2021’s Biggest Home Design Trends


For the modern homeowner, it’s essential to keep up with the latest trends in order to stay ahead of the game, impress your guests and feel right at home when you’re there. So, in 2021, what are the biggest trends you should follow? Listen below are some of the most fashionable trends you can follow, to style out your home like never before. 

Maximalise Your Interior 

Although minimalism is a home design trend that has taken over many interior decors throughout the years, it’s time to spin this trend on its head. Why go little when you can go large! Maximalism is the new minimalism and you can show off your home interior in the loudest, most exuberant way that you please.  

So, what is maximalism? From colourful decorations and features within your rooms, to wild designs and eccentric looking ornaments, maximalism allows you to express yourself like never before. This can involve the mix and match approach of contrast patterns and colour schemes, using contemporary and antique designs in unison and realising that there is no strict set of rules when it comes to interior design. Mix big and small, dark and light and old and new to maximalise your home like a boss with this new trend that is taking over.  

Back To Basics: Primary Colour Schemes 

Although in more recent years bright neon colour schemes, anthracite and black fittings and other new bold statement pieces have become the norm, it’s time to take it back a notch. This will allow you to take things back to basics while retaining an artistic edge. Primary colours allow for a calming affect in any room, with pallet colour shades becoming the stylish homeowners go-to choice. Why not consider using two primary colours against a more muted pallet? This doesn’t just go for the paint work within your home, but also statement pieces like ornaments and appliances. A subtly shaded lamp or desk against a kind-to-the-eye shaded wall is bound to draw attention to your stylistic choices, without running the risk of your design choices coming across as forced or inorganic. Other items to install to fit within this method are heating appliances such as trade radiators by Stelrad. These can warm your home effectively, even if you are choosing cooler colour schemes. It’s all about applying a thought-out method that results in a complimentary effect.  

Shape Your Furniture Your Way 

By choosing carefully sculpted furniture, you can impress your guests and look the best.  This can be any and every household item, such as tables, chairs, desks, ornaments and even custom-made rugs. Curved and finely shaped items stand out much more than classic designed furniture with edges and has been said to even create an aura of calmness. Kit out your room with items that flow, rather those that give off a hostile energy to your guests. You can even group certain items together so that areas such as your bare windowsill suddenly become an area of interest, attracting the gaze of your guests, friends and family alike.  

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