Just as the temperature has become conducive to outdoor dining and (long-distance) outdoor gatherings, mosquitoes come, causing itching and intolerable conditions, and you immediately run back indoors. In this case, people need a complex insect repellent like Fuze Bug to fight the insects. No matter how good the weather is, how beautiful the sunset is, the mosquito-infested yard will make any outdoor activities unbearable. Travel restrictions this summer. The Fuze bug reviews explains the ins and outs of the Fuze bug.

Although many insect killers claim to remove unwelcome flying guests, in fact many insect killers are not effective in turning your backyard into a hospitality suitable for bare ankles and arms Environment, but Fuze Bug will do well. I am protecting your environment from harmful effects.

 Let me take a little time of yours to show you a difference that can be expressly seen in two sets of couples who went for a picnic. While one couple’s picnic was tranquil, thoughtful, fun, lovely and full of good memories, the other couple’s picnic, which was relatively in the same location as of the former, was so disconcerting, uncomfortable, hazardous and regretful. You may begin to wonder what brought about this difference. 

Yes, when you’re in a public space, such as having a picnic, a crusade, hanging out with friends, it will be agreeable to you that insects of different caliber will covetously hustle your body and that of your friends as their delicious prey. During summer, people tend to hang out, have picnics, go hiking and a whole lot of wonderful things. In the course of doing these things one becomes vulnerable to bugging insects which tend to disrupt the fun purpose of this season. 

Attacks by insects are likely to cause a myriad of diseases to the victim. In some cases, the effect might be mild, in other cases it can be fatal. At home, people also are faced with problems of attack from insects especially in an environment where there is no effective drainage system. Mosquitoes not only make sleep unbearable, but can also disrupt some peaceful moments when one decides to relax in his living room. 

Different technologies had been employed to drastically reduce the effect of this menace, but some without doubt had limitations or side effects. The product one chooses to combat this menace can be subject to many considerations like the health of the person, the cost of the product, the effectiveness of the product, how portable it is among many other factors. I hereby wish to introduce you to a new technology: Fuze Bug. 


What is the Fuze Bug? : Fuze Bug Reviews

It is natural to contemplate what Fuze Bug is all about. FuzeBug is an insect repellent electronic device that is strategically designed to kill mostly mosquitoes and other pests and insects. The FuzeBug does it naturally with recourse to any biological or chemical manipulation. It serves both indoor and outdoor purposes. 

Outdoors like in the above illustration, the FuzeBug can repel the inflow of any bugging insect in perimeter as designed by the product designers. Indoors, like setting it within your rooms, living room and other places at home which also repels the inflow of bugging insects in one’s apartment. FuzeBug is a portable small lamp, round in shape which emits a non-ultraviolet light from the base of the device which kills insects without any chemical substance or odours. 

The weight of this lamp is very large which explains why we said it is very portable, and it is powered by a rechargeable battery. FuzeBug is harmless and can be used in the midst of children and also in a place where there are multitudes. It also has a waterproof which protects the device from water when in use for outdoor purposes. 

Is Fuze Bug Scam or Legit? How To Know It?

Based on dozens of Fuze Bug reviews shared by the customers, it seems like a trustworthy product. Here are a few reasons to consider it over its alternatives. 

There are no chemicals used inside this device. Unlike other options that kill bugs, it does not use anything that could potentially harm users too. All it uses is an electric current that only activates through an inner coil when a bug comes in close contact with it. It is 100% safe for humans and even suitable for a house with pets and young children.

Fuze Bug zapper uses non-ultraviolet lamps for its function. This means that it will not affect human skin in any way. Without unnecessary radiation exposure, users are least likely to encounter any radiation-related complications when using it. The equipment is weather resistant and robust. According to the official website, the Fuze Bug body is made of high-quality materials and can withstand all severe weather conditions. It is not affected by light

This device has an automatic cleaning system. Unlike other exterminators that you must clean every hour, Fuze Bug has a small tray inside that can collect dead insects and debris for you. It is convenient to take out this tray and clear it before the next round of use. For daily use, it only needs to be cleaned once a few days. Interestingly, Fuze Bug is rechargeable, just like your mobile phone and laptop. You can fully charge it by connecting the power supply, and then you.

