Slim Leaf Review: Real Ingredients or Scam Barefoot Origins Weight Loss Supplement?

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Many people who struggle with obesity and unwanted weight tend to give up quickly with the ineffective and available weight loss programs. Some believe that reducing food intake, low carb diet, high protein diet, high fat diet, exercise, diet pills, etc., is the solution.  

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Some diets may seem to work for a short time, and no matter what they do, the weight may remain stagnant until the process is not worth the trouble. Denying the body some nutrients may decrease energy levels, lethargy, mood swings, lack of focus, etc. They go back to eating poorly. Everyone has been in situations where they are stuck with stubborn fat and weight. This is now in the past, thanks to Slim Leaf supplements. 

About Slim Leaf 

Slim Leaf supplement is a revolutionary weight loss supplement that helps burn and melt fat safely and effectively from the body. The body maintains this weight loss process over a long period. This formula includes ingredients that balance the body’s blood sugar levels, manage glucose utilization, and train the body to release insulin properly. The ultimate purpose of Slim Leaf supplement is to support weight management healthily in the body and not increase any further. 

Ingredients of Slim Leaf 

  • Holy Basil: Holy Basil originated in India and was used traditionally for Ayurveda purposes. Holy Basis contains a GLUT 4 receptor that switches the body to first burn carbs in the body before eating them. This helps reduce the insulin levels in the body. High glucose in the body contributes to weight gain. Holy Basil helps lose weight even if the weight has been stubborn for a long time. 
  • AshwagandhaAshwagandha originated from the Middle East, India, and parts of Africa. This ingredient helps reduce stress in the body, controls the production of the cortisol stress hormone, increases serotonin, and controls appetite. Stress may cause people to overeat, which results in weight gain. 
  • Baikal Skullcap: Baikal skullcap originated in China and is used for medicinal purposes. This ingredient is commonly used to control the nervous system, reduce the risk of nervous tension, control hysteria, reduce inflammation, and reduce tumors’ onset. Researchers say that these ingredients can reduce body fat levels by 15%. 
  • Lemon Balm extract: Lemon balm is a herb that originated in North Africa and the Middle East. This ingredient helps reduce weight, especially in stubborn areas that store visceral fat, control mood, and is often referred to as the calming herb. 
  • L-Theanine: L-Theanine is an amino acid produced by the body in small quantities. This ingredient enhances fat reduction, increases the metabolism rate, lowers blood pressure, enhances relaxation, controls infections, and promotes the development of lean muscles.   

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How does slim leaf work 

Slim Leaf supplements contain GLUT 4 receptor, the carb burn switch that directs the body to burn carbs for energy instantly and not store them as fat. This body has two lanes in the body. The first lane is for fat-burning purposes, and the second lane is the fat-storing lane. With GLUT 4 receptors, 80% of the glucose is moved to the fat-burning lane, which also contains the muscle cells. In this state, the body uses carbs for energy instead of using them as storage. When the GLUT 4 receptors do not function optimally, the body will store carbs as fat resulting in a lethargic, sluggish body, and eventually weight gain. Glut4 receptors guide the system to burn the carb and sugar calories for energy or store them for use as fat later on. With the Slim Leaf supplement, there is no need to avoid carbohydrates in the diet. 

How to use Slime Leaf 

· To be used by women only. 

· Can be used by both vegans and non-vegans 

· No doctor’s prescription is needed. 

· Read and understand the directions for use. 

· Do not consume if the seal is open, tampered with, or broken. 

· Should be consumed with a healthy balanced diet. 

· No need to avoid carbohydrates. 

· A regular exercise regimen is required. 

· Young children, nursing, and pregnant women should avoid the supplement. 

· If unwell or on other supplements, see medical approval. 

· Do not overdose. 

· Keep away children.  

· Discontinue the product if any reactions occur and seek medical attention. 

· No need for refrigeration, but the product should be kept in a dry, cool place. 

· Do not expose the product to moisture. 

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Take two capsules with a glass of water daily, for effective weight loss. 

