Caresole Review: Does Circa Knee Sleeve Really Work?


What is Caresole Knee compression Sleeve?

Caresole is a knee compression sleeve designed to help encourage mobility by keeping the knee warm, it helps lubricate the joints and prevents injuries. The knee joint is an important joint in the body, whose primary role is to carry and support the body’s weight horizontally when walking, jumping, or running. When injured a bad knee pain could restrict mobility, and that is why many sportsmen and women, and individuals from all ages use knee braces for knee support and relieve pain. There are many Caresole reviews but this particular one seeks to breakdown the importance and features of the Caresole knee compression sleeve and determine whether they really work.

Individuals who engage in active sports can use the Caresole knee compression sleeve to support the knee joint, they can also use it to protect their knees relieving pressure, when participating in sports or when engaging intense workout sessions.

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Is Caresole Knee Compression Sleeve a legitimate company?

Caresole is a legitimate company and has physical offices in New York. It is a United States-based Startup Company and has made good its intention by garnering positive reviews from a good number of its new clients.

What’s more is that Caresole knee support and its logo are a registered trademark property of a company that has been legitimately registered in the USA. The Caresole Knee Brace manufacturer operates under strict policies as regards handling all their products to ensure the highest knee compression sleeves quality. 

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How does Caresole work?

Caresole Circa Knee brace works by restricting the knee’s range of motion while taking some of the weight from the joint to obliterate any chances of a recurring strain and knee pain. The above simply means that if you wear your Caresole knee sleeve and exert weight on your knee, it will be pressed against the Caresole knee brace. But due to the stiffness of the Caresole sleeve, your knee’s range of motion will be limited but which keeps your knee safe.

As you might have read in other Caresole reviews, the compression knee sleeve has been designed to prevent knee pain, limits the chances of attaining injuries in your knee joint, and protects an already injured knee from attaining more injuries.

Does Caresole Really Work? 

Yes, the Caresole knee sleeve works, if worn consistently and under recommendation from an orthopedist. The knee brace is highly versatile as you might have read on other Caresole reviews and one of its best reliable features is its ability to offer stability and support. Important to note is that if the knee brace is not worn properly it will increase pain in an already painful knee and in severe cases it might aggravate the already existing injury. As you browse the website, you will find many Caresole reviews, but most of which have not compiled information on the types of knee braces.

Knee braces come in varieties and each of them serves a particular function, for example, we do have the rehabilitative braces, meant for use by individuals who are recovering from an injury or individuals who have just had surgery. We then have the prophylactic braces designed to protect the knees when engaging in sports such as playing football.

We then have the unloader braces, worn by individuals who suffer from knee arthritis, there are also the knee sleeves which are some sort of knee support and will provide compression around the knee joint. Knee sleeves offer support to the knees and are known to control pain and swelling. Lastly, we have the functional braces that offer support to the knees that have been injured in the past. They are famous among athletes, who wear them after healing.

Given the above breakdown of the various kinds of knee braces, most of the Caresole reviews seek to prove that the Caresole knee sleeve works, and will categorize it under the rehabilitative and functional knee sleeves. Needless to say, the knee sleeve has the characteristic of the rehabilitative braces, and are, therefore, the perfect alternative to surgery and could be recommended for use after surgery.

What most Caresole reviews don’t tell you is that the braces can also double up as functional braces as they are known to stabilize the knee thus preventing further injuries.

Is Caresole Safe to use?

Yes, Caresole is safe to use, as you might have already read in some of the published Caresole reviews.  The knee sleeve is made from the soft neoprene material designed to keep the knees warm and lubricate the joints, and which in the long run prevents injuries. What’s more, is that the knee sleeve has been ergonomically designed to offer a contoured fit thus ensures that once worn your knee remains comfortable.

