10 ways to Protect that Runway Look When You Leave the House


The weather can destroy our fit in five minutes flat. Here are 10 top tips on protecting your style from the ladies that have gone before us.

Going on a big night out is always a build-up of anticipation. Girls – and guys – can spend hours on a makeup look, ironing the perfect sets of clothes, and showering away the dirt of the week. We’ve all been there, and we have all experienced the dismay of your entire look being rained off, snowed on, or sweated off, the moment we leave the house.

We went on a Frisky mission to find the women that have dealt with this before. We wanted to accumulate some life hacks that might save you from outfit distress. You won’t believe some of the ways women keep themselves looking perfect.

10 Top Tips for Staying Perfect When You Leave the House

What are these miraculous cures for a night out disarray? Let’s get stuck in.

  1. Fixing Spray

It’s no secret by now that the modern woman has to physically fix her makeup to her face. It’s no longer acceptable to just create a look with a single lipstick and go out and face the world. We need layers, we need contouring, and we need fixing spray.

Finish your look and let it all dry, then spray your face with a dapple of this magic. Consider it to be hairspray but for our face. Many products contain gentle ingredients and refreshing finishes (like the Sephora products). If you don’t like the wet look, you can switch fixing spray out for fixing powder.

  1. Don’t go Outdoors

This sounds simple but thinks about it… if you have a long driveway and a carport or a garage, you don’t need to go outside until you get dropped off at the venue. If you are only exposed to the elements for 20 seconds upon arrival, there’s less chance the weather will ruin your look. If you live in Australia, a carport will also keep the sun off your car and help it stay cooler (find out more at Carportaustralia.com.au).

  1. Look at Yourself

Some of us can spend all the time we like getting ready, but we will never like the way we look. We might be blaming that on our looks being ruined when we leave the house, but is it just disguised body dysmorphia?

This little-known condition affects millions of us. When we look in a mirror, we only see the things we hate about ourselves. This debilitating condition eats away at self-esteem and could see you believing yourself to be worthless, even though you are not. 

Keep a tab on that self-image and show it love occasionally.

  1.  Try a Makeup Artist

If you absolutely cannot get the hang of arriving at the venue looking like you did when you left the house, then it may be time to call in the professionals. When they do your makeup for the day, it is done for the day. They will advise you on what to do to ‘top up the look, which might mean adding lipstick occasionally. You can even hire mobile makeup artists that will come to your home.

  1. Or a Hair Stylist

Similarly, you can hire a hairdresser to come out and create a style for you before you leave the house. We can’t account for the wind, but we do know that a hairstylist will leave you looking so exceptional that you can afford to lose a little style before you arrive. Calling in professionals will always bring better results.

  1. Think about Transport

How are you getting to the venue? If it is raining and you need to walk, there are going to be style, fit, hair, and makeup issues. This relates to not going outside. The covered garden area would let you get to the taxi without too much damage. Consider borrowing a jacket or umbrella or having someone walk out to the taxi with you to take the umbrella away.

Don’t get a bus.

Trains are acceptable, but make sure you aren’t walking between the stations in bad weather. A jacket is an option, but it can only do so much. 

  1. Choose Products Wisely

The problem with some beauty and makeup products is that they don’t last for very long. Have you ever bought lipstick that comes off on the edge of your glass? A good lipstick should only need to be applied once or twice a night. If you constantly must top up the makeup you are wearing, you are using the wrong products.

When you are buying them, look for the 24-hour stay type of lipstick. When doing your nails, use a top coat to prevent cracking and a gel nail polish. When adding eyeshadow, make sure you fix it in place. Never buy a mascara that isn’t waterproof, and so on.

  1. Don’t Drink

If you want to look as impeccable at the end of the night as you are at the start, limit yourself to two small glasses of alcohol. Drinking changes your appearance and makes you forget not to rub your eyes or try to comb out your hair. Not drinking and not doing drugs will keep you looking fresher at the party. 

If you do drink or drugs regularly over time, your whole appearance will change. Take this into account while partying in your 20s.

  1. Establish a Great Skincare Routine

If the skin your makeup sits on is flawless, there is less need for that makeup. A great look starts with an exemplary skincare routine. Wash, tone, and moisturize twice a day and always take all your makeup off, every night. Use a soft washcloth instead of non-recyclable wipes.

  1. Eat something

Going out on an empty stomach is going to make you feel drunk, faster. When we don’t get enough nutrients, the dark circles under our eyes appear. Avoid this with a balanced diet and it will pay off in your skincare routine, too. 

Perfection is Overrated

When the business is dealt with and the event is over, don’t forget to let your hair down and forget about everything we have just told you. Being perfect is overrated. It’s much more fun just being you.

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