CircadiYin Reviews Does it Really Works or Scam for Weight Loss


CircadiYin is one of the best natural weight loss solutions in the market these days. These super-amazing pills not only burn fat fast but also protect you from health risks.  

CircadiYin is very popular because of its guaranteed and quick results.  

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Our weight loss journey’s most significant hurdles are unwanted cravings for unhealthy food and loss of stamina. We all know that weight loss is not an easy task.  

Often, people follow unsafe diets and supplements, which may show fast results but are very harmful to health in the long run. Don’t worry, though! you can save yourself from all these risks by using the proven risk-free supplement, CircadiYin  .  

This premium supplement has no artificial composition and is made of Chinese natural ingredients. The manufacturer says that these ingredients are potent in nature. This is why they can effectively eliminate stubborn fat. We will discuss everything in detail about this fantastic supplement. We assure you that this article is one of the best CircadiYin reviews that are available on the internet. So, keep on reading! 

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Manufacture of CircadiYin   

CircadiYin is manufactured in the USA by an FDA-approved firm. James Whitfield developed this product.  

CircadiYin Ingredients Side Effects  

Here are CircadiYin’s ingredients and their potential side-effects (if any); 

  1. L-Theanine: L-theanine is an amino acid. It is present in green tea. It helps in reducing your appetite as it suppresses hunger. This ingredient of CircadiYin helps with fat loss and has a relaxing, mood-regulating impact as well. It also helps in the development of stronger muscles. All this will ultimately improve your stamina, energy levels, and overall athletic performance. Some common side effects are headaches and sleepiness. Nothing is harmful at all.  
  1. Melatonin: Melatonin is a crucial ingredient of CircadiYin. It helps in improving your sleep and often cures insomnia too. The most common side effects of melatonin are headaches, nausea, dizziness, and drowsiness. Nothing too serious, though.  
  1. Magnesium: Magnesium helps in lowering insulin activity. It can do so by aiding in the reduction of blood sugar. Some common side effects of consuming it in larger quantities are low blood pressure, slowed breathing, confusion, and irregular heartbeat.  
  1. GABA: GABA promoted the maintenance and creation of growth hormones. It is an essential ingredient of CircadiYin as well because it helps in eliminating significant body fat too. It also helps in the development of muscles. GABA is also able to promote cell repair and metabolism. You will see enhancement in your workout and sports performance too. Some common side effects are headache, sleepiness, upset stomach, and muscle weakness.  
  1. Pyridoxine HCL: this vitamin helps in the synthesis of norepinephrine and serotonin. These will helps in improving your mood and energy. It can also help in the treatment of overeating and stress eating. This vitamin is also essential to maintain the health of your skin, nerves, and red blood cells. Pyridoxine is also often used to treat peripheral neuropathy too. Some common side effects are numbness, drowsiness, headaches, and nausea. However, these side effects only occur rarely.  
  1. Chamomile: It has nerve-calming qualities that are able to alleviate anxiety and tension. It also enhances your sleep quality. It can also help in calming the unsettled stomach and balance blood sugar levels. Both of these can help in weight loss immensely. Some common side effects include eye irritation, vomiting, and skin reactions. However, these side effects rarely occur.  
  1. 5-HTP: It raises the serotonin levels in your brain. This improves the seedlings of contentment and fullness. 5-HTP suppresses your appetite, which helps in faster weight loss without feeling lazy or drowsy. This amino acid is also used to treat depression and anxiety. Some common side effects of 5-HTP are stomach pain, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, muscle problem, and drowsiness.  
  1. Lemon balm: it is used to enhance cognitive performance and relieve anxiety. Lemon balm rarely has any side effects. Even if it does, they are very mild, like abdominal pain, dizziness, and increased appetite.  
  1. Passionflowers: It helps in maintaining a slim physique. It reduces your stress hormone cortisol levels too. Some common side effects of Passionflowers include dizziness, nausea, and confusion. Some of the rarely occurring hard side effects are confusion, liver toxicity, pancreas toxicity, and loss of coordination. 
  1. Valerian: it improves your sleep and reduces stress. It is beneficial for weight loss and relieving muscle pain as well. Valerian has a calming impact and digestives benefit too.  
  1. Goji Berries: they boost your metabolism and hence helps in reducing your waist size. It is used to cure obesity too. Goji berries also boost your body’s antioxidant benefits and promoted mental well-being too. Fresh Goji Berries rarely cause any side effects, and they are not harmful at all. However, you should still consult your health care doctor to ensure that you are not allergic to them.  
  1. The root of the skullcap: it reduces triglycerides which helps in weight loss. It improves sleep and relieves headaches as well because it is a sedative. The side effect of consuming the root of the skullcap in more significant quantities may include irregular heartbeat, stupor, and seizures too.  

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How Does CircadiYin Plus work?  

CircadiYin Plus is a powerful weight loss solution. It comes in a pill form and is flavorless and odorless.  

It works by improving the optimization of your Circadian rhythm. It also reduces unhealthy cravings and your overall appetite. As a result, you will be consuming lesser calories than your normal intake. Still, you will not feel hungry or low on energy. CircadiYin Plus can do this because it is enriched with antioxidants. These antioxidants can improve your health and elevate your immunity. Also Read Revive Keto To Lose Weight . 

Benefits of CircadiYin   

The formula of CircadiYin is based on Chinese medicine. It has also been tested by contemporary science to restore circadian rhythms. According to its official manufacturer, CircadiYin is also able to improve your neurological system.  

