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The Kidney Disease Solution Program features a step-by-step guide designed with all-natural methods for healing your kidneys. According to the official program site, the program guides users on how to lower creatinine levels, improve kidney function and protect the kidneys from further damage. 

The Kidney Disease Solution Program follows a unique guide to improve kidney health and functions. According to the site, correctly following the program can help reverse kidney damage. Unlike traditional medicine, invasive procedures, or over-marketed supplements, the program follows a natural approach.  

Using the Kidney Disease Solution program, one doesn’t have to stick to multiple energy-draining prescriptions or undergo invasive procedures. Instead, simple lifestyle and dietary changes can ultimately help to reverse kidney damage and improve kidney function and health. The author of the program doesn’t just include random changes and diets for short-term relief.  

The Kidney Disease Solution program features a comprehensive approach to lifestyle and dietary changes. Ultimately, followers of the program will not only reverse kidney damage and improve its function. Instead, the program ensures to improve overall health, ensuring every part of the body functions effectively and efficiently.  

According to the official site, chronic kidney disease shouldn’t necessarily lead to dialysis or kidney transplant. Catching it in time and immediately following the Kidney Disease Solution Program will save you plenty of time, suffering, and high treatment costs. Are you wondering how the Kidney Disease Solution Program works? Is it perfect for you? This in-depth Kidney Disease Solution Program answers all your questions. 

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What is the Kidney Disease Solution Program? 

The Kidney Disease Solution Program is an all-in-one step-by-step program designed to support kidney health and reverse kidney disease. The program doesn’t include the use of external products. Following the program, you don’t have to take medication, supplements, or undergo procedures.  

According to its official site, the Kidney Disease Solution program integrates a selection of innovative holistic treatment methods designed to reverse even the advanced stages of kidney disease. The program features a collection of ebooks. The ebooks are divided into two categories.  You will find ebooks on lifestyle. These books provide guidance on assessing one’s condition, interpreting their test results, and creating a treatment and diet plan that suits the person.   

The second category comes in the form of cookbooks that provide guidance on the best and healthiest diets based on one’s conditions. In addition to the selection of books, the program provides extra helpful materials. Supplemental materials include meditation audiobooks, nutritional plans, yoga videos, and treatment trackers. Combined, these materials extend a holistic approach to treating kidney disease and improving kidney functions.  

The complete kidney disease solution Program costs about $87. Immediately after paying for the program, you will have instant and lifetime access. 

Who Created Kidney Disease Solution Program? 

The Kidney Disease Solution Program was authored by Duncan Capicchiano and his wife, Fiona Chin. Based in Australia, the couple has a combined natural and herbal medicine background. They two have founded a wellness clinic based in Melbourne with over 13 natural health therapists.  

With years of experience and countless research, the Kidney Disease Solution Program is one of the couple’s successful projects. The couple studied and devised the program over the years. The program was a response to Fiona’s grandmother’s struggle with stage-4 renal disease, for which she underwent countless dialysis sessions. After years of research through peer review journals, clinical trials, and field testing, the couple devised a successful program.  

Fiona’s grandmother was one of the very first successful patients, having witnessed a change in their condition within 12 weeks. Six months later, she had completely recovered, and a decade later, she continued to lead a healthy life. According to the official site, since its launch in 2018, the Kidney Disease Solution Program has successfully treated over 25,000 people globally. 

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How Does Kidney Disease Solution Program Work? 

The kidney Disease Solution Program follows a simple working mechanism. The program uses the eBook, cookbook, and audio materials to guide you in the treatment process. As mentioned before, the eBook and audiobooks provide step-by-step guidelines on how one can alter their lifestyle.  

Additionally, the audio materials provide guided meditation exercises that help to support kidney and overall health. Additionally, the guided mediation audio supports stress relief and sleep quality improvement. As part of the mediation audio, users have access to morning yoga flow exercises.  

The audio includes multiple yoga sessions with renowned yogini Antonella Milo. The yoga exercises aim to energize you all day while restoring your kidney health. On the other hand, the program’s dedicated cookbook provides unique recipes for food that support kidney health and improve function. 

