Total Revive Plus Reviews – Is UpWellness Total Revive+ Scam or Legit? 


Total Revive Plus is an all-natural digestive blend created to save the body from obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular issues. According to the official UpWellness website, it addresses all common digestive issues and controls them before they turn into something more complicated or cause weight gain. With these basic changes to digestive health, the risk of complications decreases, and the body enjoys overall improved health and immunity.  

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Do you sometimes skip meals to prevent a slow metabolism? Do you feel that eating three full meals makes your metabolism sluggish and takes hours to digest them? If that is the case, you do not need to cut the meals but improve digestion. Without proper nutrition, the body cannot survive, and leaving food is not the right way to fix metabolic issues. Alternatively, you can start taking a dietary supplement that helps in a complete breakdown and absorption of food.  

Many times, long-term neglect can affect gut health and create imbalances in the body. Although there are many remedies available, using supplements is still a better option. Total Revive Plus is a metabolic booster that helps digestion, reduces cravings, and regulates enzymatic activities in the body. Read this Total Revive Plus review to know everything about it.  

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Total Revive Plus Review  

People of all ages can get digestive issues. In fact, they are so common that every third person in the world has some type of metabolic problem. People have to suffer heartburn, flatulence, bloating, stomach flu, diarrhea, nausea, and related conditions from time to time. These conditions are not diseases but the symptoms of many underlying conditions that the body is trying to tell you. For example, irregular boat bowel movements can cause pain, discomfort, and vomiting. A slow metabolism can also cause unnecessary craving, increased appetite, and reflux. 

It is also common for digestive issues not to show completely. What does this mean that you can never identify any underlying metabolic condition without going to the doctor. Of course, not, and there are many other indicators that you can try to evaluate your digestive health. The digestive system is the main body function directly linked with various other systems, i.e., immunity, cognition, etc.  

Slow metabolism or poor metabolism means that the body is not able to break down the food properly, and it is not getting all the essential nutrients that it requires for its proper growth. Without treatment or fix, the body is not going to heal itself. And the purpose of taking a dietary supplement like total revive plus is to encourage the body to start natural healing. 

There are many things that could improve digestion along with supplements. Many times, the dietary changes I eat, including a high-fiber diet, can ease digestion. Exercise can also make the digestive system faster; there is no guarantee that these two can improve all users. On the other side, dietary supplements like Total, Revive Plus are suitable for everyone, and you can try them without considering the side effects.  

Total Revive Plus is made by a company named ‘UpWellness.’ According to the information provided on its official website, it has been designed by medical experts, which gives a big reason to trust this product.  

Regular use of the supplement may result in better nutrient absorption, faster metabolism, and weight loss. It also activates enzymes that help in this food breakdown and energy utilization process. This formula is so popular because of its selective ingredients extracted from natural sources grown without excessive chemical exposure. There are no concerns regarding supplement safety, and people of all ages can try to get the just benefits with or without diet and lifestyle changes. 

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What is Total Revive Plus? 

Total Revive + is a broad-spectrum digestive health booster derived from premium plant-based sources. It fills in the body with vital nutrients required in food absorption. The digestive enzymes activate metabolism once the body is reactive; it burns all excessive fat that is layered around the belly, thighs, and hips. Some ingredients inside this formula work as adaptogens and work on lowering stress.  

It shows that the formula is created thoughtfully, as stress is one of the biggest reasons behind a disturbed appetite and weight gain. Once the adaptogens start working, the chances of experiencing food cravings, mood swings, unexplained hunger pangs, and overreaction are reduced. Along with metabolic boost, stress and appetite management serve as a whole, and the body starts losing weight within days.  

The Total Revive+ comes in the form of easy-to-use capsules, packed in a leak-proof bottle and sealed. There are 90 capsules in one bottle, and the daily dosage is no more than three, taken with water. It is necessary to consume it every day for at least four to six weeks before expecting its results. It takes some time, but the results speak for themselves and never disappoint the user.  

The company does not provide much about the sources except they are plant-based and obtained from the local farmers. However, it clearly mentions that manufacturing takes place in an FDA-approved facility under high-quality standards with no chance of contamination. The orders are dispatched from the company’s warehouse and are delivered to the doorstep of every customer.  

Total Revive Plus Reviews – Information About The Creator  

Total Revive Plus is created by Dr. Joshua Levitt, a medical professional and board-certified naturopathic expert with over two-decades-long experience. He has spent all his life studying the medicinal benefits of plants and how these plant-based medicines are better than synthetic pills.  

According to the official website, hundreds of patients have received their treatment from him, and many more still rely on him for natural healing. But it is not easy for him to take out time for everyone. Helping every patient individually was impossible, so he has worked on this digestive formula so that people can get better help without practically coming to him.  

