCurrency market. A legit platform where you can safely trade can help you make good returns on your investment. 

Some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world believe that Bitcoin will continue to grow and be a major force in the future. It will be a major method of payment. 

How to Make the Most of Bitcoin Rush 

These are some tips to help you get the most from this trading platform. 

  • Set up the bot to auto trade mode, specify parameters and allow it to do its job. 
  • When Wall Street activity is at its peak, it’s the best time to trade. 
  • You can start trading with a very small investment. It is tempting to invest more, but it is better to not give in to the temptation. 
  • Only increase the amount you invest if you have enough experience and are familiar with the trade. 
  • Keep your eyes on the prize when trading. It is important to keep your focus, so it is best that you trade with someone who is calm and collected. 


There is no registration cost. However, you must fund your account with $250 to trade. Other charges are not hidden or disclosed. 

Trading With Bitcoin Rush Has Its Advantages 

My team is very impressed by Bitcoin Rush. Based on our experience and review, we discovered that Bitcoin Rush allows investors to make a profit every single day. It is simple to use and quick to trade auto-trades. These are some of the benefits we discovered while testing Bitcoin Rush’s various features. 

Online Safety 

Bitcoin Rush is one the most trusted platforms for auto trading that anyone can use to make a profit in the CryptoCurrency market. 

Rapid Processes 

The speed with which auto trading robots processed transactions was amazing to us. We were amazed at the accuracy of trading robots programmed on Bitcoin Rush. 

High Success Rate 

It is highly probable that all of the transactions made by trading robots on Bitcoin Rush are successful. We can see that many investors trust the auto trading platform and are confident that they will be able to make more money. 

Quick Withdrawal System 

We’ve tested the withdrawal system and can verify that investors can withdraw their funds within 24 hours. This withdrawal system is much faster than many other CryptoCurrency trading platforms. 

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How to Open a Bitcoin Rush Account 

This guide will show you how to open a Bitcoin Rush account. It is the first thing an investor should do. It’s easy; it took us just a few minutes to create an account. 

STEP ONE: Register your account 

To open a Bitcoin Rush Account, we had to give some information. This was easy because we only needed to enter a username, an email address and a phone number on the application form. 

STEP TWO – Making a Deposit 

In seconds, we made a deposit using a Visa card. There are many payment options available on the platform, including Web Money and MasterCard. This will make Bitcoin Rush accessible to investors around the globe. 

STEP THREE – Live Trading 

Live trading was one of the best experiences we have had. The trading robots were set up in a few clicks and are now fully functional. The trading robot used funds from our Bitcoin Rush account to select the best currency pairs that could be traded on the open market. 

We compared live trading to see how they were done. We found that Bitcoin Rush’s trading robots are more efficient and accurate than any manual CryptoCurrency trader. 

Bitcoin Rush(1)

Bitcoin Rush Features 

Bitcoin Rush comes with a variety of features, some of which are unique to the platform. First, we’ll discuss the basics of the platform and then move on to the more exclusive features. 


The registration process is simple and quick. This software was specifically designed to allow you to trade as quickly as possible. To get quick approval and start trading immediately, you will need to provide as much information that the signup page requires. You will get approval slower if you give less information. You don’t even have to register! 


Some platforms can take up to seven days to process a withdrawal. This is not ideal and Bitcoin Rush is able to withdraw funds within 24 hours. You will receive your funds in 24 hours after you request a withdrawal. If you withdraw more than $10,000, it might take longer. 

Depositing Funds 

Platforms may require users to deposit a high amount of money, such as $1,000, in order to keep their accounts open. The Bitcoin Rush is different. To trade on the platform, you will only need $250 in your account. Automated Bitcoin Rush is easy for beginners. 

Trusted Software 

Bitcoin Rush is highly regarded by the Bitcoin Rush community. Reviews from third-party websites and review boards provide additional information about Bitcoin Rush. The software is both reliable and lucrative, which means that the platform is trusted by the community. 

Exclusive Features 

The team behind the Bitcoin Rush knew that automated trading platforms had a lot of room for improvement. The demo account option, which is unique in automated trading, gives potential users an opportunity to see how their money might grow. Here are a few examples of these unique features. 


A successful automated trading platform’s overall profitability is key to its success. Users have reported earning $1,300 per day in some instances (but not every day). Many beginners found that they were able eventually to earn similar earnings, even after learning the system and trading. 

High Success Rate 

Bitcoin Rush is one platform that can boast and prove high success rates. The platform has an 88% success rate, and sometimes even higher. 

Demo Account 

The demo account is a unique way to start trading. You can instantly see the trading platform and how your money will be treated. You can also get a clear idea of your trading abilities and decide if you want to trade for real. 

