Nerve Control 911 Review: Real Ingredients or Negative Side Effects?


The nervous system is a necessary and present system in all animals for sensory communication and motor movements. This system is composed of nerves which are in turn made up of neurons, tiny cells that make up this complex communication system. There are numerous diseases that affect this system across all age groups, though they mainly affect the older generation.  

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When these conditions affect a person, they end up being in a lot of pain and discomfort. Numerous drugs out there try to contain this discomfort and give some relief. Some offer momentary relief while others don’t work. Nerve Control 911 is a supplement that states it can give relief from this debilitating pain. 

Understanding Nerve Control 911 

Nerve Control 911 is a product produced by PhytAge laboratories for the wellbeing of the central nervous system. It is made from an all-natural nutrient base that works to guard the system against degenerative diseases that affect the nervous system. This supplement does not work like normal pharmaceutical drugs that numb pain for a while and give a euphoria that addicts patients. It works in tandem with the body using safe and natural ingredients to restore the body’s central nervous system to proper function and heal the body of nerve damage. 

The supplement uses pure ingredients at their most potent form to create a formula that guards the nerves against damage. It also works to restore the damaged nerves that have brought pain and discomfort. The restoration process allows a person to get back to living a normal and productive life free of suffering and pain. It enables them to have better eyesight as restoration of nerve control takes place. 


The ingredients that make up this supplement are unique to themselves so as to positively impact the central nervous system. As mentioned in, extracts from the marshmallow root, corydalis powder, passion flower, prickly pear, and California poppy seed are mixed in perfect ratios to get the perfect blend to restore and protect the nervous system. Marshmallow root has over time proven itself as being the go-to herb for nerve pain relief in older people. 

Popularly known as poppies and found in abundance in the highland grasslands of Zhejiang Province in China, corydalis powder has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to alleviate pain in patients as well as aid in increased blood flow. Studies reveal that this plant is able to block pain signals from reaching the brain, effectively working to treat neuropathic pain. This ingredient is seen as healthy as it does not get patients dependent on it. 

Studies have revealed that the passionflower works well to calm the nervous system. It also brings relief to muscle spasms and aids in restoring proper sleeping patterns. The flower also works to eliminate the withdrawal effects of opioids. Experts believe that the flower is able to do this by taking up gamma-aminobutyric acid levels. 

Popularly known as nopal cactus, prickly pear is found abundantly in Mexico and the southwestern regions of the US. This fruit with thorns on its rind is used to make several dishes in Mexico, candies, jellies, and even as an aid in plaster hardening. It also has several health benefits, including lowering bad cholesterol levels, fighting off hangover effects, treating enlarged prostate and prostate cancer, regulating blood sugar, working as an antioxidant for cell health, working as an antivirus, and protecting nerve cells from damage. 

Finally, California Poppy is so named as it is the national flower of California State. It has been used to treat nervous tension, anxiety, insomnia, and other maladies.           

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How Nerve Control 911 Works 

The ingredients used in Nerve Control 911 work collectively to protect, rebuild and coordinate the central nervous system. They can help the system properly communicate to the neurons, which effectively coordinate the muscles and communicate to the organs effectively. The supplement also eliminates muscle pain by reducing inflammation and improving muscle health. It also enables a person to have better visual perception. Beyond this, it also helps eliminate anxiety and insomnia, allowing the patient to sleep better. It also has blood pressure-reducing properties. 

How to Use Nerve Control 911 

Nerve Control 911 is a dietary supplement that works hand in hand with food and a healthy lifestyle. It does not come to replace any prescribed medication but to complement it. A person using this supplement should ensure they follow a balanced diet so as to help the body get the required nutrients. 

This product ought to be used for at least 90 days to get the most out of it. 

This time will give the body time to absorb the right nutrients, heal from the nerve damage, and function properly. Pregnant and lactating mothers and those under 18 years should not use the product. Those under medication should first consult medical personnel before they begin taking this supplement. 


The manufacturer recommends the user to take two pills a day for a period of 90 days to get the most benefit out of the supplement. It should be taken after food so as to enable proper absorption. The ingredients are in their purest form enabling complete absorption into the system. 

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Nerve Control 911 Safety Standards 

Nerve Control 911 is an American product produced by PhytAge Laboratories. It is made in FDA-approved facilities following best manufacturing practices (BMP). The ingredients used to make this supplement are sourced from reputable producers who use natural farming methods and do not use harsh chemicals or pesticides for production. The strict standards ensure the final product is at its greatest efficacy, enabling the body to absorb and benefit from the nutrients fully. 

Nerve Control 911 Benefits 

This supplement brings numerous benefits to the user. One of the most important benefits is ridding the body of the excruciating pain that comes with nerve complications. This means a person is able to relax finally. The supplement ensures that the muscles can communicate effectively with the central nervous system. This allows proper coordination of muscles, enabling a person to do the things they were previously unable to do. 

The product also rids someone of insomnia, which comes as a result of pain and discomfort. A person can now comfortably sleep through the night. Another complication that arises due to age is inflammation of joints which can lead to arthritis. The supplement reduces and finally eliminates joint inflammation giving greater comfort to an individual. The product also improves one’s visual perception as the nerves work better to control muscle contraction and expansion. 

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This product currently has a discount a customer can grab when they purchase it. It comes with three pricing options. The first one offers a client one bottle at $69.95. The retail price for the product is $120 a bottle. So, with the discount, the client spends $50 less. The second pricing option has two bottles bundled at the price of $119.19. It attracts $20 savings. The final pack gives a buyer four bottles at $199.80, allowing a discount of $80 for the total package. 

Shipping is free and takes a maximum of seven working days. 


The company allows clients to use the product for 90 days to decide whether it is working for them or not. If it has not benefited them within three months, they should contact the company to know how to proceed with the refund process. 

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How soon will a client start to experience changes in their body after using this product? 

A client will start to see considerable changes within seven days of taking the supplement. However, the manufacturer recommends taking the product for at least three months for the best results. 

How much does it cost to ship the product to Asia? 

The product is made for the US market and does not have an option for shipping to Asia. While shipping within America is free, a client wishing to ship outside the US should consult with the company for directions to proceed. 

What side effects should a user prepare for before they start using this supplement? 

This product is a dietary supplement using natural ingredients sourced from plant life. It does not have any known side effects except when used in excess or when a user overdoses. It is, therefore, safe to use for anyone above the age of 18. Pregnant and nursing mothers should keep away from the product. People under medication should consult with their doctors before starting to take the supplement. 

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Nerve pain can negatively affect a person’s life. It takes the joy out of living and can lead to life-threatening conditions. This condition brings pain, sleeplessness, confusion, anger, depression, and loss in a person’s life. Conventional medication mostly puts a bandaid on the problem but does not solve it. That makes it necessary to find another solution that will enable people to live better lives free of pain and confusion. Nerve Control 911 states that it alleviates this pain and the complications that come with this condition. 

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