Creating a Winter Getaway House? Here Are the Essentials


Are you planning on one day moving out to a mountain house and living a simpler lifestyle? Or do you want a cozy cabin in the winter woods where you could spend your holiday breaks in nature? While not everyone dreams of doing the former, many people have wished for the latter. 

Considering the continuous surge of the pandemic, spending a winter staycation in isolation seems like the perfect break. The incoming holiday breaks are the perfect excuse for family fun without the fear of getting shamed or affected by the virus. Below is a list to help you prepare your winter getaway house in time for the holidays. 

Basic Log Cabin or Ski House 

Are you building your getaway cabin from scratch? We’ve got some good and great news. The good news is that there are handfuls of excellent winter cabin home ideas and solutions on the internet. The great news is that you can quickly finish the project by the end of the year with a prefabricated home. 

Other than being quick to build, prefabricated houses tend to be more energy-efficient and well-designed. When installed correctly and with proper maintenance, they could easily last 30-50 years or longer. Don’t forget to pick a high-quality option if you want your prefabricated home to be worth every penny. 

Fun and Safe Winter Traveling Gear 

Don’t wait until the winter sets in before you prepare your traveling gear. Let’s start with your car. If you haven’t gotten it ready for winter yet, this is the time to do it. Here’s a list of winter-specific essentials you need for winter safety when traveling in your car: 

  • Cold weather emergency kit (Mylar emergency blanket, body warmers, waterproof matches, and more) 
  • Roadside emergency kit (jumper cables, tire pressure gauge, and more) 
  • Snow tires 
  • Oil change and antifreeze change 
  • Car battery inspection 

“Winterize” Your Snowmobile 

Snowmobiles make some of the best winter transportation choices. A snowmobile makes specific winter terrain accessible to you, learning the ropes is easy, and driving one is fun. Yet, without winterizing your snowmobile, you put yourself and other people around it at risk. 

To drastically reduce these chances, consider adjusting your winter mobile to suit the mountain climate better. For example, get composite snowmobile tracks for mountain riding. Replace worn and dirty plugs and wires to maintain the safety of your snowmobile. Change the oil and filter and then inspect the clutches and suspension components, too. 

Warm Cabin Interior 

Do you already have a house in the woods? If you’re only looking to renovate, we’ve got you covered, too. The first thing to create is a warm space that will fight off the winter chill, even if it’s only at a glance. Light is essential in creating warmth in a space. 

Even with a simple budget, you could transform a chilly cabin into a cozy one. All you need is suitable materials. Start by adding dimmers to your light switches. If you want something simple, buy candles. They also add a romantic touch to the home but make sure you keep them from flammable materials. 

If the problem is the chill, then consider checking your dampers, windows, doors, and attic. If the house loses heat fast and increases your power bill, you likely have a problem with your insulation. Check for drafts and gaps around outlets, doors, windows, and fixtures. 

Install weather stripping to block gaps. Keep the home dry by letting the sunlight in when you can. Change the furnace filter if you haven’t done so yet in the last month. Finally, consider adding heavy curtains and rugs to a room to keep the heat. 

Stock Up on the Essentials 

Many things could turn your serene winter cabin staycation into a nightmare. The primary ones include the lack of warmth, food, water, and light. If you want to make your winter getaway memorable and happy, make sure you stock up on the items that could fulfill these things. 

How many people will stay with you at the winter house and how long will you stay? Is there a nearby source of food and clean water, like a convenience store or grocery? Ask yourself these questions when planning your winter getaway. 

Consider how much you usually eat in a day. If you plan on adding a lot of physical activities like skiing, double your assumed food intake. Make sure you’ve got lots of extra food and water, just in case. 

Daylight will fade fast in the winter months, so stock up on batteries. If you’re using an emergency generator, stock up on fuel, too. If the house has a fireplace, collect heaps of dry wood for the fire. It’ll be handy if the fireplace is your only source of heat. 


Create your safe space during the winter while enjoying yourself. With the pandemic setting limits to everything around, you don’t need to follow any boundaries in making your getaway home. Focus on what you want the house to have so you can enjoy it while in isolation. 

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