Fuze Bug insecticides are very affordable. Some people may find it expensive compared to other insecticidal solutions such as sprays and coils. However, you should not forget that chemical pesticides can only be used for a few days and need to be refilled continuously. On the other hand, the Fuze Bug can be charged repeatedly, and if properly maintained, it can be used for months or even years.

All orders come with a full-money-back guarantee that ensures no financial loss while trying Fuze Bug.

All these reasons are enough to call Fuze Bug a legit product. There is no wastage of money, and almost all user reviews regarding it sound promising. Try it once to experience all of these benefits regarding this device. 


Some might begin to think how this device without chemical components kills mosquitoes and other insects. Well,  Insects naturally are attracted to light so when you turn on a FuzeBug, it attracts the insects to it and kills it. There is an electric coil within the FuzeBug which kills insects once they are attracted into it. 

The electric voltage of a Fuze Bug is to the tune of 1000V, and this voltage is high enough to terminate any insect just by a single touch. Insects flying to the non-ultraviolet light emitted by a Fuze Bug meet their death once they contact with the electric coil that the Fuze Bug is made of and chemicals, radiation effects are not sustained. Indoors or outdoors you can hang your FuzeBug vertically at the tip of your ceilings or the top of your tent. 

The battery capacity of the FuzeBug is strong and long lasting. Once fully charged, it can last upto at day or at least 20 hours. Provided you have a steady power supply to frequently charge your Fuze Bug, you can confidently say “bye bye” to the problems of bugging insects. The intensity of light emitted from the Fuze Bug is very high. 

It can measure upto 1000-1200 lumens. This intensity can be regulated if the highest lumens is too bright for your liking. You can set it 25%, 50% or 100% as the case may be. The intensity of the Fuze Bug, depending on the intensity, can eliminate insects in an area upto one acre space of land. Indoor setting may require 25% to 50% intensity, while outdoor setting may require 75% to 100% intensity. 

How mosquitoes are attracted by the FuzeBug: FuzeBug Reviews

Some mosquito repellent devices make use of ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes. You may begin to wonder why they do such. Well, mosquitoes do interpret ultraviolet lights as humans and when the rays are emitted, mosquitoes tend to fly toward it thinking that it is human and then get stuck. However, the developers of the FuzeBug came up with a new concept. 


Given that ultraviolet light is not healthy for human health, FuzeBug makes use of violet light which is also effective in attracting mosquitoes. Also, violet light has no health implications whatsoever. Thus, the device illuminates your environment and kills mosquitoes at same time.

Once a mosquito flies close to the Fuze Bug device thinking that it is food, it is killed. You can then take out the zapper and dispose of the dead insects. This process used in the Fuze Bug is hazard-free, very effective and makes your leisure enjoyable.


Anything of value has benefits which are important. The FuzeBug being something of importance has numerous benefits which has been highlighted by the product developers. We will discuss some of these benefits; these benefits are not limited to the once listed below. 

Kill and eliminate insects: Fuze Bug Reviews

This is the primary function of the product: to eliminate insects. As already established, insects such as mosquitoes, termites, flies, what have you, constitute a great nuisance and tend to disrupt tranquility, causing diseases to their victims. The FuzeBug was mechanically designed to kill insects or drive them off a particular perimeter. 

Covers a large area of land: Fuze Bug Reviews

The FuzeBug when in a very high intensity of 75% and above can cover upto one acre of land. That is according to the product website about 375 square feet and kills any insect attracted to it instantly.

Safe and hazard-free: FuzeBug Review

Insecticide, pest drugs, and other chemical components used in curbing the effects of bugging insects have their side effects.

Some mosquito-killing chemicals must be kept out of the reach of children and used precariously, because if accidentally a child or an adult inhales or takes a certain quantity of these chemicals, it can be hazardous causing injury or death. But, the Fuze Bug can be used by children and adults alike and it poses no risk or danger at all. 

LED light Technology: FuzeBug Reviews

The LED light of Fuze Bug is designed to shine brightly and by so doing attract insects to it and kill it immediately. The brightness of the light can be adjusted to suit the occasion or purpose of its use. 

The light lumens is upto 1000 which can be effected on a space upto one acre. The light can also illuminate your environment or residence. As much as the light attracts biting bugs to itself, it brightens up your environment. That’s two functions in one product.

