Do You Have a VISION For Better Vision- Try LASIK!


LASIK is an effective and popular corrective vision surgery with decades of satisfied patients and proven results. This procedure is a favorite for many reasons.  

One of those reasons is the use of the laser puts people at ease throughout the quick process. Most patients report feeling relaxed throughout the procedure. LASIK is successful in treating farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.  

There aren’t many lucky people in this world who have perfect vision. Most who come in for a consultation say they never dreamed of a life free from the hassle of regular eye doctor visits and using visual aids.  

LASIK is an outpatient laser vision correction procedure that restores clear vision. Millions of people have chosen this procedure as an alternative to wearing prescription eyewear.  

The first step is a LASIK examination with our experienced and friendly team to determine that you’re eligible for the surgery. Once they clear you for surgery, a team member will go through the procedure to prepare you. They will answer questions you may have and schedule your surgery.  

Our skilled LASIK surgeon OKC will use advanced technology to perform the procedure on the day you come in. They will correct the damage to the transparent front part of your eye, called the cornea.  

With the use of the laser, the eye surgeon will reshape the cornea’s curvature. The change allows light to travel through and focus on the right part of the retina. This correction results in improved visual acuity and focusing power. 

Our advanced technology allows for a customizable laser that is more precise than any procedure using a mechanical blade. The ophthalmologist does every surgery using a laser that is unique to the eyes of each patient. After the procedure, many report having a reduced or eliminated need for their prescription contacts or eyeglasses.  

The entire surgery is quick, requires a minimal recovery time, and most patients notice results within a short 24 hour time frame. Countless individuals are living exciting new lives without worrying about bothersome prescriptions or losing their glasses.  

Most LASIK patients have a remarkable and life-changing improvement in their eyesight! The LASIK surgeon will recommend that you rest for 24 hours after the surgery, and most go back to work the next day without any issues because healing occurs quickly.  

If you are ready to live a life with improved vision, call today to schedule a consultation for LASIK!  

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