Kidney Disease Solution Program Components 

It’s imperative to know each element of the Kidney Disease Solution Program to understand better how the program works. As mentioned earlier, the program contains multiple features, including ebooks, audiobooks, and videos. These include; 

The Kidney Disease Solution eBook and Treatment Plan 

The Kidney Disease Solution eBook is the main part of the program. This eBook covers the full program comprehensively and provides a step-by-step guide on how to change your lifestyle. The eBook pretty much contains all the necessary information to get you started on healing your kidneys. The book includes remedies, put in simple, comprehensible language. To keep the users at ease, each solution is backed up with scientifically proven and the latest studies in the field. 

Kidney Repair Tools 

This brief guide extends detailed descriptions of every product and nutrient you will need to support your body’s natural healing. 

The Kidney Disease Solution Cookbook 

Next is the program’s dedicated cookbook. Covering up to 133 pages, the book provides a wide selection of easy-to-follow recipes. The principal purpose of each recipe is to provide the user with the necessary daily nutritional needs of the body. Furthermore, the book contains special recipes aimed at supporting healthier lifestyles of people who suffer from diseases like diabetes and hypertension. 

How to Interpret your Kidney Test Result 

All the necessary data and information isn’t limited to the main program book. As part of the package, the user receives extra supporting materials for different information. This eBook is a helpful resource and guide for decoding one’s kidney test. It’s a handy resource for those who still don’t understand their physician’s explanation. The eBook features countless tips on how one can use their results effectively too. 

Kidney Disease Symptom Tracker 

As one starts their journey of healing, the symptom tracker comes with the program to support them. The tracker is added to the program to help you ensure the program is effective. The main functions of the tracker include monitoring the treatment progress and assessing improvements in real time. A detailed checklist comes with the symptom tracker for easier monitoring of symptoms and kidney health.  

Quick Meal Planning 

The Quick Meal planning guide comes with the program to complement the recipe book. Sure, the program provides a cookbook packed with generous amounts of recipes. However, this would be a useless gesture for those who still struggle with meal planning. 

Including the Quick Meal Planning Guide provides an added layer of support for the program follower. The Quick Meal Planning eBook provides a guide for creating up to 3 meals and a snack plant for each day of the week. It ensures you use the cookbook efficiently and effectively. 

Comprehensive Nutrition Plan 

The Comprehensive Nutrition Plan describes vital foods that can fast track kidney healing and health. The plan shares exact food to increase kidney functions and those that harm the kidneys too. 

Kidney Health Grocery Shopping List 

The Kidney Health Grocery shopping List is the much-needed and ultimate partner to the program’s cookbook and meal planner. So, the next time you go grocery shopping, you don’t have to struggle with the ingredients list. 

De-stress and Renew Meditation 

This element comes in audio form. The De-Stress and Renew Meditation audiobook provides guided meditation exercises to keep you active all day long. These exercises improve quality and rejuvenate sleep too. The best part about this guided meditation audiobook is its compatibility with different devices. It can even be downloaded to a smartphone, allowing a person to use it anywhere. 

Kidney Healing Yoga Flow 

Last on the list is the 30-minute Morning Yoga Flow for Kidney Health and Energy video. The video combines various exercise routines by yogini Antonella Milo. The videos are primarily focused on deep morning yoga routine to restore kidney health. 

The Kidney Disease Solution Program is a digital package with eBooks, audiobooks, and video materials. Thus, they can be accessed from anywhere through the right devices. One can use a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In addition to the materials provided, the program provides free lifetime program updates. Additionally, customers enjoy complimentary lifetime email support from the support team. 

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Benefits of Kidney Disease Solution PDF 

  • Offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to treating kidney disease 

The program provides versatile resources for improving kidney health and functions. These range from guided ebooks to meditation audiobooks, yoga videos, and recipe books. 

  • Naturally supports kidney health and function.  

Unlike other programs, the kidney disease solution Program doesn’t include other external resources. The program doesn’t call for the use of drugs, supplements, or procedures. Instead, it extends a simple guide on changing one’s lifestyle and diet. Ultimately, following the program doesn’t only reverse kidney damage. It helps to boost overall kidney health and function too. 