It has a waterproof: FuzeBug Review

The product is designed to serve both indoor and outdoor uses. Thus, the designers built in a waterproof in cases when and where there is rain. It functions in all weather; that is, it is weatherproof.

Battery capacity: FuzeBug Review

The product is designed to serve for upto a day. Once you have a steady power supply, a fully charged FuzeBug can serve you for a day. It has a strong battery capacity.

Less complications: FuzeBug Review

The FuzeBug is less complicated and very easy to handle. Once plugged and turned on, you can hang it vertically at the top of your tent or apartment, then it starts killing bugs and insects. Take out the FuzeBug tray and dispose of the dead insects when you’re through. Then, you fix the tray back to repeat the process. 

It has a rechargeable battery : FuzeBug Review

Once you purchase a FuzeBug, you will have a micro USB or USB-C charger. You can charge the Fuze Bug anytime, anywhere. The USB cable can be plugged into your computer or power bank in order to charge the FuzeBug. Also, you can charge your phone through the FuzeBug by connecting the cord of your phone charger to it.

Quick Shipping : FuzeBug Review

According to the product website, once purchase has been made, within the range of 6-7 days the device will be delivered to you. The developers have a marketing structure that facilitates quick delivery. So, you wouldn’t need to worry much about how the product will be delivered.


LED light bulbs:This LED light is at the tip of the device. The ultra-bright LED light allows you to adjust the brightness from low to high brightness. 

  • The hanger ;The device has a hook at the edge which can enable you to hang it at any place of convenience as the case may be.
  • Electric coil :There is an electric coil built into the device which has a high voltage. This electric coil kills immediately any bugging insects that come in contact with the device.
  • Charger/USB ports;The USB ports for charging have one that is used to charge the device from an electric source, and another port by which can charge your mobile gadgets.
  • Weatherproof:There is an inbuilt weather proof in the device that protects it from harsh weather conditions. Thus, the Fuze Bug can function properly when it is raining and even when there is an intense sun.

How to use Fuzebug ;Basic Instructions 

We will proceed to show the guidelines outlined in the product website as to how the product can be used. The guidelines are less complicated as indicated above.

Step one Firstly, plug it to any electrical port. When it shows a green light, then you know that it is charging. If in the course of using the FuzeBug and it shows a red light, then you know that the battery is low and needs charging. When it charges upto 100%, it will show a purple light which indicates battery full. At this point, you unplug it from the socket.

Step two hangs the device at a spot where it can easily attract insects to itself. You can hang it at the ceiling for indoor users, or at an elevated height that is suitable for outdoor users.

Why Fuze Bug?: FuzeBug Review

You might begin to wonder why Fuze should be of importance to you. The usefulness of this product cannot be overemphasized, but let’s discuss a bit why you should make the device your product. 


Cost effective: FuzeBug Review

The Fuze is mostly a one time purchase. Unlike other products used in curbing the effects of bugging insects, say, chemicals, the purchase is continuous. Some folks on a daily basis, some weekly while some other monthly, purchase these chemicals to fight insects and cycle continues to a point that a considerable part of their income is apportioned to these purchases. But, the Fuze Bug is a one off purchase. Once there is a steady power supply, charge, use and repeat the process. No payment in perpetuity. 

Comfortable outdoor meetings: 

For chemicals to work effectively in killing bugs, the concentration level must be high. Applying such in an open space will diminish its effectiveness rapidly. But with FuzeBug your stay outdoors can be hitch free, enjoyable and very comfortable. Fuze Bug is suitable for outdoor meetings like camping, fishing, fire, and picnic. 

It is naturally safe

According to the product website, the device uses electric charge to kill bugging insects. Thus, the user is safe. Unlike other products which can be intoxicating, dangerous and harmful to health.

You can sleep peacefully

Some folks find it difficult to sleep at night because of the obstinacy of bugging insects. Some insects, irrespective of how you secure and close your room, penetrate and once you are asleep, they come singing in your ears, perching on your skin and biting you. But with the Fuze Bug device in place, all insects will be attracted to its light and once in contact with the electric coil, they are eliminated instantly. 