Dr. Levitt has put his long years of research into developing Total Revive Plus, which naturally activates metabolism and supports weight loss by better nutrient absorption. Every ingredient inside this formula is added after thorough consideration and checked for cross interaction with the rest. That is why the risk of interactions and side effects from the Total Revive+ ingredients are minimal.  

He advises the user to consume these pills for three to six months to complete weight loss transformation. The individual results may vary, and some people may get faster results than others while some might not notice any changes at all.  

Working Of Total Revive Plus Explained 

There are dozens of metabolic boosters in the market that give a common conception that all metabolic boosters are the same. While their purpose is the same, not all of them work the exact same way, or at least it is true for Total Revive Plus pills.  

On one side, where most metabolic boosters target weight loss without fixing the issue causing a slow metabolism, Total Revive Plus capsules work on the real problem. It boosts the production, release, and response of the digestive enzymes, helps the body to absorb food better, and makes sure all food particles are completely absorbed.  

This way, the chances of having unmetabolized food and layering of fat are low; therefore, the body does not gain weight no matter what you eat. In the absence of these digestive enzymes, it becomes impossible for the body to burn fat and not accumulate it. Plus, some of the ingredients inside work on removing toxins, lowering stress and inflammation, all of which are precursors of a slow metabolism. Because of this multi-action work, the results show up within days, which is not something you will experience while using a random metabolic booster.  

Total Revive Plus also targets common digestive issues such as bloating, cramps, nausea, flatulence, and heartburn, after eating. All of these issues are caused by intestinal discomfort that can be addressed with a little help. Normally, the GI tract does not work as per its best capacity because it is affected by dietary choices, stress, sedentary lifestyle, and other factors. All these aforementioned symptoms are a way for the body to express the irregularities going inside. But as they do not relate to disease, these symptoms are often ignored, and with time, they grow into something chronic.  

By changing the enzymatic response of the body, it tries to recreate the balance that has been lost over the years. The enzymes are involved in cellular energy production, clearing the body from toxins, improving metabolism, regulating and repairing DNA synthesis in the body.  

It is common to question if these enzymes are not being produced by the body already and how a supplement can improve these enzymes. The truth is that the body produces these enzymes naturally, but their production is sometimes blocked by a hindrance resulting in stress, early aging, slow metabolism, obesity, and incomplete food absorption.  

Using a digestive booster like Total Revive Plus improves these enzyme actions and saves the body from experiencing these issues. You may also improve enzyme activity by eating healthy food, with or without using a supplement. Combining healthy food with supplements cuts the days of recovery and makes a person slimmer in a very short time.  

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Total Revive Plus Ingredients  

The reason why Total Revive + tends to work so well for digestion is its ingredients. These ingredients promote natural healing and push the body to a healthy metabolism again. This formula is a blend of some digestive enzymes, antioxidant-rich ingredients, and adaptogens, all of which work together in a balanced way.  

Here is a list of all ingredients inside the Total Revive Plus pills and their benefits for the body.  

  • Amylase: the first name in this ingredient list is amylase, which is an enzyme helping in carbs digestion. It is naturally a part of human saliva and is also present in the stomach. Sometimes when the body experiences a delay in its production, the undigested carbs make their way to the colon, where they cause issues such as pain, cramps, flatulence, and diarrhea.  
  • Invertase: next in the Total Revive Plus list is invertase, which is also an enzyme responsible for digesting disaccharides, a sub-type of carbs. It also helps to limit sugar fermentation in the gut and improves immunity.   
  • Phytase: this enzyme helps absorb nutrients that are mandatory for healthy functioning. These nutrients include zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, and others. Sometimes it also regulates appetite and food cravings, leading to weight loss.  
  • Protease: it converts complex protein molecules into smaller and easily usable units called amino acids. The body can take up and use these amino acids to create muscle mass and repair the damaged cells.  
  • Lipase: amino acids are further broken through lipase enzymes that maintain a high energy level and do not let the body feel weakness throughout this metabolic up-gradation.  
  • Serratiopeptidase: this Total Revive Plus ingredient sounds unusual for a digestive blend, and the real reason to add them into this formula is to ease joint pain, aching muscles, and soreness.  
  • Dipeptidyl Peptidase: also called DPP-4, this enzyme helps digest bread as it helps in gluten breakdown.  
  • Emblic Myrobalan: also called amla commonly, it is a natural adaptogen widely used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. It relieves stress, eases the pain, and helps the body feel better.  
  • Centella Asiatica: also called Gotu Kola, it is a plant with various medicinal benefits. For centuries it has been used for its anti-ageing and stress-relieving effects. Some of the scientific data also supports its digestive help, inducing weight loss.  
  • Holy Basil: sometimes called Tulsi, this herb is also a stress reliever, sugar regulator, and digestive health booster. It saves the body from the negative effects caused by stress, inflammation, and other risk factors.  

