Marketplace Superheroes Review – Is It the Best Amazon FBA Course?


A lot of people who want to start marketing with Amazon are struggling to do so, and that’s because they don’t have the necessary training. After all, nobody wants to dive in without having the right preparation. It would only bring failure and they’d quickly regret rushing into something they don’t fully master.  

The Internet features some training programs for people who are interested, and one of them is Marketplace Superheroes. Still, it’s hard to know whether this program is to be trusted or not. And losing money on a program that doesn’t bring results is not the way to go. You may be in the same spot right now, which is probably why you ended up on this page.  

Fortunately, we thought about this and compiled this Marketplace Superheroes review. If you don’t know where to start your Amazon FBA business and considered trying Marketplace Superheroes, this review will help you decide whether you should trust it or not.  

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About Marketplace Superheroes 

Before we get into the features, let’s talk a little bit about Marketplace Superheroes so you can discover more about their background. Basically, two individuals who have been successfully selling products on Amazon decided to help other people do the same thing.  

Robert Rickey and Stephen Somers have an experience of more than 20 years in this area. Although they were not always perfect and they made their mistakes along the way, they were able to use these failures as a lesson and came back stronger. Robert, for instance, is thankful for the mistakes he made and how they led him to become an FBA seller that he and others can be proud of.  

Thus, Robert and Stephen decided to establish Marketplace Superheroes, which is a step-by-step Amazon boot camp course that helps you make sales. Through this training course, you will learn how to find low competition products and then, for a high-profit margin, sell them yourself. But Marketplace Superheroes is not just a course – it’s also a system that helps sure you have higher chances to succeed and lower chances to fail thanks to the tools integrated.  

If you take this course, you can become a wonderful Amazon FBA seller and start your own Amazon FBA business. You’ll learn all the elementary things that will make things work nicely for you. After all, reading a simple article on the Internet and watching a video is not enough to start your business. You will learn everything, from analyzing your competition to picking products, as well as using social media.  

On top of that, this course teaches you how to sell products on Amazon in an ethical way. There are way too many services out there that try to make people sell things using unethical means. Some either do this by purchasing fake reviews, or by selling products that are too risky. Marketplace Superheroes are not the same, and they will take you on the right path and make sure you become a successful seller ethically.  

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Marketplace Superheroes Course 

Before you spend money on this course, you have to find out what it includes. Basically, once you join it, you will have access to their “Marketplace Superheroes University”. It will bring all the training videos that can help you in your future endeavors, as well as the MPSH Core 2.0 Program that will also prove to be very helpful.  

The program is especially interesting because it will include several phases. The first phase is the Mindset & Research one, which will have 6 modules, as well as 45 videos.  

Then, the second phase is the Importing & Logistics one, which also comes with 6 modules. However, it has more videos than the first phase, respectively 51.  

So, the total number of training modules is 12, and during every step, there will be 5-10 videos that will break down things into steps. Every module will offer the proper training for anyone interested in starting their own Amazon FBA business. Here is what each module will be about: 

  • Module 1 –  The Marketplace Mindset 
  • Module 2 – The 4s Product Gauntlet: Search Phase 
  • Module 3 – The 4s Product Gauntlet: Shortlist Phase 
  • Module 4 – The 4s Product Gauntlet: Select Phase (Part 1) 
  • Module 5 – The 4s Product Gauntlet: Select Phase (Part 2) 
  • Module 6 – The 4s Product Gauntlet: Source Phase 
  • Module 7 – Business Structure & Seller Central 
  • Module 8 – Purchasing & Importing 
  • Module 9 – The FBA Road Map 
  • Module 10 – Listing Optimization 
  • Module 11 – Account Management 
  • Module 12 – International Expansion  

On top of that, you will learn about the two main strategies of MPSH. One of them is the International Expansion one, and the other is the Product Selection one.  

There will also be different types of software that you can use to help you in your business. For instance, the 4S Product Finder Software will give you a Chrome Extension tool that you can use with no limitations. This tool will then allow you to find the best Amazon products that you can sell. Even better, using this software is not difficult. It will filter every product and calculate its potential, which allows you to do better business as a result.  

There is also the Fuel Your Empire Series, which allows you to watch the two founders of the course find different products that generate profit. This will give you the chance to replicate what they’re doing.  

The bonus material also has the God Series A and God Series M. The Fuel Your Empire God Series A package comes with a series of 3 videos. All of them will help you improve the research process for products. The God Series M package also comes with 3 videos, but these will focus on analyzing the Amazon Market.  

