Hairfortin Review: Real Ingredients or Fake Results?


Hair loss is a condition that affects a good percentage of people in the world. It is associated with age and hereditary factors as well as diet and some diseases. Men start to suffer from hair loss from as early as 35, with 40 percent of men reporting hair loss from this age. As they age, more men suffer from the condition as, by the age of 60, up to 65 percent of men suffer from this embarrassing condition. Statistics show that more women suffer from hair loss as, by the age of 60, about 80 percent of women have some form of loss. Hairfortin is a formula said to help the body to restore its balance of hair production. 

What is Hairfortin 

Hairfortin is a supplement made from 28 plant extracts and vitamins. The supplement was designed to restore natural hair growth better than any other product on the market. It was formulated by a pharmacist and his team that saw a gaping need in the world for a product that genuinely works to restore proper hair growth. Being in the medication-selling business, he realized that most of the hair growth formulas barely worked or did not work at all. He also discovered that they came with some dangerous side effects. He decided to take on the challenge to change the world when it comes to hair growth formulas. 

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The manufacturer has included 28 different ingredients into this formula to reactivate the body’s natural ability to grow hair. The main ingredient they have used is Fo-Ti. Fo-Ti is a plant in the buckwheat family widely used in Chinese medicine. It is indigenous to China, Taiwan, and Japan. Also known as Chinese knotweed, Fo-Ti used in this supplement can mature for up to eight years before harvesting. The flowering plant can grow in a wild and moist environment free of herbicides and dangerous chemicals. 

The root, when used traditionally, is used in its unprocessed form as a laxative to relax the bowels. It also gets used as a detoxifier for the blood. It also gets processed traditionally by boiling it in black bean broth, making it a superior herb to its unprocessed form. The processed form was historically used as a tonic for restoring youth to the human body. It also got used as a revitalizer of the kidneys and liver. It also has uses in treating high cholesterol, boosting immunity, strengthening the blood, erectile dysfunction, vaginal discharge, premature aging, and many other diseases. 

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How Hiarfortin Works 

The researchers of Hairfortin used Fo-Ti herb as the main ingredient based on the research done on it that leads someone to believe that the herb leads to positive hair changes. Research around that herb suggests that it impacts the FGF-7 gene to promote hair growth. The FGF-7 gene directly controls the number of proteins directed towards hair growth. When required, the gene ignites and leads proteins to grow hair more than they have been doing. 

The herb also stimulates the SHH gene. The SHH gene is vital in the propagation of embryonic hair follicles. When administered topically, the herb seems to excite new hair follicles to produce new hair. One of the most exciting things the herb does is to help the body to restore the hair’s natural color. The herb has the name he shou wu in Mandarin, meaning black-haired man. This name was given in honor of a herbalist believed to have lived a long and fruitful life full of health because of the herb’s daily use. The herbalist, known as Li Ching-Yuen, is believed to have lived well over 100 years, with some accounts of the legend putting his age at 256 years. One of the attributes that stood out with him even in his old age is his silky, black hair. Restoring hair color is the most extraordinary capability of this herb. It helps the body retain its natural black hair while keeping away the development of gray hair. 

The herb also can give vitality to a person’s body. It re-energizes the body and strengthens it, helping it age gracefully. Another benefit the herb brings is to increase sexual energy when it boosts stamina. It interacts with the endocrine system and balances it even as it reduces high cholesterol. This balance promotes a person’s wellbeing even to balance their sexual energies. 

Using Hairfortin 

Hairfortin comes in pill form that should be taken topically with a glass of water. It does not have any dangerous interactions with most groups of people. There are, however, some people who should not take this supplement. Children, pregnant women, lactating mothers, those with compromised blood sugar and liver conditions are advised not to take this supplement. 

Also, persons scheduled for surgery should stop taking the product two weeks before surgery. Some prescribed medication may interact with the supplement, so a user should ensure they consult with their doctor before embarking on the journey of taking the supplement when under prescription. 


The supplement comes in a 60-pill bottle that gives a user a two-pill-a-day dosage. It offers all the required nutrients in the recommended dosage and should not be exceeded by the user. Any excesses tend to have unprecedented side effects. 

Hairfortin Safety Standards 

Hairfortin is a product manufactured in the United States of America. It, therefore, follows the guidelines of manufacturing products in the US. It uses FDA-approved facilities for product production that get constantly disinfected following current health protocols. Furthermore, it follows the manufacturing best practice standards set by law to deliver safe consumables to the general population. The manufacturer also ensures they use natural ingredients that are free of toxins and dangerous chemicals. 

Hairfortin Advantages 

Hairfortin gives numerous benefits to its users. The central part it affects is the user’s hair. It first revitalizes the hair by igniting the hair follicles to start growing again. These hair follicles then get directed to produce new hair, with the hair made in its natural color. The body gets discouraged from allowing the hair to turn gray. It starts to grow hair in mass as the body’s original hair production cycle gets restored. 

The supplement also brings on added benefits like revitalizing the body to stay energized throughout the day. It also can detoxify the blood to make the body healthier even as it ages. It also cleanses the kidneys and liver in the process of detoxification. 

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The manufacturer has set different prices depending on the number of products a buyer will purchase. They have created a single bottle price, a three-bottle price, and a six-bottle price package. Different packages also come with their benefits. 

To begin with, the single-bottle package comes at $69 and comes with free shipping. The three-bottle box attracts a $10 per bottle discount, bringing the three bottles to $177. Furthermore, it attracts a bonus of one month’s supply of Hairfortin Age Pop valued at $89 free. 

The six-bottle package attracts a $20 discount per bottle, bringing the total price for the parcel to $294. It also comes with a fantastic two-months supply of Hairfortin Age Pop valued at $178. All packages come with free shipping. 

Refunds & Returns 

The manufacturer gives a 60-day money-back policy to cover a buyer’s purchase. If they feel the product has not helped them or given them what they expected within the 60 days, they will have used it, and they are allowed to request a refund which the manufacturer will honor as stated on their website. 

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How often should a person take the supplement in a day? 

The recommended dosage is two pills a day. The pills can get taken one, two times a day to spread them out across the day. The user should not exceed the recommended dosage as it can harm the body to exceed what has been set by the manufacturer. 

How long will it take to get the product after purchase? 

It takes around three days to complete the processing. Once that is done, the client gets an email with their tracking shipping ID. Clients residing in the US will receive their package within seven working days. Clients living outside the US should expect their product between 10-15 days. 

How much does shipping cost? 

Shipping products within the US is currently free. Any shipping done outside the US, like in Canada or the United Kingdom, attracts a shipping fee of $15.95. 

How long should a person take the supplement? 

The supplement should be taken for at least 30 days but comes recommended as a perfect addition to one’s diet for the sake of maintaining general good health and proper hair health. 

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Age does not have to bring ill effects like hair loss and graying hair. The embarrassment of balding does not have to come to everyone. It only takes a positive input like getting a supplement directed towards the wellness of hair growth for a change to occur. Hairfortin promises to give this positive change to one’s life. 

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