Elevator Shoes: Why the Lift is Worth It

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What are Elevator Shoes? 

Though the physical features of people are not nearly as important as their character and personalities, height seems to be a central feature for men. Perhaps it comes up in the dating world or a professional setting, but each day, men are faced with the fact that people are noticing their height. Elevator shoes are meant to combat this focus on physical features, and instead, allow the important traits to shine. Elevator shoes are lifted platform shoes that offer a discreet height boost to those wearing them. They can come in all different styles and colors, so men can find elevator shoes for every occasion.  

Benefits of Elevator Shoes 

Style choices are meant to represent a person, make them feel good, and show off their personality, and elevator shoes are no different. These shoes have brought men around the world many benefits, some of which you may not even think of! Here are our favorite benefits of elevator shoes: 

  • Height Boost 

The most blatant benefit of elevator shoes is the height boost they offer. Men that are commonly made to feel self-conscious about their height will find great reprieve in the height added by elevator shoes. They can add as little as a few centimeters up to a few inches. This is a height-increasing tool that is very customizable and personal.  

The lift on elevator shoes is meant to be discreet. It won’t look like you are wearing high heels or platform boots if you don’t want it to. You can find regular-looking tennis shoes that have a thicker insole and boost your height without anyone knowing. They are not built like moon boots from the 80s, and instead, act like normal shoes with increased benefits. 

  • Confidence Increase 

Struggling with any physical feature is miserable, and many men who are below-average height have wrestled with this reality their entire lives. Being shorter can unfairly crush confidence and lower self-esteem, so, by providing a remedy for a major insecurity, elevator shoes can help boost confidence and self-image.  

The confidence you have in yourself radiates outward, and people can tell when others are insecure. With the perfect pair of elevator shoes, you can boost your confidence, and others will notice the change in how you carry yourself.  

  • Posture 

The benefits of elevator shoes don’t stop at physical appearance and confidence; there are medical benefits as well. The increase in height and boost in confidence can lead to men carrying themselves with better posture. When you feel like you’re being judged for a physical attribute that you can’t control, you’re more likely to slouch and curl your shoulders inward. With the added confidence and new elevator shoes, you’ll notice a change in how you carry yourself almost immediately. Over time, posture can have massive impacts on spine and bone health.  

  • Alignment Correction 

Almost 90% of people suffer from one leg being slightly longer than the other. Most mild cases can go untreated and not cause problems, but cases that are moderate or severe can have very negative implications. Elevator shoes are a quick fix for alignment issues; you can get a pair that is customized to bring your legs to the same alignment and alleviate some of the pressure that misalignment places throughout your body. 

Your feet are your body’s foundation, so keeping them happy is critical for your long-term health. If you’re out of alignment and it’s left untreated, you could begin to feel pain throughout your legs and spine that causes more damage than the lack of alignment itself. It’s natural for your body to want to compensate in situations like this, but by leveling out your legs, your body will no longer need to put stress on other bones and ligaments to try and correct this issue.  

  • Comfort 

Elevator shoes are comfortable! Imagine walking around with extra cushions on your shoes that are also meant to support the natural shape of your foot. Elevator shoes can make long days of walking more bearable, or even comfortable. When you feel good while you’re walking, you’re likely to do it more, which also leads to an increase in physical activity and overall health. The lift is worth it for your entire body! 

  • Monetary Gain 

There have been multiple studies about how height impacts success in the workplace and all signs point to a major correlation. It is shown that an extra inch of height can equal about $1,000 more per year in a man’s salary. This isn’t to say that shorter-than-average people can’t be successful, but studies show that the taller someone is, the more money they make on average. The thinking behind this is that being tall is associated with being more assertive and powerful, which leads to higher pay. 

Style Perks 

If nothing else, guidomaggi elevator shoes are fashionable! They offer all the fashion and style that you need and are a great way to up-level your outfit.  Whether you’re looking for dress shoes, athletic shoes, or boots, you can find elevator shoes in those styles. You don’t have to give up style for comfort and health benefits; with elevator shoes, you can have it all. 

Elevator shoes can be as discreet as you want them to be. Men who are first-time elevator shoe buyers are commonly concerned with one question: will people know I’m wearing them? The answer is: only if you want them to. If you’re looking for a shoe that has a lifted style, you can find them, but if you’re hoping for a discreet lift that people won’t be able to see from the shoe, you can find those too. There’s something for everyone, no matter what your needs are.  

Should You Wear Elevator Shoes? 

Once you start wearing guidomaggi.it elevator shoes, you might never go back to non-lifted options. It might feel a little out of your comfort zone to start wearing these shoes, but once you give them a go, you’ll realize they ARE your comfort zone. 

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