The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Rush 

There is no perfect platform, but Bitcoin Rush does have some pros and cons we felt were worth mentioning. These are the pros: 


  • Rapid Customer Support 
  • Demo Mode 
  • Registering is easy and free 
  • The user interface is simple to use 
  • Software is thoroughly vetted before being trusted by the community 
  • High win-rate and proven 
  • Trades faster than any other software 
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies 


  • There is no mobile app or development insight. 

Summary of Bitcoin Rush 

The Bitcoin Rush is an automated Crypto Currency trading platform that has been thoroughly tested and proven to work. The platform boasts an 88% win rate and can process information in fractions of seconds faster than any other software. Bitcoin Rush trades are almost always better than other trading platforms. 

A demo mode is available on the platform, which is a unique feature. This allows users to try out thins before investing their money. You get a fake $1500 to use, but it is based on reality. This allows you to trade and earn the same as real money. Bitcoin Rush has received countless positive reviews from people who have made real money with it. It is also one of the most reviewed platforms in the community. 


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Tips to Success 

Trading on any platform has inherent risks. The market is still unpredictable, even though men have an 88% win rate. The platform must compete with humans and other software, which may not always be predictable in its strategy or implementation. To minimize risk and maximize potential benefits, there are several things you can do. 

Start Small 

Start small is the best advice. Start with the minimum amount ($250) and work your way up. Even if you have trading experience, don’t rush to invest large amounts of money. Markets can be unpredictable and you won’t always follow the rules. Start small and gradually invest your money over time. There’s no hurry. 

Profits to Be Set Aside 

When you start to see profits, put some of the money aside. You should aim to return your initial investment, but still, have money in your account. You’ll eventually reach a point of total safety, where every penny is profit. 

You Can Leave Your Ego at the Door 

Be humble and know that you’re not a good trader. Even the most successful traders can make big mistakes on a regular basis. They are only able to survive on the rare wins. Remember, you are not better than the market, and the market will ultimately decide. 

Always Learn 

It is important to continue learning new information and knowledge whenever possible. Look for reputable brokers to help you trade Bitcoin. There are also forums and communities that offer advice and guidance on trading. There are many traders who post videos on Youtube and others who tweet daily advice and trades. Keep learning. 


What Is the Security of My Data on Bitcoin Rush 

We are confident that Bitcoin Rush users’ data will not be accessed by anyone else. Bitcoin Rush is protected by trusted antivirus and SSL security. 

What Is the Maximum Amount I Can Make Using Bitcoin Rush? 

It all depends on how much you deposit. The biggest winners make a large deposit. However, we recommend that new investors start small. We found that investors are making over $5,000 per day on average. 

What Amount Must You Pay to Open a New Bank Account? 

It is completely free and you don’t have to spend any money to open a Bitcoin Rush Account. 

Is There a Bitcoin Rush App for Mobile? 

Bitcoin Rush does not have a mobile app. You can still use the auto-trader from your laptop or smartphone via any web browser. 


Trade requires focus. It’s a mental game. Bitcoin Rush is a legitimate platform that allows you to trade in CryptoCurrency. The market is highly volatile. You can still trade while the bot does its job. You will learn how markets are controlled. This will give traders an advantage and will help them understand how money is made. 

Trading cryptocurrencies involves predicting market movements over a time period. If your prediction is accurate, you can win big. This will allow you to win even if the market is falling! 

Practice on Bitcoin Rush’s demo account while you learn. This is a legitimate platform that will help you make money from your investment. Sign up today! 


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Bitcoin Rush

Is Bitcoin Rush legit? Our verdict! 

After extensive testing and studying the results, our verdict was reached. It was clear that Bitcoin Rush is the best auto trading platform available. The review went smoothly and Bitcoin Rush works flawlessly. The system is simple and has no downtime. 

The auto-trading feature was available. The robots took care of all the work. All we had to do was deposit some money and watch the live trading. 

After our first live trading session, we made a profit of $460. The payout was completed immediately after the session ended. We were able to use the withdrawal system for funds transfer to a bank account. 

Bitcoin Rush is an open-source auto trading platform. It is easy to calculate the payout. Anyone who wants to make a steady income but isn’t too busy should consider Bitcoin Rush. It is a reliable, independent trading platform that guarantees a daily profit. 

Your first trade 

After your account is created, it’s time for you to fund it. Bitcoin Rush offers a tour that encourages users to sign up before they invest any money. You will receive a $1,500 fake money balance on this tour. The tour will also show you the features of the platform and give you tips on trading and maximising your profits. The $1,500 can be “invested” as you wish. This money is fake but will simulate the actual feeling of investing that amount. 

After you have completed the tour, it is time to deposit your initial investment. Users start small, usually with $250. Bitcoin Rush allows you to attach your bank account and make direct deposits or withdraws. Remember that you can withdraw money using the same option as when depositing money. 

Bitcoin Rush allows you to trade not only Bitcoin but also Etherium and Litecoin as well as Ripple. The trade can then be started by setting the parameters, trade number, and trade duration. 

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