Lastly, you’ll also have the MPSH Facebook Mastermind. This is a group on Facebook where you can have lifetime access. What this does is connect you with other people and give you access to more information. More than 6,500 members are in this group and they can help each other throughout the course.  

You may have similar questions as other members, so the posts in the group will contain very useful information in the comments. Furthermore, you can also use what you’ve learned to help other people in need.  

Several mentors and coaches will be able to help you in this group. Stephen and Robert themselves are going to be there and help when they can and it’s necessary. Overall, this group is quite useful, and the atmosphere is very friendly.  

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Marketplace Superheroes has several bonuses that can make your journey more fun and worth the time. Here is what you can get that might make your future business even more successful: 

  • Multi-Day Elite Bootcamp 

With this bonus, you will have the opportunity to watch a live event recorded in Ireland. The 6-day Bootcamp can be very useful, and those who wanted to attend this event paid as much as $3,000.  

  • SuperHero Journey 

The SuperHero Journey bonus is exactly what the name suggests. It will show you the journey of a superhero, respectively someone who was new with Amazon and was able to start a business which, of course, was successful. The 6-month case study can help you, but also motivate you to keep going forward and achieving success yourself.  

  • MPSH Partnership 

This bonus will show you ways to recoup the fee of the course in as little as 30 days. This can be done if you partner with Marketplace Superheroes, so you need to be prepared for this step.  

  • 100 Product Ideas in 7 Days 

You’ll be able to watch Robert, one of the owners of Marketplace Superheroes, find different product ideas. Through this, you’ll also have the opportunity to find product ideas and then start operating and getting good results in the end. What makes it so amazing is the fact that it might only take 7 days to find 100 product ideas. 

  • Map The Market 

If you’re really interested in picking good products that will bring profits, then this bonus will also prove to be very useful. It will show you different demonstrations of how to actually select profitable products and thus achieve success with your business.  

What makes it even better is that they show you how it’s done for several markets. So, if your intention is to operate globally, it will be more than useful.  


The course offered by Marketplace Superheroes follows two strategies, as already mentioned. One is the International Expansion strategy, and the other is the Product Selection strategy. Here is what each one of them implies: 

  • International Expansion 

Are you planning to focus on the United States market? If that’s the case, you can take advantage of the International Expansion strategy. It is not exactly the type of strategy most commonly used and taught during the courses, but it will help you a lot. After all, you need this if you’re planning to operate in the international market, so why not consider it? 

If you have taken other Amazon FBA courses, then this information will help you a lot, as it will show you how to find products that are not that common. It’s mostly focusing on products that are not considered to be “attractive” but that can make impressive sales.  

  • Product Selection 

Product selection is very important, as the products you pick will determine how much profit you make. So, the better the products you find and the better your deal, the more profit you will be able to generate.  

Thus, MPSH focuses on this aspect a lot through the product selection strategy. You will be taught about the many products you could sell, as well as how to find them and how to filter them. In the end, it will allow you to only choose the products with the highest chances of being sold.  

Are There Any Upsells? 

What’s great about the MPSH program is the fact that you don’t get upsells. Being spammed with upsells would be annoying, so the team decided not to do it. Sadly, there are other courses that bombard their users with these upsells.  

People who join the Core program will have two programs available: the Origin Program and the Invasion Program. While the two programs are promoted for their benefits, the team will not try to convince you to get them if you don’t want to.  

How Much Does It Cost? 

Marketplace Superheroes offers a 7-day free trial, which is great to try first before you commit to the courses. After that, the program will cost you $997. This is why you should consider the trial first. If you are not happy with what you experienced after the 7 days, you can give up. If you like it, though, you have the possibility to pay 12 installments of $97 each. Therefore, the total will be $1164.  

Marketplace Superheroes Pros 

We liked many things about the Marketplace Superheroes program. Here are some of the benefits they have: 

  • They are not hard selling  
  • It’s amazing for beginners who want to learn how to sell better products and have a successful business 
  • You don’t need any third-party tools 
  • They do not use any unethical methods 
  • You will have a great step-by-step blueprint 

Marketplace Superheroes Cons 

Even though they have so many great features, there are a few disadvantages that are worth mentioning before you take the courses.  

  • The videos can be pretty long, so you will need to spend a lot of time watching them 
  • The course isn’t organized in a straightforward way, so it can become very confusing 

Final Thoughts 

Marketplace Superheroes is an amazing opportunity for anyone who is interested in an Amazon business and wants to sell the best products for high profits. There are many materials that will help you achieve success, and what’s more important, everything will be done ethically. All in all, it can bring your business to new levels, so check their trial version and see if you like it. 

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