Qnix watch Reviews 2021: Read This Qnix Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Before Buying!


Technological advancement and the unthinkable everyday innovations are generally aimed at making our lives easier, better, and less stressful.

Our quality of life can be significantly improved courtesy of some of these innovations.  An example of such essential innovation is smartwatches. Smartwatches with fitness tracking technology come with dual benefits of acting both as a smartwatch enabling you access to your Smartphone especially when engaged in activities such as physical exercise in which your phone may constitute a distraction.

As a fitness tracker, smart wristwatches allow you to monitor your progress during a physical exercise as well as keep an eye on your vital signs. This can come in handy, as it not only motivate you to go out there and push the limits but also provide you with the rare opportunity of detecting early signs of silent killers such as hypertension and cardiac diseases which would have gone unnoticed until the disease has progressed significantly thus decreasing its prognosis.

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What is the Qnix smartwatch?

The Qnix smartwatch is an example of such smartwatches with an outstanding performance as a smartwatch as well as a fitness tracker. It sends notifications such as calls, messages, and others from your phone to its screen thus ensuring you do not miss any of your notifications while staying away from your phone.

Many persons have come to realize the immense benefits of taking an intermittent break away from cellphones and their addictive applications. Cellphones can constitute significant distraction which could lead to potentially dangerous accidents especially when used in places like the kitchen while cooking.

Qnix watches are designed to enable you to keep track of your vitals during physical activity and to monitor your progress towards achieving your fitness goals.

Qnix is truly a smart companion with lots of amazing features. Doctors and other medical practitioners have commended these smartwatches for their role in detecting early signs of silent killer diseases that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. By measuring the pulse rate, heart rate, oxygen saturation, this smartwatch can tell as early as a possible derangement in any of these parameters and raise a red flag, alerting you to book an appointment with your doctor to ensure you rule out a more sinister condition.

Early stages of cardiac conditions often go unnoticed, this is because of physiologic compensatory mechanisms called in by the body to cover up for the cardiac deficiencies. This however can not continue for long and will some become inadequate, during which time the full symptoms of the pathology will be expressed. In most instances, the symptomatic stage of cardiac conditions where the patient is already presenting with symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath, leg swelling, and others usually have a poor prognosis. Therefore, early detection is key to a good prognosis and that is where the Qnix smart wristwatches andy.

One of the major obstacles to having a super productive day ironically is our smartphones. These phones are loaded with highly addictive apps that keep us hooked to the extent that most cannot survive staying away from their mobile phones for just a couple of minutes. With the Qnix smartwatch, you will not just be able to keep track of your physical activity but also make the most of your day as you can now finally be free of phone addiction and yet have all our notifications and calls delivered to your wrist.

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How to use Qnix smartwatch

Qnix smartwatch can be set up in few easy steps that do not require sophisticated knowledge of technology. The first th to download and install the app on your smartphone. , ensure the device is charged properly. You can now go-ahead to connect it with a compatible iOS or Android device. Go ahead and wear the wristwatch on the wrist and enjoy the ride.

How does the Qnix smartwatch work?

Qnix smartwatch is designed with such a technology that enables it to perfectly combine the functions of a conventional smartwatch as well as that of a fitness tracker. It has a super sleek design giving an additional function of a fashion accessory. It has a rectangular screen where the parameters are displayed. Here you will be able to control your calls, that is see who is calling, answer calls or end them.

Qnix also comes with the function of monitoring sleep hours. Sleep is a better fuel for the brain than food. the brain functions optimally with an adequate amount of sleep. In many instances, most people do not realize how inadequate their sleep hours are and therefore tend to blame symptoms such as headache, lethargy, and general disinterest on other causes. With the Qnix smartwatch, sleep hours can be accurately monitored and one will be able to tell whether or not he or is having the recommended amount of sleep and adjust appropriately.

A key factor in having a super productive day is sleeping on time to wake on time. Therefore, the Qnix smartwatch can play a crucial role in ensuring a super productive day.

The Qnix smart wristwatch is also programmed with health-related functions such as measurement of blood pressure, heart rate, pulse rate, blood oxygen level in real-time. This biometric technology, therefore, allows this wristwatch to function as your health assistant by flagging abnormal readings of these parameters, that is values outside the acceptable normal range which could be an indicator of the early stage of cardiovascular disease.

Extraordinary qualities of Qnix smart wristwatch


One of the shocking discoveries about the Qnix smartwatch is that even with these amazing features, it comes at an affordable price making it be considered as the first smart wristwatch with a dual function to have a price rate almost 3 times lower than the price of other smartwatches available in the current market.