All these ingredients are obtained from premium quality natural sources, and there are no artificial or hidden ingredients added. The risk of these ingredients going wrong is rare because they do not pose any threat to health and are fit for daily use.  

Although it is highly unlikely, do not use any dietary supplement if you have a history of food allergies. The risk of side effects with plant-based medicinal ingredients is rare, but it is better to be safe. Those who are confused about using this supplement can talk to their nearest healthcare provider on supplement usage and safety before deciding.  

What To Expect From Total Revive Plus Pills?  

Total Revive Plus has benefits for the entire body, and some of its major benefits are as follows.  

  • Improves weight loss 
  • Promote fat melting and breakdown  
  • Boost metabolic rate  
  • Triggers a natural weight loss  
  • Lowers the risk of obesity  
  • Supercharges immunity  
  • Works independently of dietary preferences  
  • Saves the body from stress and pain  

These benefits may show up one by one or all together. There is no order to experience these effects and which one would show up first depends upon various independent factors. It requires regular daily usage to experience these effects and skipping, or missing dosage would not do any good.  

Where To Buy Total Revive Plus? Discount Price, Offers and Gifts  

If you are interested in buying Total Revive Plus, order it from the official website using this link. It is currently in stock and available for a discounted price.  

Ordering now will give you a special price plus a free product UpWellness Probiotic+ as a gift. This formula explains six essential probiotics that are essential to upgrade gut health completely.  

Although it is better to get one bottle first and see how it goes, you can always order more later. However, for Total Revive Plus, availability is also a concern. You may never find it in stock next time you need it. Therefore, it is better to get three or six bottles of it and keep them in your medicine cabinet to use later.  

Not to forget, buying more bottles gives a better discount on the original price. Here are the complete pricing guidelines on the Total Revive Plus supplement.  

  • Get One Bottle of Total Revive Plus For $47.00 Only (16% off) 
  • Get Three Bottles of Total Revive Plus For $42.70/Bottle Only (25% off) 
  • Get Six Bottles of Total Revive Plus For $28.50/Bottle Only (16% off) 

If you are not at any risk of a digestive issue, one or three bottles are enough for you. But if your dietary habits are poor and you often experience common digestive issues, order more bottles and use them for as long as you want.  

All orders of Total Revive+ are backed up with a 60-day money-back offer, and if you are not happy with its results, there is always this option to get your money back. For a refund, you have to contact the company and share your concern. No one will ask you any questions, and the money reversal will take place within a few weeks. You may also be asked to send the used or unused bottles back to the company, and the company will not be paying for this return parcel. Without returning the product, there is no way the company can proceed with your refund request.  

Also, remember that the money-back offer is not valid once these 60 days pass, so make your decision earliest. Typically, the results start showing within four to six weeks, after which you can think about returning or keeping these bottles. Only those orders bought through the official website are eligible for refunds. Visit the official website here to place your order.  

Is Total Revive Plus Safe For Everyone?  

Being a natural product, it is very unlikely for Total Revive+ to go wrong or cause side effects in any user. But there are many ways it can turn out bad, especially if you are experimenting with it. The company strictly recommends following the fair usage of this supplement, and adding it to any caffeinated, alcoholic, or medicinal blend (including herbal medicine) is unsafe.  

Total Revive Plus is only suitable for adult users who are experiencing minor digestive issues. It is not safe for people who are below 18 or those who do not need this product. If a person suspects that his digestive distress is caused by an underlying medical condition, it is better to get evaluated by a doctor and know what is causing it. Usually, fixing the root cause also fixes the digestive issues, and you may not need a supplement.  

It is also not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Mixing supplements with other supplements or medicines is never a good idea, and it may be dangerous when you are already vulnerable. Do yourself a favour and stick to the standard dosage guidelines for a safe experience with Total Revive Plus pills.  

Total Revive Plus Reviews – Final Verdict 

To sum up, Total Revive Plus is something that offers enormous benefits for gut health. It is a little hack that could transform your entire life without doing much about it. The ingredients inside this formula are obtained from premium quality natural sources, and there is nothing about it that could cause a side effect. You can further improve its effects by combining it with a healthy diet and a light to moderate daily activity.  

After using, if you feel that Total Revive Plus is not working for you and you feel you have lost your hard-earned money, the refund policy is here to help. You can get your order value back by contacting the customer support line. Do not think anymore and make way for better digestive health using this daily dietary formula with a 100% money-back guarantee today.  

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