The Most Popular NFL Players That People Bet On


The NFL is a lot of fun to watch and is a highlight of the week for many of us out there, but it certainly wouldn’t be what it is today without a few of the key athletes in the game. These are often household names that we all talk about, even if we don’t know about the NFL. 

Before you look into NFL player props betting, we thought that we would share just a few of the main players that people tend to bet on when they’re watching an NFL game. In doing so, we’re going to highlight just what’s so good about these athletes anyway so you’re all clued up before the next game.

Patrick Mahomes II

Patrick Mahomes is a pretty big name in the NFL at the moment since he won the Super Bowl LIV Most Valued Player award. That’s a pretty huge accolade, so it should not be surprising that a lot of bets went on this player during that season. Mahomes plays as a quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs and is widely believed to be one of the best players in the NFL to date. He’s also the highest paid player at the moment – it’s not hard to see why! 

Aaron Donald

When it comes to defensive players, there are few that are better than Aaron Donald. He plays for the Los Angeles Rams and is a defensive tackle. He’s certainly come a long way since his college football days in Pittsburgh. He was drafted back in 2014 for the Rams and we’re pretty sure that they don’t regret that decision! He has some impressive stats too, including 59 tackles for loss, 93 quarterback hits and 46.5 sacks. It’s hard to get much better than him for defense, much to the chagrin of opposing teams. 

Derrick Henry

One thing is most certainly for sure – you wouldn’t want this 6 foot 3 tank on your opposing team if you’re in the NFL. Henry is a running back for the Tennessee Titans, and he’s one of the best that there is. During the previous NFL season, Henry managed to average 126.7 running yards. That’s no easy feat, but he still managed it. His beginnings were also something to sing and dance about, since he actually set the national high school football record for rushing yards in a career. He’s accomplished so much in just 27 years, who knows what’s coming next? The bets are most certainly on him for accomplishing some sweet feats on the football field. 

Devante Adams

This wide receiver from the Green Bay Packers is not one to be messed with. He aspires to be the best paid wide receiver for the NFL and it’s not difficult for him to make a case. He’s done 1374 yards in one season and a whopping 18 touchdowns. He’s one that you will want to keep your eye on during this season, as he’s sure to be making some major strides in his game.

Tom Brady

There are very few Americans who don’t know the name Tom Brady. Throughout his illustrious career, Brady has led his team to Super Bowl victory a whopping 7 times, and has one the MVP award five times to boot. He’s a large part of the reason why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have had so much success in the NFL, and Brady is widely regarded to be the single best quarterback in history. It’s not surprising that he’s one of the most popular players to bet on, and his talent is a rare one that is certainly worth celebrating.

Aaron Rodgers

Yet another quarterback that’s made a name for themselves! Aaron Rodgers is a quarterback for the Green Bay Packers that has had a great deal of success. He’s won three MVP awards during his time in the NFL, and is incredibly talented at what he does. Watch out for this player when you’re watching the NFL in 2021.

Travis Kelce

The Kansas City Chiefs have a great player in the form of Travis Kelce, their tight end player. He currently holds an NFL record for the most 1,000 yard seasons by a tight end, among other records to his name. His career is sure to continue to be one worth praising and you should definitely consider putting your wager on him.


There are a lot of NFL players that people bet on, but these are just a few of the best! Who will you bet on this season?

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