What is more interesting is the fact that the company is currently giving a 50% discount. There is no better time to buy this amazing companion than now.

The current prices are on the official website Click here to view the prices

Suitable for all skin types

Nothing could be more frustrating than discovering your smartwatch is not able to give accurate reading due to its sensitivity to the selected complexion. Most of the smartwatches out there come with the drawback of been selected for a certain complexion. They are built with a sensor that limits their sensitivity hence they are unable to penetrate the melanin layers of dark skin individuals.

The Qnix smart wristwatches are one of the smart wristwatches of choice for many reasons. It is gaining a lot of popularity in the market for superior qualities not seen in other similar products, the cutting-edge technology with which it was designed, and its ability to overcome the limitations of other smartwatches such as skin or complexion selectivity. Qnix is designed with such sensitive sensors that hatattitle senseis this vetoll skittypespe. this means that it produces the same perfect results be it on a dark-skinned individual or a light skin individual. Additionally, the sensitivity of its sensors also allows it to penetrate tattoos drawn on the watch to give accurate results irrespective of the tattoo.

visit the official Qnix smartwatch website to purchase the Qnix smartwatch at a 50% discount.


The vulnerability of smart wristwatches and other similar gadgets forces users to always put them off when about to come income in contact with water. This routine aside from being a little bit tiring can also increase the risk of misplacing your wristwatch. Many times, after removing our wristwatch to perform activities that involve the use of water that could damage the wristwatch, many persons simply get off totally forgetting about the wristwatch and walking away. For this reason, smart wrist washes need to possess some level of water resistance or at least splash resistance. Splash-resistant splash-resistant those unaffected by mild dampness from water or sweat. The Qnix smartwatch is rated IP67, which means that it is relatively water-resistant, that is it can survive been submerged in water that is about 1 meter for 30 minutes without being damaged or developing any malfunction.

Not only does this attribute allow the qnix smart wristwatch to be worn with less reason to take it off, but it also confers on it a great amount of durability.


It takes a lot to create something that functions to keep track of complex data, link up with your smartphone to collect and monitor numerous events, and yet remain simple user-user-friendly. One of the admirable qualities of the Qnix smart wristwatch is its simplicity. This allows all its users to find their way around it irrespective of the level of technological know-how.

Qnix’s design is gossans andand can undeadly use single one-touch control to operate the smartwatch. Additionally, it connects easily with any android or iOS smartphone. This way it helps the user avoid the hassle that comes with some smartwatch when attempting to establish a connection with the smartphone.

Efficient fitness tracker

not very many smartwatches out there can boast of being able to give real-time data of the vital signs. Qnix smart wristwatch is designed with dual sensors to allow it to give an accurate and precise reading of vital signs such as blood oxygen level, heart rate, and body temperature. It keeps track of and stores this data and can alert the user whenever any of these parameters go out of the normal range according to preset values.

Qnix smartwatch is also able to keep track of the sleep pattern and duration, therefore allowing the user to live a healthier life.

Long-lasting battery

This is the favorite attribute of any electronic gadget for most customers. The hassle of having to frequently take off your wristwatch to have it recharged can be a very annoying one, especially in an environment without a constant power supply. Poor battery capacity simply spells inefficient use of the smartwatch as it spends more time of the wrist getting recharged than on the wrist. This deprives the user of the full benefits of the smartwatch. Qnix smart wristwatch is designed with an incredible battery capacity that enables it to last for about 96 hours after the last recharge.

Customer review of Qnix is filled with accolades on the battery capacity which can last for 4 days straight without shutting down.

Other features of the Qnix wristwatch include:

Qnix wristwatch is designed to store data of the parameters its measures for up to 7 days. This enables efficient tracking of the vital signs and analysis of any observable trend in the data collected.

Qnix is built with the latest Bluetooth technology. This accounts for the ease of connection with android and iOS smartphones.

Multiple color options

 Qnix is designed for the primary function of fitness tracking as well as a smartphone. However, the sleek design of the watch allows it to also function as a fashion accessory. The wristwatch has multiple color options depending on the preference of the buyer.

Comfortable fit

The qnix strap fits perfectly without causing any irritation or discomfort. The wristwatch is made from such material that can give great comfortability allowing it to be worn over an extended period without causing skin irritation or discomfort.

Why you should get the qnix smartwatch

Health and fitness tracking

Qnix is an amazing piece of technological gadget. In a matter of seconds, the smartwaprovides readers realme informal-timeline-time on vital signs such as heart rate, body temperature, and blood oxygen.