How to know if FuzeBug product if original/effective

The price of FuzeBug is competitively fair. The value of a product is always reflected in its price. So before you make your purchase, you compare its price with other products available as well as their functions. To ensure that a Fuze Bug device that you’re about buy is original or legit, you should take of the following:

1. Purchases are made from the company, that is, the product developers. You can still purchase it from the company’s website. If you’re buying from a retailer, make sure that the retailer is affiliated with the product company. 

2. Go to the company’s website and acquaint yourself with the necessary information related to the product. 

3. The company also run delivery services

4. Discounts and other marketing incentives are available. This makes it imperative to know the offers and promotion program the company is running at any period. Definitely, the marketing incentives can influence the final price that you will purchase the product.

5. There is room for wholesaling. You can purchase it in bulk and with the content of the company you may sell it at your retail shops. 

How much is FuzeBug (Packaging and Pricing)

The prices of different packages of Fuze Bug are listed on the official website. You can make your purchase there or in a retail store. But, online purchase on the company’s website comes with some benefits. The company will deliver the product to your doorstep if you purchase the product from their website. 

The price and payment for Fuze Bug is once and there is no further maintenance payment or after sale service payment. Your choice of any package will depend on the price and what you intend to do. As different packs have different prices. 

The company has a 30 day refund policy. If you purchase this Fuze Bug and fall below your expectations, within the space of 30 days you can apply for refund and you will be refunded fully. This company’s policy is aimed at building the confidence of customers on the product. 

As a new product one is likely to doubt the efficacy or efficiency of the product. So, to ensure that customers are on the safe side, this policy is here to protect the interest of customers and build the integrity and goodwill of the company.

Below are some of the product packages and their prices.

  • Epsilon pack: This pack has five Fuze Bug lamps and it is sold for $31.99 per pack.
  • Delta pack: The Delta pack has four Fuze Bug lamps and it is sold for $33.99 per pack.
  • Gamma pack: This pack is made up of three Fuze Bug lamps and it is sold for $35.99 per pack.
  • Beta pack: This has two Fuze Bug lamps and it is sold for $37.99 per pack.
  • Alpha pack: This one has only one Fuze Bug lamp and is sold for $38.99 per pack. 

Customer’s Reviews: FuzeBug Review

A lot of customers had said some things about the product. Among the numerous commentaries from the product website we show you these three for want of space. 

“Summer days in Florida can be brutal! It’s super hot, rainy and a field day for mosquitos. Having the Fuze Bug has brought so much comfort not only outside, but inside my home as well. It saved my skin from the bites that I was constantly prone to getting.”…Kylie D. .Orlando

“Grilling and barbecues are a staple tradition for me and my family. The flies and itchy ants always invited themselves to the party. The FuzeBug has become the most convenient way we could get rid of these bugs from flying around our food and drinks. We can now hang out all day without having to worry about them anymore. It’s been a huge relief.”…

, Ryan P ..New York.

 “The Fuze Bug is an essential item for when me and my dad go fishing together every Sunday. We charge it in the morning and it lasts for the entire day that we are out there on the lake. It’s so light and easy to carry, that we ended up getting two!”..Shasha B f..New Zealand

Final Verdict

Well, it has been a long ride. I would say that if you’re looking for a product to fight bugging insects, then you’re at the right place. The Fuze Bug is your product. The efficiency of the product is killing insects is cool, a new technology that is hazard free. 

It will protect your skin, family and friends, ensure tranquility and make you comfortable both indoors and outdoors. The device covers an area upto 375 square feet! Wow! Also, the company has a policy that secures your money, such that expense is not wasted. I can confidently recommend this product to you, make it your product and then say goodbye to all bugging insects.

In short, the Fuze Bug mosquito killer seems to be an effective solution to the bugs, mosquitoes and insects that are difficult to spend outdoors in summer. Place this small light in an area around you that can remove all insects, up to 375 square feet. Many people find it better than other insect repellents, such as sprays, gels and creams for the skin.

The company behind the FuzeBug mosquito repellent lamp is offering a huge discount on its original price, and the inventory is quickly selling out. All orders support a 30-day refund policy to protect the hard-earned money of each customer. You can try it, and then decide whether to keep it. In any case, if you do not like the Fuze Bug result or think it is not suitable for you, please return the product and initiate a refund request. Get it from the official website today, and provide

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