Importance of Security Guards for Outdoor Functions


Many people will run into security issues at some point in their lives. Some may feel unsafe while they are at home, or may worry that their homes will be broken into while they are at work.  

The need for security personnel and security alarm systems has grown exponentially in recent years. If you are hosting a party or some other type of outdoor event, then you will need to ensure that only invited guests will attend.  

Hiring security guards will help make certain that your party does not get out of hand, and will also ensure that your guests are safe. Here, we will discuss why it is important to have security guards for outdoor functions. 

Major Risks of Conducting Outdoor Events 

Conducting outdoor events may make it easier for people to mingle and commiserate without feeling cramped or claustrophobic. However, while outdoor events are very common, they can also serve as security threats. 

For example, there may be weather-related issues that can be dangerous, such as acid rain, thunderstorms, strong winds, etc. Equipment may also fail due to the elements and other external threats, such as bugs, vermin, and other pests. 

Children can go missing, as they may be encouraged to explore and enjoy nature while they are outdoors. There are also many possible fire hazards to look out for, and traffic risks are another consideration when hosting an outdoor event. 

How to Choose Security Guards for Your Event 

Event security is designed to ensure that your occasion goes off without a hitch. However, if you want the best security detail, then you need to hire guards from an authorized security company. The guards that you hire must have superb interpersonal skills. 

They must be mentally sound and physically fit, and should not have a criminal record. They must be transparent and have integrity, and should also be highly trained in hand-to-hand combat, as well as mediation. 

Your guards must be courageous, cordial, tactful, and have the right attitude in order to work for you. Note, however, that there are many different types of guards to choose from. 

General guards will provide basic security services. They are not specialized, and the number of guards that you will need will depend on the amount of guests. 

For example, a small event that will host less than 10 guests may only require 1 guard, while a large event with over a 1,000 guests may need 30 guards or more. 

Bodyguards are usually hired in order to protect VIPs, while gatekeepers are hired to protect the entrance and exit of an event. Crowd control guards are trained to control crowds and handle chaotic situations. 

Mobile patrol guards will use motorcycles, bicycles, cars, or vans in order to patrol the entire perimeter.  

Armed guards are authorized to use weapons, and are trained to protect people with their lives. They are also trained to prevent valuable assets from being vandalized or stolen. 

Regardless of the type of guard that you hire, it is imperative you use the services of an authorized security company with a proven track record of success. 

Why are security guards important? 

Security guards have many duties and benefits that can help ensure that your outdoor event has no serious problems.  

For example, your security guards will secure the premise by monitoring it as well as by patrolling the property. They will also be responsible for controlling access as well as inspections. 

Guards will be responsible for observing and reporting anything suspicious or unusual to a manager, supervisor, police department, or emergency services personnel. They will also protect your assets from theft or vandalism, and are trained in incident response tactics. 

That is, they are trained to provide direction and leadership in times of crisis. Communication is also key, as guards are trained to communicate in an efficient and effective manner. As well, security guards are experts at damage control. 

They are trained to quickly assess threats and make suggestions that will help protect the guests and the property against possible threats. 

They will also provide traffic control services by cordoning off certain areas and by providing drivers with assistance when needed. 

Security guards will provide crowd management services in order to prevent chaos, violence, and unrest during your event. 

First Line of Defense 

Conducting outdoor events carry many unique risks, including crowd management, staff safety, unpredictable weather, food safety, fire hazards, traffic and transport management, and production and event equipment safety. 

Security guards will help prevent general unrest, while also protecting all of your valuable assets from vandalism, damage, and theft. They will also assist with traffic control, and will provide medical and directional assistance when needed. 


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