Physical activities such as working out and other forms of exertion including aerobic exercises such as jogging, skipping, or walking, comes with a physiological rise in the heart rate and oxygen saturation to meet up with the body’s needs during exercise. This is however not pathologic and does not pose any risk of an underlying disease. Qnix smartwatch tracks these changes and alerts the user when values go out of the preset normal range.

Although we mentioned how efficient the Qnix smartwatch is in detecting abnormal values the parameters it measures, it should never be thought of as a replacement for your doctor. One of the commonest mistakes we find amongst users of smart wristwatches is that their watches become the physician or sometimes they make themselves the doctor by attempting to interpret what the change in the measured parameters could mean by implying tools such as goggling of these values and the possible associated disease conditions this could be found.

Qnix helps track your progress towards your goals by calculating calories burned during each workout session. This makes it a perfect companion on your weight loss journey.

It helps you stay active

Attaining physical fitness or maintaining a healthy weight limit comes with a lot of discipline and endurance. The key to achieving a fitness goal is persistence. They may be times when you may not feel like stepping out grinding those fat, however with the qnix smartwatch and its preset notification, you every day of your fitness routine thereby enabling you to keep an active life which is essential for achieving the set fitness goals

Helps you stay refreshed after sleep

No human being can function properly without having an adequate amount of sleep. Adequate sleep gives a refreshing feeling. You will be able to function at your best afterward your sleep pattern helps you determine any deficiency in your sleeping hours and enable you to adjust accordingly to make the most of your day.

Keeps you free from a phone call and message distraction

Fiddling with the phone is known to be one of the most common sources of distraction during and outside exercise. Our phones in many instances are the primary reason for an unproductive day. with the qnix smartwatch, you can afford to keep away from the distraction of the smartphone user errday/ workout and yet keep a tab on your calls and notifications.

Pros and cons


Easy to use

A common problem that comes with digital devices built with sophisticated technology is the difficulty in setting them up faced by people with little knowledge about technology or people who are not oriented well enough to find their way around these products. Qnix smartwatch is however super user-friendly gadget. It is super easy to set up. It only requires that you get it charged, download and install the app on your smartphone and then pair the gadget with a compatible device

Gives real-time statistics

Qnix smartwatch is designed to monitor your vital signs at any given second. It, therefore, displays your vital signs as they happen and allows you access to your real-time statistics while you work out. It is also able to store up to 7 days of memory of all the data collected during this time. This can become extremely useful in determining a trend the abnormal values if any.

Qnix smartwatch is lightweight and portable. This allows for it to be put on over an extended time duration without causing any form of discomfort

It’s one of those rare smartwatches with long battery life.


It is difficult to find any product out there that meets all customer expectations without any limitations. Qnix has been showered with great customer reviews ever since it established its presence in the market.

One of the limitations of this is that it is only available on the company’s official website and therefore can only purchase from there.

The product does not have absolute water resistance and so cannot be used by athletes such as swimmers and nor professionals such as deep-sea divers and other similar activities that involving using the write watch underwater with a depth greater than 1 meter for more than 30 minutes.it is however splash and sweat resistant as it can function perfectly without suffering any malfunction while having it strapped on during workouts that cause you to sweat profusely.

Customer review

Many persons agree on the fact that an essential condition for buying a particular product is a good customer review. On this note, many buyers do not order any product until they have read through the customer reviews. If you are of this school of thought then qnix is meant for you. Qnix has been showered with lots of positive reviews from customers who least expected the efficiency and accuracy of the device. Some of the customers consider having their vital signs on display this way as a huge motivation for getting up and engaging themselves in physical exercise. Others are super intrigued with the ease of setting up the wristwatch and the duration of time it takes to have it running. There are also others who the device is a tool to help them push themselves further in their journey to attaining physical fitness. In general, most of the customers are super happy with the cool features of the qnix smartwatch and only have positive comments on it so far.

Final verdict

If your goal is to get an efficient smartwatch that is at the same time incredibly affordable, then this is your chance to put one on your wrist. Take the opportunity of the company’s discount offer and before it’s off the table.

The Qnix smart wristwatch has all the amazing qualities you are unlikely to find on other brands: its style is unique and its numerous functions will only leave you wishing you had more than one wrist.

What’s more, you can choose to send them as gifts to your friends and loved ones. As long as you hold the person dear, then the Qnix watch would put you in their good books.

Kindly drop your comments and suggestion in the comment section. Cheers

visit the official Qnix smartwatch website to purchase the Qnix smartwatch at a 50% discount.

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