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As most of us know Hamilton Musical is about one of the founding fathers of America Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton lived a short life but he was able to achieve lots of great things for America before his life was cut short by Aaron Burr in a duel. Alexander Hamilton from the start had always been determined to become a great man, he didn’t let where he was coming from determine his future. Alexander was born in the West Indian city of Charlestown, on the Caribbean city of Nevis. His parents were unmarried, before his birth, making him a bastard child, and later in life, he became an orphan. The early life of Alexander was a pleasant one, as he wasn’t born with a silver spoon. In the end, he was able to create a better life for himself and a legacy. An orphaned bastard was able to have his own family, and ended playing more than one important role in history, and became one of the founding fathers of America. 

Hamilton musical made it easier for viewers to learn and remember the story of an almost forgotten founding father of America. Lin-Manuel Miranda highlighted the life of Alexander in Hamilton Musical, from the background he came from, to his achievements, marriage, and his death. Hamilton is a combination of history and music that told the story of a great man. 

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Here are some of the historical facts you need to know about Hamilton; 

  1. The U.S financial system was created by Alexander Hamilton  

Alexander Hamilton pushed for a lot of things for Americans when he was alive, and one of them is the creation of America’s financial system. He wrote down a lot of things concerning the financial system of the country, including pushing for currency paper, but unfortunately, he was not alive to see his vision come to life. Hamilton is the 10$ founding father. His agricultural exports and central bank proposal laid a foundation for America’s economic system. 

  1. Hamilton quit his role as the secretary of the treasury when John Adam’s became president  

There are lots of assumptions about John Adams firing Alexander when he became president, but in actual fact, Alexander Hamilton quit the role of the nation’s secretary of treasury even before John Adams became the president. 

  1. The death of Alexander Hamilton 

Aaron Burr and Alexander hand some sort of love and hate friendship. They always sorted of in each other’s life but they rarely agreed together on matters. In the end, Hamilton died in a duel with Burr, after he campaigned against him. Hamilton was against the method by which Aaron Burr handled matters, they both had different views of how things should be handled. Burr took offense to Hamilton campaigning against him and challenged him to a duel. Hamilton was badly wounded by the gunshot and later died making his wife Eliza a widow and his children fatherless. 

  1. New York City was the first U.S. capital. 

D.C. Washington has not always been the capital of America. The first capital of America was New York City till 1791. Thomas Jefferson, Madison, and Alexander Hamilton deliberated together and came to a conclusion on the matter of moving the capital from New York City. The capital of the nation was moved to Philadelphia for some time be getting to where it currently is now, that is D.C. Washington. 

  1. Women were not allowed to Vote till 1920 

This may sound really amusing, considering the level where things are now, but truly, women actually couldn’t vote at some point in America. Women’s right to vote in the US was established in 1920. Their role before then when it comes to political matters was to influence their husbands to vote. 

  1. The Federalist Papers 

The federalist papers were influenced and created by Alexander Hamilton and Madison, it currently has a great influence in today’s America. It helped a great deal in setting up the constitution of the United States of America. Like the musical implies, Alexander was able to achieve a lot with a pen and paper.  

  1. The Boston Massacre  

Boston Massacre first began as a fight between the Americans and the British soldiers when a fire was opened that killed five Americans. The loss of the Americans created an uproar and lead to a serious protest. Lots of damages took place as a result of this protest. Around 342 chests of tea were dumped into the harbor during the protest. 

  1. George Washington resigned from being president before the elections 

At some point after the war, Thomas Jefferson felt George Washington wasn’t good enough to be the president. He resigned from serving the nation under Washington and decided to contest as the president against Washington. Washington decided to step down as the president, even though Hamilton his right-hand man wasn’t in support of him resigning. 

  1. Madison and Alexander Hamilton used to be really good friends 

Madison and Alexander were really good friends at some point. They had the same vision of creating a strong central government and much other positive vision. Madison and Hamilton collaborated in the creation of the federalist papers (the primary analysis and defense of the U.S. constitution. Most of their visions came to life but as time went by, they found themselves at the opposing sides. Madison felt Hamilton’s post as the nation’s treasury secretary had gotten to his head and corrupted his views on things. Madison eventually sided with Jefferson and the once strong friendship he had with Hamilton got broken. 

  1. The Federalist 

The Federalist was the first political party in the United States of America. This party was led by Alexander Hamilton and was really a successful party then. They were able to produce a president, John Adams but unfortunately, he was the only president to emerge from the federalist party. 

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