MetaboFix Review: Real Ingredients or Scam Weight Loss Supplement?


Weight gain happens to most people the world over at one point or another. It mostly affects people as they get older, and especially once they pass the age of 40. Many factors dictate weight increment.  

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Some of those factors at play include a slowed-down metabolism, hormonal imbalance, lean muscle loss, a messed-up sleep pattern, and becoming increasingly busy and less active. While many people take on this weight gain with vigor and try to take it down, most of these people are unable to help the situation. Metabofix claims to have a solution to help people who have a weight gain problem. 

What is MetaboFix? 

MetaboFix is the world’s only metabolism booster that works rapidly to eradicate the persistent fat lodges in older people’s bodies who are above 40 years. The manufacturer claims it only takes four seconds of a person’s time to drink this dietary supplement a day. They state that without using exercise or following restrictive diets, they will see rapid fat loss over a very short period. 

This dietary supplement was created following research based on why people over the age of 40 gain weight and cannot lose it. The fitness instructor who did the research discovered the body usually uses its mitochondria to burn fat to create energy for everyday use. They discovered that as people age, the mitochondria slow down, enabling people to gain and retain the fat they store. 

They learned from further research that a group of nutrients called polyphenols hold power to restore mitochondria health, slow down cellular degeneration, boost energy, and ultimately aid in the swift eradication of body fat. This fitness instructor states they found a way to bring together the most powerful fat-burning polyphenols, using pure and natural ingredients from all over the world to create this rapid fat destroyer. 

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The manufacturer states their formula contains 26 specialized polyphenols, 9 fat-burning extracts, and 3 billion digestive enzymes rolled into a health-boosting supplement that boosts energy and rapidly shreds fat. They give the nutrient content of this product on their official website with the ingredients label containing 33 different nutrients. These nutrients have been divided into four distinct polyphenol blend, metabolic blend, digestive blend, and strain probiotic. 

The polyphenol blend contains mango seed extract, beetroot, pomegranate, strawberry juice, hibiscus, black currant, acai fruit, cranberry fruit, raspberry, and grapeseed extract. The metabolic blend contains cinnamon bark, turmeric, black pepper fruit extract, green tea, ginger, bitter melon extract, and shilajit extract. 

The strain probiotics in this supplement include L. Acidophilus, L. Reuteri, B. Longum, L. Salivarius, L. Plantarum, B. Lactis, B. Bifidum, L. Fermentum, and L. Rhamnosus. The digestive blend includes oat fiber and inulin prebiotic. Finally, other ingredients included in small amounts are Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Stevia, and Tart Cherry Flavor.  

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How MetaboFix Works 

The manufacturer of this dietary supplement states that people end up having stubborn fat due to mitochondria that have slowed down or are dying off due to aging. The aging mitochondria were discovered to be the reason many people above the age of 40 struggle to stop increasing their weight. Since the mitochondria are responsible for the fat-burning process in the body, the moment they slow down from the work of converting fat to energy, a person ends up converting everything they eat to fat. 

They discovered a way to revitalize the body through an anti-aging serum that works by revitalizing plant polyphenols. These polyphenols get into the body and give the mitochondria a new lease of life by releasing energy in the body. They have the ability to restore balance to the body by causing a constant wave of fat destruction. 

The manufacturer also included metabolic fat-burners like black pepper fruit extract and cinnamon bark that prevent the formation of new fat cells in the body. These fat cells are responsible for storing fat in the body, and without their creation, the body has to get rid of fat that does not have anywhere to store. The metabolism gets the freedom to burn up the stored fat when there is no more fat getting created by newly formed fat cells. That enables the body to get lean quickly and efficiently. 

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MetaboFix Usage 

Metabofix is said to be so potent that it starts showing results in hours. The manufacturer states that it can take as little as 24 hours to start seeing noticeable changes even on the weighing scale when the pounds start shedding off. The manufacturer still understands and encourages proper meal plans and a steady exercise routine to go along with this dietary supplement. They, however, explain that it does what exercise and diets cannot do on their own. They encourage people to take a minimum of one time a day for at least thirty days to get the most out of the supplement. 


The manufacturer recommends taking the dietary supplement three times a day. They recommend the morning drink to be taken first thing in the morning. This kickstarts the day. The second dose can be taken in the afternoon if someone feels tired or drained of energy. The third can be taken after dinner before going to bed. 

MetaboFix Safety Standards 

The manufacturer states that this supplement has followed the highest standards set out by manufacturing governing regulations. They state that to make a potent working supplement, they have had to use all-natural pure ingredients that help them maintain a high standard of ingredients and production. They source these ingredients from all over the world and get only the most devoted manufacturer to take up the manufacturing contract for the highest quality delivery.  

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MetaboFix Benefits 

This dietary supplement offers results like no exercise regimen or diet plan can ever deliver. It can do this by restoring the body’s natural fat-burning process. The very first benefit is its ability to get rid of the accumulated fat in the body quickly. The manufacturer states it starts to show results in less than 24 hours. That means a person can experience startling changes within a month of starting to use the product. 

The user can also experience drastic energy increases in their bodies that allow them to accomplish activities they had been keeping off for lack of the ability to accomplish them. They can go from limited energy due to the body’s inability to convert fat to energy quickly enough to have an abundance of energy. 

A person gets to experience a drastic change in their body once they lose the excess fat. Their stomachs trim up, and the rest of their body gets into the perfect shape they were meant to have all along. 

MetaboFix Cost 

The manufacturer states that it is best to get six bottles of supplement that will take the client six months to go through. They suggest this because of the limitation of stock. Three pricing models are available for the client’s choosing. The first model allows a client to get one bottle at $69. The second pack gives three bottles for the price of $147, bringing the price down to $49 per bottle. The last pack offers the best value pack of six bottles at $234, bringing the price per bottle down to $39. Shipping and handling cost $9.95 per pack. 


The fitness coach that has gotten this product on the market believes in giving customers what they pay for. He pledges to refund any client who sees that the product has not worked for them for any particular reason. He provides a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. 


How fast should a client expect to start seeing results? 

The manufacturer promises drastic changes within 24 hours of starting to use this product. These changes will continue to occur and be well established within a month. 

What kind of side effects should a person expect to see? 

This product has been made following strict production protocols and for the older generation of 40 plus adults. This means that the manufacturers have done their best to make the product safe and free of any dangerous side effects that would affect the end-user. 

When should a client expect to receive their package after payment? 

Shipping takes between 5-7 days. If a client hasn’t received their package after seven days, they should reach out to the company’s customer care for support. 

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Losing weight is a tall order at any particular point in life. But it only gets more difficult with age advancement. It takes a lot of doing to lose a little weight and even more willpower to keep it off. But most times, it doesn’t stay off but adds on even more. MetaboFix comes in to change the narrative of older folk always being bigger than they would want to be while giving them bodies they have always desired but could never attain. It also promises to aid in giving them more energy for their daily activities. 

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