And to enhance functionality, the knee sleeve features a state-of-the-art stabilizing technology known to enable wearer’s a full range of motion obliterating twisting or spraining. The material used in its construction is stretchy, and breathable, and can be machine washed. The knee sleeve sports a low profile design meaning that you can wear them under your pants without feeling uncomfortable and without them becoming too pronounced.

Who is Caresole good for?

Caresole is good for use by both men and women who have to contend with hard concrete surfaces as they work or play. It is the perfect knee sleeve for individuals who don’t want to get a knee surgery or shots among other pain medications.

The Caresole knee brace is also good for use by sportsmen and women who want to protect their knees from injury.

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How is Caresole better than other knee compression sleeves?

Caresole has been designed to help relieve achy knees, tired and stiff knees thus encouraging mobility. Individuals who experience problems with their knees should, therefore, get the Caresole knee sleeve instead of other similar products.

Other products like the Blitzu, PowerLix and Cambivo are simple and plain sleeves, but Caresole integrates the ultimate technology in their material which makes them completely breathable, expandable, comfortable and long-lasting.

Who is Caresole good for?

While most people will suggest to first seek the opinion of an expert physician on the condition and needs of your knee before investing in one.  Your doctor will be able to determine the knee sleeve that is best suited for your condition. A physician is better placed to provide guidance even if you need one to use when playing sports.

How you use your Caresole knee sleeve also matters because some sleeves are worn full time but with regard to what you will be treating, and some braces are worn when engaging in physical activities.

The placement of the knee brace is of prime importance when engaging in different activities as it needs to remain stable lest it does more harm. Self-diagnosis is not encouraged especially when experiencing pain in the internal organs, or body joints more so the major body joint (knee) that helps maintain balance of the upper torso.

Where Can I buy Caresole Circa Knee Sleeve?

The Caresole knee sleeve can only be sourced from Caresole’s official website as you might have noticed from other Caresole reviews. The restriction of sale by the manufacturer is to ensure that their clients get the companies legitimate products that can actually solve their problems.

Over the years, niche-oriented companies have had to deal with competitors who imitate their products and produce substandard goods. But by restricting sales and authorizing retailers, duplication has greatly reduced and that is why most of the new startups prefer selling their products from their official website.

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How much is Caresole Circa Knee?

Careslole Knee compression sleeve currently has a great sale where you can save 50% with a Special Discount when buying more than one pair. They offer several options according to the number of pairs you need, you can also customize your order according to your knee size: Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large.

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Caresole Pros and Cons


●        The knee brace can be worn under clothes and remain inconspicuous

●        Can be machine washed in case it gets dirty

●        Can be used by both men and women

●        Available in different sizes

●        The knee sleeve is versatile, can be used as an alternative to surgery, when exercising, or when engaging the hard concrete floors for long hours.


●        There is only one design / pattern available

●        Can only be sourced from the manufacturer’s official website

●        The knee sleeves have been designed for use by adults only

Do Caresole offer any Warranty?

You can rest assure your product is made following the highest quality standards, but if for any reason the Caresole knee compression sleeve package received is faulty, you will only need to leave it in the original packaging and ship it to the published facility address.

For your own tranquility, Caresole Compression Sleeve offers a 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee after receiving the product to return it and request a refund. Consider they must remain in the appropriate shipping container because of health and hygienic reasons.  The returned items that will be approved will get refunds, it is, therefore, important to ensure that you stick to the packaging rules and guidelines and only return items as they were sent to you.

As you can see, you can rest assured your money will be safe when purchasing a Caresole knee compression sleeve! 

Final Verdict

Caresole knee sleeve is an all-around knee protection unit that has achieved the perfect balance and comfort. The construction material is breathable and stretchy while sporting a low profile and sleek outlook. According to most of the Caresole knee sleeve reviews found online, you will find that this unit comes in two custom sizes, one for women and the other for men. Thus can be used by individuals of both genders and in different professions.

The premium compression knee sleeve is a safe alternative to pills, shots, and surgery, most importantly, however, is that the physician’s advice must be sought before use by individuals who have problem knees. 

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