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AirJoi Review: Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag Consumer Reports


The lungs use 10000 liters of air every day, out of which 430 liters are used for daily body functions. This is not counting all the time spent sleeping or exercising. Climate change has led humans down an unhealthy path with high pollution levels too. But now, there is hope on how to fix things by switching towards clean sources like solar power. 

Everyone deserves access to fresh oxygen at any given moment—no matter where they may live because life would just be impossible without it. 

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In today’s world, it is a challenge to find clean air for everyone. The lack of this precious resource may increase health risks among those already vulnerable and unable to get out into the great outdoors. Earlier, people had access to natural resources such as forests that could provide life, giving oxygen all year round, even indoors, and health risks were minimum. Now, they breathe in cooking fumes from kitchen or living room carpeting while watching TV or reading books.  

There is no clean and pure air these days because everything has been built up so close together. Escaping is impossible without leaving one’s house unless it is for traffic noise. 

What is an AirJoi? 

AirJoi is an innovative new way to cleanse and purify the air people breathe. It’s unlike any other machine or appliance. This is because it doesn’t use electricity. But rather natural ingredients that are safe for humans – like charcoal ashes. The bag can be used in the house during normal living conditions and on camping trips where there will not always be access to electricity sources nearby. 

What comes into mind when thinking about filters? Maybe some electronic gadgetry such as a fan device that may help cool down hot temperatures outside? Well, if so, then just imagine how awesome this would be. 

The air purifying bag is filled with bamboo charcoal which removes allergens and other contaminants, like excess moisture. This helps get cleaner breath for those suffering from severe allergies such as asthma or rhinitis – all without leaving behind a chemical residue. 

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How does AirJoi work? 

Air pollution is the number one environmental threat to global safety, and it’s all thanks to the manufacturers. Global warming impacts our health in more ways than just climate change, from short-term respiratory problems due to exposure such as smoggy air or asthma attacks. That can be triggered by certain types of fumes released when appliances like dryers heat up with fabric softener sheets inside them. Long-term effects include an increased risk for cancer. This is because some studies suggest gas Chromium VI may cause lung damage while also causing heart disease at high concentrations over time. It lasts decades after initial contact between the patron/product inhalation route. Think about how much impact people make every day. 

Modern research has shown a link between pollution and health issues such as stroke, heart disease, cognitive effects and developmental problems. This proves that people can’t ignore air quality since it affects their short-term well-being—even more than people thought before because these things happen slowly over time. However, if someone is already immune-compromised, then they may be at risk of developing something worse with no warning signs evident until it’s too late for prevention measures to do anything about them anymore other than just making people aware. Which I’m sure will help increase awareness among all levels involved—especially those who are unaware or haven’t cared much thus far. So there should always remain some level of responsibility when dealing. 

AirJoi is a great way to eliminate unpleasant smells from the house. It works by converting moisture in the air and pollutants into clean, odorless carbon dioxide that people can breathe without worrying about any electricity bill. All it takes is some granules wrapped up in bamboo charcoal which quickly absorb all odors. Thanks to its chemical composition, there is no need for charging or unwrapping plastic paper. Just use them right away like so many other items. 

This Air Purifier is a great way to keep the air in the home feeling fresh. It has an unlimited lifetime, with monthly recharging that can be done while using it daily for up to two years at once. There are no safety concerns because there aren’t any chemicals or fragrances added to this product. So users don’t need to worry about anything else except improving how things smell around the house/room. 

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How is AirJoi used?  

The AirJoi air purifying bag is so effective that people can use it in any room even if there are no windows. Simply charge the UV light and leave for a few hours once monthly or plug into an outlet to get started right away. 

AirJoi is a great way to improve air quality in the home or office, as long as users use it properly. To charge the bamboo bag, remove its plastic covering and put it under direct sunlight for about eight hours (for outdoor use). Users can also place them where someone spends most of their day – like in the bedroom while working from an electronics device such as laptop computers. 

Advantages of AirJoi 

  • AirJoi cleans the air to make it more comfortable for respiratory patients. 
  • AirJoi is an innovative and effective way to remove unwanted odor for up to 12 hours after use with no need for recharging or refills. 
  • AirJoi is a low risk product for respiratory illnesses, and cardiovascular diseases make it an excellent place to live. The controlled air quality guarantees that the residents have a healthier life with less chance of developing chronic conditions. 
  • AirJoi eliminates mold and other harmful microorganisms in the home by removing moisture from the air. 
  • AirJoi clears toxins to allow pets’ and children’s health. 

Traditional vs AirJoi Air Purifiers  

AirJoi is a user-friendly and affordable air purifier that removes smoke from the home and cleans the indoor environment. It does this by eliminating harmful chemical agents. 

It’s important to know the difference between an electronic air filter and a regular one. Regular filters need to be cleaned every other month, but it is unnecessary for these machines as they only have monthly maintenance costs (including replacing). On top of that, there are no recharging fees with AirJoi. So all that users will ever pay in this case would just get more gas. 

AirJoi’s bamboo air purifying bag is a much cheaper and more sustainable alternative to the electronic filters, which costs them money and adds extra consumption charges on their electricity bill. With no need for power-consuming devices such as fans or pumps in this system, there will be no additional fees from using Airjoo products. 


1. Two pieces are available for $19.99 per each plus one free 

2. Three pieces are available for $19.99 per each plus two free 

3. Five pieces are available for $19.99 per each plus five free 

4. Eight pieces are available for $19.99 per each plus twelve free 

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Money-back guarantee 

30-day guarantee: If users are not 100% satisfied with their AirJoi Charcoal Bags, the manufacturer will give all purchases a full refund or replacement. They just have to send the item back to get a full refund. 


Where can someone buy AirJoi? 

AirJoi is a high-quality air purifying bag that can be purchased on the official website. This product is not available at other retailers, but people may see similar products for sale on Amazon or through their local department store’s accessory section. Do not trust these random sellers as they could sell low-grade knockoffs of AirJoi’s original patented design. 

The company has a new promotion where people can get up to 50% off of their purchase. They will receive free products, and the discount will be applied automatically. So there is no need for coupon codes or additional shipping fees. 

Side effects of AirJoi 

Has anyone ever wondered why it is so important to use natural products over manufactured ones? Well, for starters, the AirJoi air purifying bag uses a plant extract that has been around since ancient times. It does not contain any of those pesky chemicals like sodium chloride or polyvinyl chloride. These substances can be found in synthetic versions but rely on healthy mambo trees as their main ingredient. Even better than this eco-friendly design is the health benefits without side effects, such as asthma, among others, associated with such materials. 



· It is a simple and easy to use product 

· AirJoi improves life quality  

· Prevents allergic attacks and remove allergens 

· AirJoi has a longer shelf life 

· Needs minimal maintenance 

· Available for use in all places 


· Online availability only 

· Sometimes take some days to work 

· Only available for domestic orders 


AirJoi is a revolutionary new way to clean the air in the home or office. This natural purifier made out of activated bamboo charcoal can be used anywhere and doesn’t require any maintenance, meaning users won’t need filters every week. It’s eco-friendly too so there are absolutely no risks associated with this product at all. It just works beautifully without harming anyone ever again. 

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