Following are some more amazing benefits of CircadiYin; 

  1. Healthy weight loss solution. 
  1. Easy-to-swallow, odorless, and flavorless capsules.  
  1. All ingredients are 100$ natural.  
  1. Improves sleep because it has sleep-inducing elements.  
  1. Boosts cellular metabolism that helps in weight loss as well. 
  1. Improves immunity 
  1. Improves cardiac health 
  1. Enhances blood flow, reducing the risk of developing cardiac diseases.  
  1. It promotes hormonal balance.  
  1. It improves energy levels. 

How to Use CircadiYin? 

According to CircadiYin’s manufacturer, you should consume two capsules every day for at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. It is advised not to take these capsules in the daytime as they can cause drowsiness. You should use them for 90-180 days for great results. 

Remember, CircadiYin is strictly an adult-only product and should not be taken more than the recommended dose. Also, women who are either nursing or pregnant are not allowed to consume CircadiYin.  

CircadiYin is great for people who want to reduce their weight while they sleep. And, that too without any harsh diet or workout routines. To use CircadiYin, you don’t have to follow any harsh diet.  

Features and Specification 

The features and specifications of CircadiYin are as follows; 

  1. It comes in pill form. 
  1. You have to take two of them at least half an hour before bedtime. 
  1. The pills are flavorless and odorless. 
  1. The pills are easy to swallow. 
  1. One bottle contains 60 pills. You are advised to consume the pills for 90-180 days for better results.  
  1. It is made with 100% natural ingredients.  
  1. Pregnant women and people with special medical conditions should not consume this pill. 
  1. If you are under the age of 18, you cannot consume this supplement.  

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CircadiYin Price and Where To Buy? 

CircadiYin’s one bottle costs $69 (USD). For free shipping, buy three bottles for $177. You can only buy these from their official page  and amazon. They are not locally available in many countries. The payment is in one time from a secure checkout page. There are no extra order charges or subscription fees. The great thing is that there is a 60 day, 100% money-back guarantee. So, you can be assured that your money is not going to waste. If you don’t like CircadiYin, you can return it within 60 days and get a full refund.  

Why Choose CircadiYin? 

CircadiYin is one of the best weight loss solutions available in the market right now. It is made of all-natural ingredients and does not have any significant or harmful side effects. It not only helps you lose weight, but it also has significant health benefits as well. It improves your sleep, heart health, boosts metabolism, reduces unhealthy cravings, controls insulin, decreases bloating, increases energy, and helps you avoid diabetes. These and much more benefits are the reasons why you should choose CircadiYin as your ultimate weight loss solution.  

CircadiYin also helps in hormonal balance. It is also great for stress management as it increases cortisol, a hormone that helps in stress management. The natural components of CircadiYin also provide a nerve-calming effect. It also helps in improving your sleep. You will also be able to maintain a perfect REM balance because CircadiYin avoids metabolic hibernation. All these fantastic benefits are quite hard to find in other weight loss solutions.  

Read CircadiYin Customer Reviews Before Buy  

CircadiYin Customer Reviews  

1. Alicia 

“I really love CircadiYin. Best weight loss supplement.” 

2. Richard 

“Great product” 

3. Emma hills 

“Loved it!” 

4. Henna K. 

“It really works. Amazing product.” 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q. What is CircadiYin? 

CircadiYin is an all-natural ingredient-based weight loss solution. It is based on a Chinese medicine formula and is very effective. It not only helps in weight loss but has major health benefits as well. 

Q. Is CircadiYin safe to consume? 

Yes, CircadiYin is absolutely safe to consume if you are a healthy adult. However, if you are pregnant, have any medical conditions, or are under the age of 18, then you should not consume CircadiYin.  

Q. Is CircadiYin made of natural ingredients? 

Yes, CircadiYin is made up of 100% natural ingredients. This is why it is a safer and better choice than most other risky weight loss solutions. CircadiYin does not only help in weight loss; it has many health benefits too because it is made up of 100% natural ingredients.  

Q. Can diabetic people consume CircadiYin? 

Diabetic patients are advised to consult their doctors first before consuming any weight loss supplement, including CircadiYin. 

Q. Are there any harmful side effects of CircadiYin? 

CircadiYin is absolutely safe to use, and there are no harmful side effects. However, you should not consume it more than what is advised, which is two capsules, 30 minutes before you go to sleep.  

Q. Does CircadiYin help with insomnia? 

Yes, CircadiYin is not only a weight loss solution; it helps with insomnia as well. In addition, it has chamomile and valerian, which are immensely helpful in getting better sleep. 

Q. Do I need to diet with CircadiYin? 

No, with CircadiYin, you don’t have to follow any harsh diets or do hardcore exercise. You just need to eat healthy food. Do not eat only carb-loaded foods. 

Q. What is the purpose of the CircadiYin supplement? 

The main purpose of the CircadiYin supplement is to help you reduce your weight healthily and safely. It is also used to improve your sleep and stress management.  

Q. How many bottles should I buy of CircadiYin? 

It is advised to take CircadiYin pills for 90-180 days for best results. One bottle of CircadiYin comes with 60 capsules, so you should buy at least two bottles to avoid running out of them in the middle of your healthy weight loss journey. 

Q. Who developed CircadiYin? 

James Whitfield developed CircadiYin.  


The CircadiYin supplement is created with powerful natural ingredients that you can find only at a particular address in China. The powerful blend of the ingredients is science-backed and approaches the real cause of excessive weight gain. 

It helps in reducing various health conditions while promoting weight loss support. It is based on the principle of Circadian Rhythm and also improves the sleep cycle. The supplement is available only on its official website with amazing offers and a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days. We hope that you found our article helpful. You can leave any further questions that you might have in the comments below.  

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