Starscope Monocular Review: Is Starscope Binocular Legit?


One of the primary tools that an adventurer or a person going on any trip requires is binocular. Many times, there are animals or birds or any other object that are quite far away to be clearly seen with the naked eye. In such a situation, a device that helps people watch the object without going near it is invaluable.  

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But one of the drawbacks of a binocular is that it’s heavy and designed inconveniently. So, a monocular device serves as its perfect alternative. Starscope is an up-and-coming monocular and this yahoo review details each of its features. 

About Starscope Monocular 

Starscope is one of the newest arrivals in the industry of monocular devices. It’s created using military-grade materials that make it rugged and tough. It’s an all-weather device which can be used during heavy fog and rain too. As per the manufacturer, it’s fog-proof and waterproof. It has an in-built compass that helps adventurers get a sense of direction. It weighs only 320gms and is compactly designed to fit in any pocket.  

According to the creators, the device can be connected to mobile phone cameras, and the magnification of the lenses can be increased by up to 12 times. The device is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, making it an even more useful product.   

Technical Facts and Specifications 

  • Diameter of Exit Pupil: 3mm 
  • Objective Diameter: 50mm 
  • In-built compass 
  • Waterproof, sweatproof, and fog proof 
  • 10x magnification, HD glass, and entirely multi-coated  
  • Fully coated green lens 
  • Eye Relief: 20mm  
  • Weight: 0.32 kgs 
  • Black color 
  • Compact size, dimensions: 70mm x 155mm x 44mm 
  • Hands-free accessibility with tripod stand 
  • Anti-skid frosted solid grip, streamline in design 
  • BAK4 prism type 

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How Does Starscope Monocular Work? 

It’s a monocular device or telescope that can work both individually and in sync with mobile phones as well. Users who wish to peep through the lens and see a far-away object can do so. They can increase the magnification to have a closer look. It has an in-built compass, which customers can use to figure out the sense of direction.  

Users can also improve the magnification of their mobile cameras by 12 times. They have to attach the one-lens telescope to the camera lens using the equipment provided in the package. Now, they can proceed to increase magnification and click clearer pictures. 

How to Use Starscope Monocular? 

As per the creators of Starscope Monocular, it’s a simple to use the device. Given below are some points to remember for the users- 

  • It’s a monocular telescope that’s used to increase magnification and see far away objects more clearly.  
  • It’s compact and can be stored in the pocket of the user’s bottom wear.  
  • Users need to pull the device out of their pockets, place the monocular device in front of one of their eyes, and look at the object that they wish to.  
  • They can increase magnification and have an even closer look.  
  • One of the best features of the device is that it can be connected to mobile phones. 
  • Users can attach it to their camera lenses and get the view on their mobile screen. It also allows them to capture pictures with an improved magnification of the camera lenses. 
  • After its use, customers can keep it safely in their pockets. 

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Benefits of Starscope Monocular 

Improved Magnification 

The monocular has a very wide range. Users will be able to see objects that are 50 miles away using Starscope. 

Easy to Operate 

It’s an easy-to-use device. There’s no switching on the device. It’s exactly like a binocular but with one lens. It has to be placed in front of one of the eyes and peered through. 

Connects to Mobile  

One of the best features of Starscope Binocular is that it can be connected to mobile phones. It has to be clipped to the camera lenses of mobile phones. It improves the magnification of the camera lens and helps users click clearer pictures of far-away objects. 

Compact Design and Lightweight 

It’s compactly built and fits into any pocket. It weighs only 320gms, so there’s no need to carry a separate bag for the monocular device.  

Cost Implications 

There are five options to choose from when it comes to Starscope Monocular. People who wish to buy the product may visit the official website of the company and select the most suitable package for themselves- 

  • One Set of Starscope: The seller offers one set of Starscope Monocular for $47.99. Buyers can save $32 on this deal. 
  • Two Sets of Starscope: Two sets of Starscope are available for $95.98, i.e., $47.99 per unit of the product.  
  • Three Sets of Starscope: Interested buyers can purchase three units of Starscope for $107.99. So, the effective price of each unit comes to be $36. The total savings on this deal amounts to $180. 
  • Four Units of Starscope: Four units of Starscope Monocular can be ordered for $143.97, i.e., $36 for every unit of the device. Buyers save $240 on the deal. 
  • Five Units of Starscope: The company offers five units of Starscope on its official website for $167.97 or $33.60 per unit of the device. Buyers save a whopping $312 on this package. 
  • The shipping charge varies for different orders. If the buyer orders one unit of the device, they will have to pay $8.95, $9.95 for two units, $10.95 for three, $11.95 for four, and $12.95 for five units. 

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy 

The seller backs the product with a 30-day refund guarantee. As the manufacturer claims, it’s a satisfaction guarantee, so if the device doesn’t satisfy the user, they can choose to return the items that they received. On returning the items, their refund is processed. The following steps are to be remembered while returning the products. 

  • First, buyers need to contact the customer support service of the seller and inform them of the situation. 
  • The customer service representative assigned will generate an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number for the buyer. 
  • This unique RMA number should appear on the outside of the package.  
  • The items inside the return package should be unused and unopened. It must be in its original packaging. 
  • Buyers need to ensure that they share the tracking number of the return shipment with the company. 
  • After the package reaches the company warehouse, it will be inspected, and once cleared by the representatives, the user’s refund is initiated. 
  • They will get a full refund, excluding shipping and handling charges, in their bank account within 3-5 days.  
  • The company doesn’t support return shipping costs. They may also charge a small restocking fee from the users. 

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What is meant by a “BAK4” prism? 

BaritleichKron or BAK stands for “barium crown” in the German language. It’s a type of prism used in advanced high-end telescopes and binoculars. And, its inclusion to create the Starscope monocular makes it rank with the best telescopes in the market. 

How do users connect the monocular with their mobile phones? 

There’s a piece of equipment included in the package that helps users to attach the telescope with their mobile phone camera lenses. Once they have attached it, they need to give the necessary permissions to the monocular using their phones. This connects the monocular with the camera and can now be used to increase magnification and click clear photos. 

Is the device compatible with Android? 

Yes, the Starscope device is compatible with both operating systems, iOS, and Android. 

Can the monocular be used without connecting it to a mobile phone? 

Yes, users can use the Starscope monocular device without connecting to their mobile phones. They need to place the telescope in front of one of their eyes, adjust the magnification, and see far away objects effortlessly.  

How far away objects can users see with the device? 

Users can see objects that are 50 miles away using the device.  

Will the device get damaged in moist conditions? 

No, the device won’t get damaged in moist or wet conditions. As per the manufacturers, the Starscope monocular is waterproof and sweatproof, which makes it resistant to water. 

What are the lenses of Starscope Binocular made of? 

The Starscope lenses are created using high-quality optical glass. They have a protective coat as well which makes it rugged and an all-condition device. They are the finest quality glass available in the market. 

What are the dimensions of the device? Do users need to carry a separate bag for the device? 

The dimensions of the device (l x b x h) are: 155mm x 70mm x 44mm. It’s compact and can be carried in a pocket. So, there’s no need for a separate bag for the device. 

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Monocular devices are certainly more convenient to carry than binoculars and telescopes. It’s compact, lightweight, and can be carried in the pocket. Another major benefit that users get with Starscope is that they can improve the magnification of their camera lenses and click clearer pictures.   

The company offers several packages of the product on its official website. Potential buyers can visit it to see the package that suits them. There’s also a money-back guarantee backing the device.  

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