Benefits of Slim Leaf 

  • Supports weight management: Slim Leaf enhances weight loss by fixing the carb switch leaving users with a safe and effective weight loss process
  • Reduces stress:  The product contains mood enhancers, anxiety, relaxation, and stress-reducing ingredients which enable the users to control and manage the intake of food. This also reduces sleep disorders. 
  • Stabilizes blood glucose:  Slim Leaf stabilizes the blood sugar levels and glucose levels by increasing the production and function of insulin. Obesity normally causes diabetes. 
  • Reduces fat:  This product allows fat reduction around the heart, arteries, and other organs in the body. This fat may cause other diseases like heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, etc. 
  • Suppresses appetite:  This product controls cravings and gives the user a feeling of satiety. This results in fewer intakes of unhealthy foods like snacks and junk. In the end, the calorie intake is reduced. 
  • Increases lean muscle: Slim leaf has ingredients that help develop and increase lean muscle by converting stubborn fat into muscle. 
  • More energy:  slim leaf converts the stored fats into energy and fuel. This ensures that the body system is in constant supply throughout. 

Side effects. 

There are no side effects for using Slim Leaf. 

Purchase & Price 

Slim Leaf is only available for purchase from the manufacturer, Barefoot Origins. The purchase can only be made online. Each bottle of the supplement contains 60 capsules and this is enough for a month. The price breakdown is as follows: 

1 Bottle is sold at $59.00 and a further $9.95 Shipping fee. 

3 Bottles are sold at $117.00 No shipping fee. 

6 Bottles are sold at $174.00. No shipping fee. 

Buying more than 1 bottle makes money sense. 

Money-Back Guarantee & Refund Policy 

Slim Leaf is supported by a 180 day 100% money-back guarantee. This claim is made by completing a refund form on the manufacturer’s website. If a purchaser does not lose a substantial amount of weight, they are entitled to a refund of the amount paid less any shipping back fees. 

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Q: Are there any subscription charges or extra fees when purchasing Slim Leaf? 

A: No. Once the user product is ordered and purchased, the package will be delivered to the doorstep without any other charges. 

Q: What is in Slim Leaf that motivates weight loss? 

A: The ingredients in Slim Leaf have been sourced from local organic farmers and are safe and clean. The ingredients trigger the GLUT4 receptor which quickly converts the body’s glucose into energy instead of stored fat. 

Q: For how long should one use Slim Leaf? 

A: Users should use Slim Leaf for 90 days for maximum impact on the body. Although the effect is felt within the first week of an intake, 90 days intake has a long-lasting effect. Users should avoid skipping a dose. 

Q: If users lose weight quickly, should they continue or stop taking the supplement? 

A: To begin with if the weight reduction is abnormal, users should first consult their doctor to rule out any other medical condition. If found fit, they can then reduce the dosage to 1 capsule a day instead of 2. 

Q: What should a user do if the product is not showing any positive results? 

A: Weight loss may vary from one user of the product to another. This is caused by genes, age, health status, targeted weight loss, etc. The manufacturer has put in place a 180-day money-back guarantee should users be dissatisfied with the product. 

Q: Do users of Slim Leaf need to be on any restrictive diet? 

A: No. Slim Leaf uses can continue with the diet they are on currently including carbohydrates. The diet should be balanced with no restrictions. 

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· Manufactured to the highest care and quality. 

· The supplement begins to work within a short time. 

· Does not contain any preservatives, additives, or chemicals. 

· Has more added health benefits other than just weight loss

· No fillers, toxins, or pesticides. 

· Does not contain any fillers, chemicals, and preservatives. 

· The product is produced in FDA & GMP-approved facilities. 

· Natural and organic ingredients. 

· There are no hidden charges or fees. 


There are no side effects when using Slim Leaf. 


Slim Leaf supplements are the only weight loss product that is known to trigger and activate GLUT4. This product helps users lose weight permanently without any adverse side effects on the body. Users will be impressed at what Slim Leaf supplements can do by just a daily consumption of 2 capsules. Give this new revolutionary product a try and enjoy the new body goals. 

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