Other benefits of using the Kidney Disease Solution Program include; 

  • Lowering kidney load and relieving the kidneys from toxin build up 
  • Shares 4 key nutrients and herbs that play a significant role in kidney function and health 
  • Offers simple lifestyle changes to improve the overall health 
  • Food types(that aggravate kidneys)  to avoid  
  • Shares guided meditation and yoga exercises for curbing stress and improving sleep quality 
  • Sticking the program keeps the body energized all day long 

Kidney Disease Solution Program Pricing 

According to the official site, customers can purchase the Kidney Disease Solution Program from This exclusive listing of the program aims to protect customers against scammers and duplicators of the program. Thus, people hunting for the program in marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart will be unsuccessful in the quest.  

The official program site offers additional perks such as frequent discounts and updates. Customers enjoy an added layer of security on the site too. The program’s official site and its payment gateway are all protected by a secured and impenetrable encryption. Thus, personal data, including financial information, stays safe at all times. 

At the moment, the complete program sells at a discount price of only $87. The retail price of the program is usually $159. So, customers can save up to $72 on their purchase. Prices on are as follows; 

  • Complete Kidney Disease Solution Program: $87 

After paying for the program, you will have instant access. The materials come in the form of pdf, audio, and videos. The Kidney Disease Solution Program comes with a 100% risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee promises a full refund in the 60-day window if you are not satisfied with the program.  

Currently, the Kidney Disease Solution Program comes with up to three free bonuses (valued at $519) with every purchase. These include; 

Kidney Diet Essentials Fast-Track Guide 

A $15 value, the eBook provides a quick guide to understanding diet and kidney health. The book covers critical nutrients like proteins, potassium, and phosphorus, which support kidney health and function in moderation. 

Lifetime Support 

A $299 value, this bonus allows you to enjoy lifetime customer support from anywhere and at any time. The customer can ask questions they have about the program. The customer support team includes qualified naturopaths to ensure customers enjoy the product value for sufficient and reliable support. 

Lifetime Updates 

A $205 value, this final bonus product ensures lifetime online updates for free. Customers will have priority access to all improvements to the program. 

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Kidney Disease Solution Program Refund Policy 

According to the official site, the Kidney Disease Solution Program offers great value at just $87, even though its value at more than $1000. Using a holistic approach with multiple resources, the program ensures effectiveness too. But this is not to say that one has to risk it all.  

After all, it would be unrealistic to think that everyone responds the same to the program. While the program promises results, different individuals will have varying experiences. Various factors such as age, gender, health, and even chemical makeup affect the final results!  

Thus, to make it easier on their customers, purchasing the Kidney Disease Solutions Program comes risk-free. A 100% risk-free 60-day money back guarantee backs every purchase. Therefore, if you are not happy with the program in the 60-day timeline, you can request a refund within the 60-day timeframe. If approved, refunds are typically processed within 48 hours of submitting a request. 

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My Final Word 

The Kidney Disease Solution Program is presented to be a viable solution for people with limited alternatives for treating kidney disease. After all, the program follows a holistic, yet, all-natural approach. Therefore, even the most serious patients don’t have to worry about potential side effects. What makes the program unique is the lack of drugs, supplements, or invasive procedures. 

The program simply offers guidance on how to improve your lifestyle and make their dietary changes for healthier body. In fact, you can easily find all the tools and resources you need for this program in your home! Understandably, they may be some skepticism. But, according to the site, you can rest assured about the program’s efficacy.  

After all, the site claims that since its launch in 2017, over 25,000 people globally have benefited from the Kidney Disease Program. Furthermore, this beat kidney disease program is primarily designed to tackle kidney disease and improve health. But this is not all it does. Along the way, the program promotes stress relief, energizes the body, and supports sleep quality.  

You will be impressed with the program’s components, which include relaxing yoga and guided meditation materials. The best part of it all is that you don’t have to introduce potentially toxic substances into your body. Even with the perks, the program presents to have, it offers a risk-free commitment for its customers.  

Purchasing the program directly qualifies the customer for 60-day money back guarantee. However, it is crucial to remember that the program isn’t a physician-prescribed treatment plan for all and shouldn’t be treated as such. Thus, it would be best if you used it with precautions. In fact, you should avoid using the program to replace physician-prescribed medications or treatment plans.  

People with existing medical conditions are advised to consult their physician for a go-ahead before using the program. On the other hand, a small demographic is advised against using the program. This demographic includes pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and people under the age of 18 years old. 

To learn more about Kidney Disease Solution Program or buy the program online today, visit, where 60-day money back guarantee backs all purchases. 

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